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Giving Chicks a Voice

Giving Chicks a Voice

Posted 15 April 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Dolly Magazine, Advertising, Darren Cordeux, Kisschasy, Fur, The Veronicas, Chickens, Bands, Posters

If you pick up this month's Dolly magazine, you might spot a glimpse of our all-time-favourite-Kisschasy-frontman-and-hero-for-animals, Darren Cordeux. Yep. He's at it again. This time round, the outspoken rock star is giving chicks a voice in a full page ad, which begs readers to stop to think about the little guys (or, chickens), who all need our help.

Darren Cordeux's Dolly AdAnd boy don't they know it. I mean—how's THIS for a chick magnet!?

There's more to this drop dead gorgeous entertainer than you might think. You can hear what else Daz has to say in his exclusive Unleashed video.

Dolly's double page spread on page 40 also highlights the tragic cruelty of fur. Kudos to Dolly for raising such an important issue in its magazine! Animals on fur farms live lives of sheer misery, only to be drowned, gassed—even skinned alive—for their pelts. No wonder The Veronicas are so pissed about it!

Did you see the feature in this month's Dolly? Tell us what you think!

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Jesse Jesse 15 April 2009
Wee! Go Daz! clap
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 16 April 2009
Yay! Darren your the best!
via Unleashed

Shannon Shannon 16 April 2009
awwwww this is so cuteee i wanna hug the little baby chickens =]
...and him  lol
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 16 April 2009
Darren has got to be one of my favourite celebs. He's not only incredibly talented, but he does so much for animals and is clearly as passionate about their welfare as all of us here. Many many kudos to you, Mr Cordeux!
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 16 April 2009
i think im in love happy
via Unleashed

Simo Simo 17 April 2009
Yay ^-^ haha Go for gold..
via Unleashed

Brodie Brodie 17 April 2009
That's awesome seeing as so many teenagers idolise him, and hopefully will be influenced by his views. Woot!!
via Unleashed

Brooke Brooke 19 April 2009
Dollly was actually how I got into unleashed.I usually never do anything I say im going to but joining unleashed was the one thing im really glad I did.
via Unleashed

YAY DAZ!!! LOVE YA!!!! ecstatic
via Unleashed

Fawn Fawn 8 May 2009
A fantastic role model aaand he's been nominated as the Sexiest Veg Celeb for 09! Make sure to cast your votes for him:
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 26 May 2009
yay go daz! keep being awesome please!
via Unleashed

mallory mallory 2 June 2009
uhh, heyy i found unleashed from fawn! in a magazine!!!
via Unleashed


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