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Ipswich Bans Cruel Animal Circuses

Ipswich Bans Cruel Animal Circuses

Posted 2 July 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: exotic animals, animal circuses, bull hooks, posters, entertainment, victory

Some great news came out of Ipswich this week. Ipswich City Council voted to ban exotic animals from being used in circuses on council land. That makes Ipswich the first council in Queensland to take a stand against cruel animal circuses. Woot!

And it's about time! The lives of wild animals in circuses is the pits. They are tormented and abused to instill fear, so they will perform tricks for the audience. (Have you notice that it's a whip not a reward that they use?) Elephant 'trainers' often use a bullhook (a stick with a sharp metal hook on one end) to control or punish elephants. This hook is dug into senstitive parts of their body such as behind their ears, in their mouth or the bottoms of their feet.

When not performing, these animals, who might wander tens, if not hundreds of kilometers in a day in the wild, are confined in tiny barren cages. They spend months on the road carted from town to town, to be brought out on stage to perform in bright, loud tents for onlookers.

So a big hoorah to Ispwich Council for taking a stand against animal cruelty. Here's hoping a few more councils follow suit. If you have a moment, please write to Ipswich to congratulate them on the ban ([email protected]). And you might even like to write to your own local council and encourage them to ban exotic animal circuses too!

While I'm at it, I thought I'd also share these brilliant campaign posters from a collaboration between two portuguese animal advocacy groups, Aco Animal and Liga Portuguesa dos Direitos do Animal. They really sum it up well:

"Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls for the crack of the whip against the animal's stinging wounds. A big round of applause for the flaming hoops, the injuries and the electric shocks. Come and see the famed number of cages and tightly binding chains allowing no escape from endless training sessions. Laugh, applaud and join in with the repetitive choreographed routines typical of depressed animals under great stress. All the fun of the circus travelling from city to city exhibiting animals as human caricatures. Clowning around that's no fun at all. Animal circuses, don't be part of the show."

(If you're keen to check out some other clever NGO campaigns, I found these at:

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Karen Karen 2 July 2009
clap clap clap clap clap
via Unleashed

Kirrilly Kirrilly 2 July 2009
Finally. Lets hope other areas & states follow suit. I'm sick of going past this circus on the bus every day and seeing the elephants and ponies confined to a tiny area.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 3 July 2009
And if you thought Ipswich was leading the way. How about Bolivia?! They have just become the first country in the world to ban the use of exotic and domestic animals in circuses. This comes about a month after they banned the use of animals in military training exercises.
Go Bolivia! clap
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 5 July 2009
awesome, it's about time Queensland!
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 7 July 2009
That's great that they are choosing the right way to go and hope everyone follows them!!! : ) Animals are not clowns. They should be treated with respect not cruelty.

Go QLD clap
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 2 September 2009
i  hate when the circus comes to town
sad angry
via Unleashed

Sab Sab 3 September 2009
the campaigns are good.

thumb happy
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 11 October 2010
these are great!
via Unleashed

EarthChild EarthChild 29 October 2010
This makes me so happy, i do a dance and wiggle my bum. Every little step counts and when it's a big one like this, that's so awesome I want to go and hug some lions...or not wink
via Unleashed


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