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Posted 31 January 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: coffee, food, soy milk, dairy, vegan

If you're as obsessive about a mug of scalding hot liquid as I am, you'll understand why I'm giddy with delight at discovering Di Bella's coffee today...

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with coffee shops... only because you still occasionally find one that's stuck in the dark ages and hasn't heard of soy milk—so I was reminded this morning (thanks a bunch, Brewbakers). Fair to say, these places tend to lose a lot of customers (like me). But when you need a coffee, you need a coffee. Right?

My coffee expedition led me to Di Bella's, where I was not only offered an ultra-smooth velvety soy latte, but I wasn't charged for the privilege of sparing the life of a baby cow!

Seriously, we live in a topsy-turvy world where most cafes try to squeeze an extra 50 cents out of you for a dash of soy milk, when it's no secret that the dairy industry is a vastly inefficient machine, squandering precious resources, damaging the environment—and not to mention—causing immense pain, suffering and death to countless innocent cows. In the end you can't really put a dollar figure on the damage (or absurdity) caused by people drinking milk meant for baby cows.

But Di Bella's didn't stop there. Their brews are all fair-trade, AND they also give out free vegan Belgian spice biscuits with their coffees! What more could a coffee lover hope for??

What's your favourite cup? Or, what's the lamest coffee shop experience you've had? Share your comments below!

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Karen Karen 2 March 2009
UPDATE: I am told that this righteous establishment not only has a DRIVE-THRU, but offers discounts for people who ride through the drive thru on a bike!

I will check this out on the weekend thumb
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 4 March 2009
I'm no fan of coffee, but I'm always over the moon when I find a good soy hot chocolate!

Karen, I can't imagine trying to ride a bike with a tray of coffees for the office! You're obviously more talented than I.
via Unleashed

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! 18 March 2009
i'm quite the coffee fiend - that web site served me well happy
via Unleashed

jess09 jess09 19 March 2009
"oh we didnt have any soy milk after all so i just put skinny milk in it for you"

lame   X(
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 22 March 2009
Soy milk is what makes a cup of coffee just that extra bit wonderful.
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 28 March 2009
Wow - that all sounds so wonderful!
I love finding business like that happy

My two fav places for coffee around here [Newcastle, NSW] are:
- Organic Feast [where i buy all of my delicious, fresh, local produce].
They use organic coffee, organic soy milk [Bonsoy - yum!] & do a double shot as standard.
- Raw Alchemy [which also serves the vegan cupcakes & the most delicious vegan wraps].
Their coffee is organic, fairtrade, & they also use organic Bonsoy happy
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 30 March 2009
beaverhug ahh oh my gosh.
that is so true, they try and just squeeze that extra penny from us sad im going to check out where my local Di Bella Coffee shop is, thanks for that
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 31 March 2009

Glumdalclitch,you should take solice in the fact that you're still fine to eat the most amazing chocolate in the world:

This stuff is to die for. Best milk chocolate and white chocolate I've ever had. Best of all, it's vegan and fair trade... you can't go wrong  cloud9
via Unleashed

Honeygoon Honeygoon 31 March 2009
Spare a thought for us vegans who are allergic to soy. Rice milk is in NO coffee shops. =(
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 3 April 2009
The best coffee can be found at 'Peace Kitchen' in Gilbert Street, Torquay.
I always go to the little shop when we see our family who luckily live in the area.
The cafe is completey vegan and the coffee is made from organic bon-soy, from sources which do not harm rainforrests or other native lands. Even the cups are recycled. happy
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 3 April 2009
scared That sounds positively divine! I will have to check out Peace Kitchen when I'm next down that way.. ! happy
via Unleashed

ashleigh ashleigh 7 April 2009
griffith uni charges $0.30 for a shot of soy milk... what a joke huh, not only are we poor uni students we're also being stung trying to save the earth.
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 16 April 2009
Wow im gonna try and check both those out during the holidays
via Unleashed

lainie lainie 3 May 2009
I was just at Peace Kitchen. The chai is great too!
via Unleashed

gaytee. gaytee. 4 May 2009
oh yum!

i lovelovelove the happy high herb stores, they have very yummo tea that doesnt need anything! its just plain good on its very own!
plus it makes you verrrrrry chill! completely legal but! haha
they have heaps of really really good organic, animal free products!
via Unleashed

ABC ABC 11 May 2009
Great to hear you were not charged extra for soy, it should be standard like dairy milk.

And Glumdalclitch, at Pure Wholefoods in Manly, Sydney they serve rice milk, woo!
via Unleashed

Honeygoon Honeygoon 24 December 2009
Pure Wholefoods hey? I'll definitely check it out ha! It should be everywhere dammit!
via Unleashed


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