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Choking on a Red Meat Message
Posted By Ward

Choking on a Red Meat Message

Posted 10 July 2009   by         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: advertising, Sam Neill, MLA, meat, veg, health, lord of the fries

Well I think I speak for everybody when I say that I'm pretty peeved off with all the deceptive advertising that goes in to promoting animal products, although Meat and Livestock Australia take the crown for their new dodgy ad with Sam Neill.

In the new ad Sam explains to his orang-utan friend Dennis the supposed importance of eating red meat to make your brain evolve. I highly doubt that Einstein, Da Vinci or Pythagoras – all vegetarians – would agree with Sam on this one. In fact about the most intelligent thing Sam does in the whole ad is dance like a fool.

To me, it really is showing a sign of the times that selling meat is getting tougher and tougher as people learn about the cruelty, the environmental devastation, and the health impacts of consuming it. So no wonder they stoop to new lows with every new ad they come out with.

Yesterday, Jill Singer of the Herald Sun bit back at MLA's shoddy advertising with her scathing article Choking on a red meat message. Jill accurately points out that the intention of MLA isn't to look after your interests and promote good health, it's to sell more meat. The best line in this whole article though, is this: 'The statement that red meat is an essential part of our diet is a lie. It is a more essential part of a maggot's diet than a human's.'

Take home message for the day – MLA, you got burned!

Now it's that time again to head to Lord of the Fries and grab some cruelty-free junk food that doesn't kill animals. Ward out

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Kirrilly Kirrilly 10 July 2009
I'm seriously considering taking the 40 minute train ride to Flinders St. for LotF right now. Every time someone mentions it I get hungry.

I really liked Sam Neil before he started doing these ridiculous ads. It's a shame.
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 11 July 2009
Damn I hate it when celebrities sell out like this - especially the ones I like. Oops, sorry I meant to say liked - past tense. tongue

It's even more annoying when they sell out for something like this. It's damaging to people's health and the environment all for the $. You would think he had enough of the stuff anyway.

Why Sam? Why?! Why must you be such a prick?
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 11 July 2009
I just read Sam is a supporter of Greenpeace.. that got me thinking.. Does anyone know why Greenpeace refuses to advocate and endorse a vegetarian/vegan diet - or did I just miss something?

via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 11 July 2009
That's a very good question Matt. And probably worth a letter to ask them (and make em realise people would support the move). I've written to them personally a couple of times to ask that...
The general gist of their response has usually been that they think that animal groups are doing a good enough job on that front and so they'll leave it to them. rolleyes It's nice to know they think we're doing a good job... but the more the merrier I say!

It's not like the animals couldn't use an extra helping hand .
via Unleashed

Shirley Shirley 11 July 2009
i agree. when will the world learn.
i like the part especially about Einstein, Da Vinci or Pythagoras %u2013 all vegetarians not agreeing  thumb
via Unleashed

NaBil - BlACk NaBil - BlACk 12 July 2009
YUMMY ecstatic
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 14 July 2009
gah..! i hate this ad! its so stupid yet people cant see past that fact that all theyre trying to do is earn themselves some more money to roll around in? its so disgusting! it makes me so angry..
they dont care about peoples health at all, its all just effing stupid marketing. grr.. >.<
via Unleashed

gaytee. gaytee. 14 July 2009
i really hate it how people use this add against you in debates too.
ill be making a really good point, and they'll just quote "red meat kaytee, we were made to eat it"
it has absolutely no substantial evidence, but people just take it as fact, without stopping to question it.
screw you sam neil ):
via Unleashed

NaBil - BlACk NaBil - BlACk 17 July 2009
i really dont mind ppl killing animals for food.
But killin animals for their skin wool n wateva else is jst wrong ecstatic

peace x
via Unleashed

RMK RMK 19 July 2009
There's an additional angle to this that is wrong - using an orangutan in the ad. I assume this has not been put together with computer animation but is a real orangutan made to play the part. Does anyone know?
Here's an excerpt from the Centre for Great Apes in the US:
"Using great apes in advertising and entertainment may be successful for the trainer, the studio, or the advertising agency, but it usually means a life of misery and uncertainty for the apes.
Apes used in the entertainment business are taken away from their mothers when only weeks or months old, to be raised by humans and taught unnatural behaviors and tricks. But, they only have a working "shelf- life" of six to eight years."
via Unleashed

jack jack 20 July 2009
i know a friend of mine who went for a job with greenpeace
no one in the office was veggie or vegan

and greenpeace eat meat on their vessels
anyway i support sea shepherd more because they actually get stuff done other that what i like to say lol "greedpeace"
via Unleashed

bec m bec m 26 July 2009
"It is a more essential part of a maggot's diet than a human's" lol that's hilarious! a hate the chicken one too where they say that there is something wrong with you if you dont eat chicken.  Hey they should  dissect the Sam Neil ad on Gruen - it might be interesting.
via Unleashed

Jamison Jamison 28 July 2009
The 'somethings wrong with you if you don't eat chicken' add makes me want to pick up the tv and throw it against the wall. So glad I have foxtell, whenever kfc adds come on I pause so I don't have to listen to people talking about how 'fresh' the chicken is. (so fresh it's still warm from the slaughter house.)

From actually going to the greenpeace office, and knowing people that work there, and living with two of the workers for 7 days (I think, I can't remember. The 11 hour train trip stuffed up my head.) I can conclude that a lot of them are veg. Sitting in their (very small) staff room, I can tell you that their (glass cabinet) fridge had lots of tofu and such in it. The man and woman I sayed with (along with my best mate) were all vegetarian, although they ate fish (so peschetarian)

I guess you could say that greenpeace do not publicly support animal rights because they're not that popular. 'people are going to kill HUMANS with nuclear power' is something that people can get passionate about. They don't want their OWN species harmed. If greenpeace were suddenly to say 'animals have feelings too' they would greatly loose popularity amongst the non-veg population. What greenpeace do is awesome, but in the same way that we have a teacher to teach us english and a teacher to teach us maths, we have greenpeace and animals australia happy

Using orangutangs was evil. It just proves how ignorant meat-heads are. If only they knew the suffering the 'ranga was going to go through after it's 7 year acting career is over...
via Unleashed

Crueltyfree Crueltyfree 4 August 2009
It makes me sick that an orangutan is used on TV with Sam Neill.  Sam Neill should know better.  I now hate him.
But I'm also angry that chicken and meat ads are shoved down our throats.

Why can't AA, Animal Liberation and RSPCA put ads on TV for animal cruelty, veganism etc REFUTING eating meat is essential and ADVOCATING EATING LOWER ON THE FOOD CHAIN?

Doesn't anyone work in TV land with cash to put some very hard hitting ads on TV?  Sorry just realised that everyone here is very young!

Go Vegan and support THE SEA SHEPHERD SOCIETY who are all VEGANS!

via Unleashed

NoraJ NoraJ 9 August 2009
Those ridiculous ads are wrong on so many levels, starting with the innocent orangutan and ending with Sam Neill's pathetic little jig. I used to like Sam Neill; now I just think he's a fool.
via Unleashed

Aaron Aaron 11 October 2009
Mayb Sam is a maggot?

I like most used to like Sam
via Unleashed


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