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'Mayo Wars' proves <em>good</em> food is winning

'Mayo Wars' proves good food is winning

Posted 4 February 2016   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: Just Mayo, Hampton Creek, egg-free, good news, mayonnaise

Have you heard the quote:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Gandhi said that and he was one smart bloke. As someone who believes in a kinder world for animals, I know what it feels like to be at every one of those stages, and I'm sure you do too. But today, my friend, we are winning! Here's why ...

You might remember when Unilever, parent company of Hellman's mayonnaise, filed a lawsuit against Hampton Creek for their egg-free mayonnaise 'Just Mayo'. Unilever said that the name 'Just Mayo' was misleading because traditional mayonnaise should include eggs.

<em>'... then they fight you ...' </em>
Image: Facebook/HamptonCreek

What was nicknamed the 'Mayo Wars' attracted massive media attention, with over 112,000 people signing a petition siding with Hampton Creek. In November 2014, Unilever dropped the lawsuit. At around the same time Hampton Creek secured $90 million in funding. Amongst the investors was Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook. Bill Gates also supports Hampton Creek.

Soon after, the FDA said that 'Just Mayo' could keep their name -- a victory for Hampton Creek, and for chickens everywhere. Because even 'free range' and 'organic' eggs can be bad news for layer hens and male chicks.

No chickens will be harmed for 'Just Mayo' :)

Before you start celebrating, it gets even better ... Hellman's has just launched an egg-free mayonnaise. I guess they figured if you can't beat them, join them :)

<em>'... then you win ...'</em>

When asked whether the new eggless mayonnaise was in response to the 'Just Mayo' debacle, spokesperson for Hellman's said they were simply catering to customers tastes.

This win for people and animals is a good reminder of the power of asking for stuff. If companies can see that there's a market for cruelty-free stuff, they'll want to get in on it. Why not ask your favourite local cafe to do some more meat-free options next time you're there?

A kinder world for animals gets closer every day :)

Oh, along with trying to stop a cruelty-free mayo from getting on shelves, there's something else you should know about Unilever -- they conduct cruel tests on animals. Along with Hellman's, Unilever owns Dove, Rexona, Lynx and more. It was people power who got Unilever to venture into egg-free mayo and my bet is it will be people power that gets them to stop testing on animals. Click here to ask Unilever to stop testing on animals.

And one last thing -- Hampton Creek also makes vegan cookie dough! Join me in politelty asking them to get their delicious products to Australia by posting on their Facebook page.

Header image: Facebook/HamptonCreek

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Thousands of people are eating vegan in January. Here's why ...

Thousands of people are eating vegan in January. Here's why ...

Posted 14 December 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: Veganuary, video, vegan

We wanted to know what you loved most about eating vegan. So we asked. And here's what you said ...

For me, I know that animals have a desire to live, just like I do. And I don't think an animal should have to have their life cut short just for me to have a burger. Especially when I can have a delicious burger without hurting anyone.

If you're vegan too, I'd love to hear what you love most about it :) And if you've ever considered eating vegan, now is the perfect time to try it -- along with thousands of others – for Veganuary. What is it? For the month of January, you and me (and everyone else) eat vegan food and together we start 2016 off in a powerful way for animals and the planet.

15 reasons to try vegan this January

The Veganuary team have everything you need to make your month of cruelty-free food easy and delicious. Sign up to take part and help kick start 2016 in a big way for animals.

Try vegan for January!

P.S. Liam Hemsworth loves eating vegan too! Find out why.

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Ad shows where turkeys belong this Christmas

Ad shows where turkeys belong this Christmas

Posted 30 November 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Vodafone, video, ad, turkeys, Christmas, Kinder Christmas

This new ad from Vodafone UK shows exactly where turkeys at the Christmas table belong. I was smiling 5 seconds in and didn't stop :)

If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering where you can find a turkey like Terry to cuddle right now!

Sadly, Christmas is one of the worst times of year for many animals raised for their 'meat', particularly pigs, chickens and turkeys. It's nice to see that turkeys have a major corporation like Vodafone on their side.

This isn't the first time Vodafone has melted hearts the world-over by promoting kindness to animals. In recent months, Vodafone New Zealand's 'Piggy Sue and Postie Keith' ad went viral -- and when you see it for yourself, you'll understand why:

Looks like Vodafone have really cottoned on to the fact that people (and animals) love kindness :) And right now, our animal friends need kindness more than ever!

You can help spread a little love to turkeys and other animals this Christmas ... Join us for a Kinder Christmas -- and discover the delicious ways you can help bring compassion and peace to all beings this holiday season.

Join us for A Kinder Christmas

P.S. For more reason to love turkeys, you just have to watch this:

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15 reasons to try vegan this January

15 reasons to try vegan this January

Posted 27 November 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: Veganuary, vegan, food

I don't know about you but January always kind of creeps up on me. Where did the year go? But not this time! Because January is now Veganuary ... and I am so excited!

The Veganuary team have asked us to be their Aussie partner and we'd love you to join us to kick off 2016 in a big way for animals. Veganuary is all about giving vegan food a go for the month of Jan – no pressure, just yummy, cruelty-free food.


If that's not enough to get you pumped, here's 15 more reasons to try vegan this January :)

1. So that you can swap recipes with Ellen when you meet her.


2. To protect animals.


3. And the planet.

(Because less cows for meat and dairy equals less harmful gases in the atmosphere.)

4. To see your grandma's face do this when you tell her.


5. And your vegan friend do this.


6. To save calves from becoming a 'waste product'.

WARNING: This video contains cruelty to calves :(

7. So that you can experiment with cashew cheese.


8. And cashew cheese cake! (Like this lime and mango one.)


9. Because it's like giving a chicken a virtual hug.


10. To stop day old male chicks from being killed by the egg industry.


11. Because tofu scramble.


12. To reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


13. Because there is a delicious cruelty-free alternative to all your favourite foods. Srsly, vegan sausages, pizza, chocolate, pies ... even 'fish' fingers!


14. You'll get to lol hard at things like this:

15. And last but not least ... so that you can find out what it really means to be in love ... with hummus.

Mmmmm ... hummus ... So what do you reckon? Can I count you in for Veganuary 2015?


P.S. Know another good reason to try vegan that I've missed? Share it below.

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Toy company stops making orca toy. Makes sweetest ad to show why ...

Toy company stops making orca toy. Makes sweetest ad to show why ...

Posted 16 November 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Munchkin, orcas, marine parks, SeaWorld, video, ad, good news

Munchkin have stopped making their popular orca bath toy. Why? "Because a bathtub isn't big enough for an orca."

YESSS Munchkin. Watch this heart-warming ad they made which shows the relationship children should have with animals ...



If, like the kid in this video, you know that the only place for an orca is in the ocean, join over a thousand others on Unleashed who've pledged to never visit a place that keeps orcas or other marine animals in captivity.


Wondering what's wrong with marine parks and aquariums? Here's 5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks.

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Why is Liam Hemsworth eating vegan?

Why is Liam Hemsworth eating vegan?

Posted 30 October 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: Liam Hemsworth, vegan, adopt, good news

If you love Hunger Games as much as I do, you might be happy to hear that Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games trilogy, has ditched meat, eggs and dairy! (And there's more! Keep reading for another awesome thing Hemsworth has done for animals.)

When asked why he's eating vegan, Hemsworth told Men's Fitness:

Image: One Green Planet

Look out Ryan Gosling, you've got some 'sensitive new age guy' competition.

Eating vegan is not only the kind choice for animals as Liam said, but it's also good for your health and has huge benefits for the environment. Which reason will it be for you?

For the animals

For the planet

For your health

220-calf.jpg 220-planet.jpg 220-health.jpg

And as if we you needed another reason to love Liam Hemsworth -- he also recently adopted a mixed breed dog named Tani. Just look at them together.


"I’m a big advocate of pet rescue," said Hemsworth. "If you’re going to get a dog, get a rescue."

And I couldn't agree more. By adopting a dog like Tani from a shelter, Liam has not only saved her life but he's also made room at the shelter for another homeless dog to get a second chance. Think that's awesome? Sign the pledge to adopt your next pet.


Whilst Tani is the new love of Liam Hemsworth's life, ex-fiancé and singer Miley Cyrus is also a passionate animal lover. During their time together Miley adopted 5 shelter pets. She's also vegan and recently spoke out against cruel wolf culls in Canada.


*Header image thanks to Getty Images.

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