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49 Die at Running of the Bulls

49 Die at Running of the Bulls

Posted 14 July 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: Running of the Bulls, sport, tourism, cows, bullfighting, entertainment, Pamplona, Spain

Last Friday a man was killed during the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The 27 year old man, Daniel Jimeno Romero, died after being gored in the stomach by a disoriented bull during the run.

As the annual festival wraps up today, the total death toll will near 49 at this year's brutal event. But unlike Mr Romero, the 48 bulls who are tormented and killed during the festival did not volunteer to take part.

While the people in this race may be running for their lives the bulls are litertally racing towards their deaths. After being poked with electric prods and sharp instruments and a terrifying and hazardous run through the slippery cobblestone streets, the bulls' run ends in a bullfighting arena.

Once the bulls are in the ring, the odds are heavily stacked against them. In bullfights, the bull may be drugged or even have the muscles on the back of his neck cut to prevent him lifting his head during the 'fight'. Men on horse back thrust barbed sticks into the bulls back until he is weak and drained of blood. Then the matador enters the ring to taunt the injured animal until he collapses. Finally the matador sticks a blade into the bulls heart to kill him.

Sometimes the matador misses the bulls heart and the animal doesn't die. When this happens, another person comes in to finish off the animal, usually with a knife. It can sometimes take as many as another 30 stabbings to finally kill the bull.

This is not my idea of a festive occasion, or a must see tourist event. I can understand the thrill of cheating death, but not at the expense of someone else's life! If people really want to face their fears and take on a challenge, perhaps they should take a few pointers from Steph Davis. Steph is a vegan free-solo climber (ie. she climbs cliffs without any safety gear and then base jumps off the top). Now that's a thrill without the carnage!

If you're disgusted by the running of the bulls, you might like to write to the Spanish Ministry of Tourism ([email protected]) to let them know you wouldn't consider visiting Spain whilst they continue to abuse and kill bulls.

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Jesse Jesse 14 July 2009
btw ... there's a great piece in The Onion on Spain's determination and vigilance in their war on bulls (joke):
via Unleashed

Jacqui T Jacqui T 14 July 2009
Its just completely idiotic.. Okay I understand that back then the minotaurs would of been a great scene due to the cultural beliefs...but now? c'mon! I can't believe people are still entertained by this b.s. The Gladiators in Roman days had there time, torturing animals just like this .. and its bad enough that it happened but atleast it stopped because people became disgusted with such aspect..what the hell makes this any different? This isn't entertainment, its murder.
via Unleashed

Vegan Zombie. Vegan Zombie. 14 July 2009

"The beasts hide in the nation's pastures, quietly ruminating over their vicious agendas," Zapatero said. "They often lie dormant for years, posing as innocent calves until they expose themselves as the brutes they are. Then, they attack in arenas, when the crowds are at their maximum capacity, in order to incite fear and shock among the citizenry."

"posing as innocent calves"...?

That has got to be the biggest load of b.s I have ever read! angry
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 14 July 2009
Sorry, should have explained. The Onion is a satire newspaper. So the article is just a joke...  happy
via Unleashed

Vegan Zombie. Vegan Zombie. 14 July 2009
Haha I realised like 3 seconds after I posted tongue
Silly me tongue
via Unleashed

Asik Asik 14 July 2009
I was horrified to read all this.. Whats wrong with people to torture animals like that? Shocked and disgusted, and very sadsad((
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 17 July 2009
this is truely the worst and cruelest sport "cough" ever!! in my opinion i think that guy deserved to die.  i dont know how anyone could participate in something that is just flat out cruel like that.

sad sad sad
via Unleashed

Swanky Swanky 27 July 2009
I think that if people are going to take part in those sorts of things they should be prepared to be gored, no one to blame but themselves.  I think its disgusting that in this day and age humans still have to torture animals to 'win'

there is nothing manly or tough about cutting the back of a bulls neck just so it cant even lift its head to proctect itself, all for power
what gets me is the amount of people who travel to see it.  It sends a bad message that behaviour like that is still accepted in this day and age.  shame shame shame!
via Unleashed

xatiese74 xatiese74 28 July 2009
How can humans find "FUN" in watching an animal be mamed and inflict such suffering - Humans are the only animals that are emotionally greedy and suffer from hate.  We need to look our animal counterparts and the way they live - the world would be a better place if humans did not "REIGN" furious
via Unleashed

Patoli Patoli 27 February 2010
i never realised that the running of the bulls was so horrific. i thought it was only the actual running, and not that they died.
thats just can you do that to an animal when they cant even fight back?
via Unleashed


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