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Animals That Are Better Than Me

Animals That Are Better Than Me

Posted 25 February 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: animal intelligence, pigs, video, funny, apes, pidgeons

Here's something different for a bit of fun. This is a good laugh:

So this video got me thinking. I wonder what other animals might show me up ... for example, did you know that pigeons are better at visuo-spacial problems than humans (you know, like those problems where you have to rotate a 3D object in your mind)?

Or what about the fact that gorillas can lead their families over hundreds of kilometers back to the best feeding spots at just the right time of year for the food to be there. I know people who get lost on the way to the local shops!

And did you know that pigs perform better on memory games than many primates. I don't know how many times I've forgotten the pin for my bank card, and it's only 4 digits. Actually the studies that proved this were pretty cool. They used joystick controlled computer games to conduct the research. Apparently the pigs really dug playing computer games. Who knows pigs might not just have a better memory than me, they might beat me at guitar hero ... everyone else can!

Leave me a comment let me know what other animals you think are better than me. But be nice, I'm a gentle soul :-)

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Jesse Jesse 4 March 2009
Just a quick update:

It seems fish are even better than me. Many species of fish teach their young to recognise and swim away from particular sounds (eg. fishing/trawling boats). I'm prone to daydream ... which makes me just about the easiest person in the world to sneak up on. Lucky no-one's coming after me with a giant net!
via Unleashed

Jacqui T Jacqui T 16 March 2009
This reminds me of a quote ;o

"Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.  He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits.  Yet he is lord of all the animals."  -George Orwell, Animal Farm

Just thought the timing seemed appropriate xD
via Unleashed

Shannon Shannon 28 March 2009
Penguins!  laugh
they can surf lol
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 31 March 2009
Go Penguins!!!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 31 March 2009
True dat! My surfing (and body surfing skills) are sorely lacking.
Curse those penguins for being so talented! They even waddle better than me  tongue
via Unleashed

Shannon Shannon 1 April 2009
Lmao nawwww there there
they waddle better then me too
but when there that cute i dont mind =]
via Unleashed

StryK StryK 1 April 2009
penguins are the cutest. haha see, we're not all that we crack ourselves up to be. happy
via Unleashed

ShaShaChiwawa ShaShaChiwawa 8 April 2009
i loved the quote jacqui  happy
via Unleashed

Simo Simo 8 April 2009
I think pretty much any animal is better than me.. i have the worst memory, so not strong >< [come on, my grandmother can do more pushups than i can!] and im short so i cant run that fast.. and thanks to my mum smoking even when she was pregnant with me, i have bad lungs compared to some  lol...
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 13 April 2009
Cheetas are amazing, i cant bring myself to eat someone laugh

And crocodiles...need i say more???
via Unleashed

Julie Julie 20 July 2009
Go Penguins - have you guys seen the mountains that they climb coming out of the sea to nest.
i was out of breath when i went to phillip island and i had a walk way these little guys are amazing.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 27 August 2010
Go panda's!!!!ˇ!!!!!ˇ
via Unleashed


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