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Who's Scared of a Little Girl?

Who's Scared of a Little Girl?

Posted 3 August 2008   by Karen         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: lucy speaks, advertising, radio, pigs

It's the voice of a little girl that has been holding a nation of radio listeners to attention over the past month. Thanks to Animals Australia's brilliant "Lucy Speaks" campaign, people all over the country are awakening to the awful truth about where over 90% of Australia's pork, bacon and ham comes from.

This has the Australian Pork Industry running scared. So scared, that their top exec's have called an emergency meeting in Canberra to draft a "media battle plan" to combat the campaign.

It would seem the truth hurts, APL. It hurts even more when the Sunday Age publishes a story about the success of the "Lucy Speaks" campaign on their FRONT PAGE!

While the pork industry is likely to recruit expensive media experts and spend buckets of money trying to convince the public that they 'care' about the millions of pigs they lock up in factory farms and surgically mutilate without pain relief every year, we have a much simpler solution: follow the lead of countries like Britain, Sweden and Switzerland, and stop confining intelligent animals in cages so small they can't even turn around. I mean—if the Pom's can do it—how hard can it be?

If you haven't yet heard the chilling radio ads that Animals Australia is still airing around the country (thanks to generous public donations that are still flooding in in support of keeping the campaign on air), click here to listen.

Go Lucy!

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