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Can You Believe People Still Shoot Animals?
Posted By Ward

Can You Believe People Still Shoot Animals?

Posted 3 March 2009   by         Permalink | 14 Comments

Tags: ducks, duck shooting, hunting

Let me just get this out first—Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

That's better. Now, you would think that by 2009 something as horribly cruel as duck shooting would be banned. Some states in Australia are up with the times—NSW, WA and QLD have all banned duck shooting—however several states still remain in the dark ages and allow it to continue.

Duck shooting is a cruel excuse for a 'sport' where there is no special training required to get a duck shooting licence, and for every three birds killed, another is wounded and left to die a slow and painful death.

The Victorian government recently declared a duck hunting season for 2009 and we’re angry! We need you kind folks to call on Gavin Jennings (VIC Environment Minister) to ban duck shooting before the season commences on March 21.

Take action for ducks! And while you're at it check out our new birdy banner. Stick it on your myspace to encourage others to get active.

Big Guns... Little Ducks. Ban Duck Hunting!
<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Big Guns... Little Ducks. Ban Duck Hunting!" title="Big Guns... Little Ducks. Ban Duck Hunting!" height="60" width="468" /></a>

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StryK StryK 3 March 2009
Funny how you can be sent to prison for shooting somebody in the arm, but you're given a trophy for shooting an animal and then leaving them there to die. Because y'know, that's not wrong or anything.

Too much sarcasm there. haha. This is frustrating, really really frustrating.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 4 March 2009
It's unbelieveable that with so many animals losing their lives in the bush fires in VIC, not to mention the fact that duck populations were already dropping because of global warming, the government's given the go ahead for people kill birds for fun!
via Unleashed

Jacqui T Jacqui T 16 March 2009
I brought this subject up in a conversation with a Victorian friend who is all for the duck season.
His line of arguement is "so what? It's only one animal, we have to be able to shoot something."
But it isn't only one animal, it is more than one life and just as if a human was shot and killed, it impacts the lives around.

Gosh, does no one remember what they learnt from watching Pocahontus??
via Unleashed

Crueltyfree Crueltyfree 19 March 2009
Hi all

I would like to post each picture in the slide show of animal testing (the bunny and beagle) on my Facebook but the pics are locked down.  Does anyone know how I can get my hands on these pics without infringeing any copyright?

Victoria sad (how can I be anything but!)
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 20 March 2009
Hi Victoria,

Thanks for the request. We've now added a button to all the photo galleries so that you can download individual photos.

via Unleashed

No longer member No longer member 29 March 2009
People shoot feral deer in NSW forests!
But ducks as well, that's to to to much! angry
via Unleashed

Apple Scruff Apple Scruff 29 March 2009
I went to protest at the opening weekend in Sale. The hunters in general were aggressive, we were threatened and verbally abused. Not only is duck shooting catastrophic for duck numbers and cruel to these defenseless creatures, but it creates aggressive and violent attitudes in society. I took some photos of some duck carcasses if anyone would like to use them...
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 30 March 2009
Are you kidding!?
grrr.  angry

whats wrong with Victoria, cant they see its wrong?
yep im definatly sticking the banner up somewhere on my website..
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 31 March 2009
This is something i go absolutely angry about! Duck Shooting for SPORT! UGH THAT IS JUST! ARHHHHHH

Last year, my friend and i under help of W.H.A.P in America and various other places, we all put together huge petitions against ; Animal Cruelty, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wolf Slaughter.

Many many wolves are slaughtered each day, and like most of my family, we all put together to stop this sad act.
via Unleashed

Danielle Danielle 7 April 2009
so at school we have to do a speech about an issue.
one of the issues we can speak about is duck shooting.
obviously i picked that.
theres this one kid in my english class thats all for duck shooting and was bragging about how he kills ducks.
i told him i have dreams about shooting him and that the highlight of my day is me day dreaming about his death.
obviously i hate the guy...
so when we present these speeches when school goes back, i plan on making him vomit...
if anyone has any ideas, im all for that =]
GAHHHHHHHH i hate this.
via Unleashed

Rory! Rory! 12 April 2009
i hate how people can say stuff like "so what, its just an animal" whether it being a duck or whatever animal

call me crazy but i'd rather see a human getting killed than a defenseless animal being horibbley slaughtered and i know this sounds psycho but im just speaking out of hate for all the people who shoot ducks n other animals

and can somebody plz post something about bullfighting that is my most hated hated hated subject seeing a video of it brings tears to my eyes everytime sad i'd post something myself but i dont know how lol >.<"

death to bullfighters lol
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 13 April 2009
Actually, i go shooting at those targets you have at the Lake Macquarie Gun Club. Where you dont shoot living things
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 16 April 2009
Ah Roray dont worry, i hate bullfighting too.
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
i have a next door neighbour who used to shoot ducks.
we have a dam and a lot of ducks come to hatch their babies on the small island in the middle.
it just makes me sad to know that people still shoot animals, do they want them all to become extinct?
via Unleashed


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