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How Much is a Fur Coat Worth?

How Much is a Fur Coat Worth?

Posted 24 June 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: namibian seal slaughter, seals, fur, take action, Africa

A lot to a seal, I'm willing to bet.

Or rather eight seals — which is the number of seal pups that are killed to produce just one fur coat. And come 1st July this year, that's what is destined to happen to 91,000 seal pups on the coast of Namibia.

Just a warning, don't read on if you're easily upset. Just click here to help end this cruelty.

I only recently discovered just how brutal the annual Namibian seal cull is. People call it the 'cruellest in the world', and there's a good reason why. Most of the seals killed during this brutal slaughter are so young that they are still being nursed by their mothers. The defenceless pups are rounded up and separated from their mothers — and many vomit their mother's milk in fear — before being clubbed to death. Some seals who aren't completely knocked out are then stabbed and "bled out" while they are still fully conscious. Their mothers are left to watch on helplessly. It's one of the most disturbing sights you're likely to ever see (I don't recommend it, but you can find videos here of what has happened during previous 'hunts' if you think you can handle it).

Baby seals are rounded up

The clubbing begins

Pups are stabbed to 'bleed out', sometimes when conscious.

You might be thinking — thank goodness we'd never support something so awful here in Australia! Well, it turns out that it's an Australian company that is directly linked to the annual Namibian slaughter. Last year, Sydney-based fur and skins company, Hatem Yavuz, purchased all of the dead seal pup skins from the cull. All of them!!

That's why we're publicly naming and shaming and demanding that Hatem Yavuz commits to never buying Namibian cape fur seal skins again. Never, ever again. If you think that a seal's fur coat is worth more to the seal than to Hatem Yavuz, then please take 1 minute to send this important message today. The seals need you!

Seal Pups Need Your Help!

Images courtesy of Seal Alert South Africa

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RaV3N RaV3N 24 June 2009
I was shocked to hear that an Aussie company supports this! I thought after all the slack Canada was getting for their seal hunting it would have sent a message to the world? Obviously not!!
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 24 June 2009
This really makes me sad. I watched a video from PETA detailing the Canadian seal hunt and it showed the seals trying their best to get away from the hunters while seeing others brutally clubbed to death.

The fear these poor things must feel.. I can't even imagine.
via Unleashed

strutty strutty 25 June 2009
This made me so incredibly angry and disgusted. I want to know what goes through a persons mind while they are clubbing an animal to death? What would make a person do such a thing. Surely they cant enjoy it?!

I sent the link to everyone i know and wrote letters to the Courier Mail and Sunshine Coast Daily regarding this, but I feel like I need to do more.
If other countries have put in place import bans why the hell are we still allowing this? What values do we have here? That fashion and Money is more important than an innocent life??

Do you reckon petitioning the govt to put in place an import band would come to anything?
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 25 June 2009
Hey Strutty, while the buyer is based in Sydney, I believe they ship the skins directly to off-shore locations (not sure that they enter Aus). Keep thinking!!! happy
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 27 June 2009
this makes me insanley sick.
i think everyone needs to know this disgusting crime!
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 28 June 2009
THis is disgusting...i hope we get the message across and spread the word so that people will stop buying from Hatem YAvuz. Infact stop buying anything fur at all. So that they get the message that their products are no longer wanted!
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 8 July 2009
I AM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!
I must tell as many people as possibe!!
via Unleashed

Tu2 Tu2 23 July 2009
I can't look at it anymore .It hurts so much.The people that kill animals have no feelings at all.
via Unleashed

Amelia! Amelia! 25 July 2009
Pardon my french, but that is f**king disgusting. It sickens me how people can have such a disrespect for living creatures.
via Unleashed

xatiese74 xatiese74 28 July 2009
People are disgusting - man would I like to club them and see how "fun" it is - these people do not deserve anything - they deserve death
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
that was so sad.
i dont wear fur but if i did i wouldn't after seeing those pictures. the poor little seal dudes.
seals are one of my favourite animals and what people are doing to them is horrible.
did you know that they are also running out of fish in some parts of australia (due to overfishing) and eating penguins instead?
sad cry
via Unleashed


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