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Woman finds 'meat' twitching

Woman finds 'meat' twitching

Posted 2 July 2015   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: meat, video, vegetarian

A woman in China was shocked to find a piece of beef she had just bought was twitching and pulsating. You have to see it to believe it:

Excuse me for one second while I ...


An Aussie butcher has explained that when an animal is slaughtered there are sometimes involuntary spasms from the nerve endings.

But what concerns me more than the pulsating meat, is the intro to the video:

The images may not be suitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

We as a society seem to foget too easily that meat comes from a live animal so when this fact is brought into our focus, we are (understandably) turned off by it. The woman who bought this piece of meat was so disgusted that she chose to film it rather than eat it.

But all meat had pulsing nerves once. And veins. And a beating heart. In fact in my opinion this "beef" is not fresh enough. I prefer "meat" that has all it's nerves and veins pulsing and pumping.

Like this:
And this:
And this:
And this:
And this:

If you're with me that animals should be playing and jumping and getting hugs, rather than dead and twitching on a plate, take the first step to being meat-free today.


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Amazing bond between girl and fawn (video)

Amazing bond between girl and fawn (video)

Posted 1 June 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: deer, video, cute, wild animals

When this tiny fawn stumbled into Maya's yard, the connection between girl and deer was instantaneous. But Maya knows straight away what the fawn needs most ... their mother.

Maya's dad, who uploaded the video, said they later saw the fawn and mother together in their backyard, safely reunited :) If only all humans were like Maya ... and knew that what baby animals need most is to be with their mothers.

Sadly, there are too many examples in the real world where we deprive animals of this ... young orcas are taken from their mothers to perform at marine parks, day old calves are taken from their mothers so that their milk can be bottled for humans, and baby harp seals are hunted and killed for their fur while their mothers are out finding food.

Maya can teach us a lot about how we should interact with animals in the wild ... to truly show our love for animals we should let them live out their lives in their natural environment with their own families and species.

To watch another incredible encounter with a mother and baby whale in the wild, click here.

Have you ever had an awesome interaction with an animal in the wild?

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Posted 21 May 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: milk, almond milk, dairy, dairy-free, Silk, bobby calves

This milk ad beats all other milk ads in my opinion. Watch and see if you agree :)

Produced by Scratch Creative / Directed by Johnny Brookbank

Fave bit:

Milkman: "You sure don't look like a baby cow."
Mustard shirt: "I'm not a baby cow."
Milkman: "Could've fooled me!"

Unfortunately we don't get Silk milk here in Aus but we do have other yummy almond milks.





So if you don't want to be mistaken for a baby cow, get on to some milk with nuts ... or another dairy-free option. There's heaps to choose from.

If you're sitting there thinking "what happens to the baby cows whose milk humans are drinking?" I have the answer for you, but you're not going to like it. Here's the truth you never knew about dairy:

Don't want to be part of an industry that kills baby animals? Make the switch to dairy-free today.


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This is what happens when people learn the truth about where dogs come from

This is what happens when people learn the truth about where dogs come from

Posted 6 May 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Know Your Best Friend, dogs, puppy factories, adopt, TV, ad, Animals Australia

My workmate Damien and I recently took to the streets of Melbourne with a camera and a one minute video. We asked people to watch the video and filmed their reactions. Here's what happened:

How would you have reacted to the truth that most puppies in pet shops and online come from horrible puppy factories like the ones in the video? I know what my first thought was -- did my family dog Chelsea come from a place like this? If you're thinking the same thing, you can take the quiz to find out.

We got Chelsea from the Trading Post when I was in Year 5. I had never even heard about puppy factories then and I probably wouldn't have believed it even if I had. I hate to picture Chelsea's mum living in a concrete pen, not getting any of the love that we showered Chelsea with. I can't ever really know what life was like for her, but I now know that I have the power to stop other dogs from being treated like breeding machines. And so do you.

By getting your next pet from a shelter or rescue, you can make sure that your money is not going to a cruel puppy factory, you'll be saving a life, and you'll get a lifetime of love guaranteed :)


Shelter dogs and cats make just as good pets as ones bought from pet shops and online. In fact, in one experiment in Brazil, shoppers couldn't even tell the difference. [Watch it here.]

Have you known an awesome rescue dog? Tell me about them in the comments below :)

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What's wrong with these dogs?

What's wrong with these dogs?

Posted 6 May 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: dogs, cats, companion animals, adopt, Quatro Patinhas, video

There's something different about the dogs and cats in this pet shop. Shoppers didn't spot the difference. Would you?

What's wrong with these dogs and cats? Not a thing :) When an organisation in Brazil -- Quatro Patinhas -- swapped out animals in pet shop windows with rescues, buyers still fell in love with them as hard and fast as they would've a purebred puppy. And I think I can safely say that the feeling was mutual :)

I love the tag line on this video -- better than buying a life is saving one. If you'd like more people to hear this beautiful message, please share this video. And make the pledge today to be a lifesaver and always adopt your pets.


P.S. Have you seen our latest ad exposing the truth about puppy factories in Australia on national TV? Click here to watch it.

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5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

5 animal-friendly career paths for ex-SeaWorld trainer Barbie

Posted 28 April 2015   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: SeaWorld, Barbie, marine parks

SeaWorld trainer Barbie is out of a job. Mattel has decided they will no longer produce the SeaWorld trainer Barbie range. Growing public awareness that a tank is no place to keep an orca has seen a drop in SeaWorld's popularity and this news would suggest that Barbie has decided she too no longer wants to be associated with SeaWorld cruelty. You go Babs.

Sadly however, this means Barbie is out of a job! So I've taken it upon myself to come up with some opportunities for Barbie to consider where she can make a positive difference for animals :)

Marine biologist Barbie
Because working with FREE whales is heaps cooler.

Animal shelter-hand Barbie
Local shelters are always in need of an extra hand. And the countless cats and dogs that find themselves there are always in need of a little extra love.

Vegan cupcake chef Barbie
Delicious and cruelty-free. Foster kitty sous chef optional ;)

Minister for Animal Welfare Barbie
A professional voice for animals topped with stylish business bob.

Animal sanctuary volunteer Barbie
Probs wouldn't wear that dress to pick up elephant poo but that's Barbie I suppose.

Wherever Barbie's future takes her, I hope she finds happiness in a career that doesn't involve exploiting animals. If any of Barbie's animal-friendly jobs appealed to you, perhaps a career in animal protection is up your alley :) You might like to check out to discover the range of opportunities available. (We post job opportunities here at Animals Australia on there too.) Alternatively, volunteering is always a good way to get started in animal protection so try seekvolunteer or get in touch with animal groups or shelters in your area.

P.S. Want to know more about why SeaWorld is no place for a marine animal? Click here.

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