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One week left to raise $200!

One week left to raise $200!

Posted 19 May 2009   by Angie         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: veg, vegan, food, restaurants, health, donating

Have you been desperately wanting to make a difference and help animals but been too strapped for cash to donate? Well here’s your chance to help!

If you haven’t already seen, NextStop is donating $10 to Animals Australia every time a guide is posted in "Great Spots for Vegetarians & Vegans - Australia"

This doesn’t just have to be a restaurant; it can be a store, market, café… ANY place that is vegetarian/vegan friendly that you love. Surely everyone can think of 5 little places they’ve been to that fit this category!?!

This is turning into such a great resource, I know I’m going to be checking out a lot of the places I didn’t know existed. So take 5 minutes to spread the word about hot vego spots in your town and help us kick ass for the animals!

Thanks so much to everyone who has already posted a guide, we have raised $300 so far!!! Just 20 more guides needed to reach the $500 goal!!!

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Karen Karen 29 May 2009
We did it!!! happy happy  clap
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 2 June 2009
lol the blog changed

it went from the goal of $500 down to $200

was this done to make us feel good? lololol

funny  funny  funny
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 2 June 2009
No! wink

With one week to go we'd raised $300... meaning there was $200 to go. In total we made $500 happy
via Unleashed

Sir Leila Sir Leila 3 June 2009
via Unleashed

Jasmine Jasmine 3 June 2009
wow this is cool
you should try vivA cupcakes 100%VEGAN!!!
via Unleashed


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