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Spot the Difference!

Spot the Difference!

Posted 30 July 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: spot the difference, environment, extinction, global warming, deforestaition, advertising, MLA, effluent

It's time to whip out your Australian flag and chant 'Aussie Aussie Aussie!', cause we're number one! Actually... you might want to just sit on that flag when you hear this...

"Our region has the notorious distinction of having possibly the worst extinction record on earth," said Richard Kingsford, one of the authors of a new study on extinction. The study highlighted the fact that the earth is currently expreriencing its 6th greatest extinction, and guess what... Australia and the Pacific top the list of culprits.

According to the report, land clearing and overlogging are amonst the biggest threats to Aussie plants and animals. So who's cutting down all our trees? According to the UN the livestock industry is the number 1 cause of deforestation worldwide. When you connect the dots it's just obvious: eat less meat - save more planet!

And so on that note, it's time for another installment of "Spot the Difference"!

Meat and Livestock Australia have launched a new green-washing campaign to 'keep it real' and highlight the environmental contributions made by livestock producers. This campaign hopes to counter all these concerns about about deforestation, methane emissions (the livestock industry also produce 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions), and all that crap (Literally! - livestock produce 130 times the waste of the entire human population.).

The first image below is the ... ahem ... crap that MLA are trying to feed us. The second is the crap that they're polluting our land with.

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_Matt _Matt 30 July 2009
yeh, i think christine milne from The Greens said something about this today.

i suppose it's just ANOTHER reason (asif we needed another one) to go veg.
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 30 July 2009
Eat less meat, save more planet
cant get any simpler than that. wink
What annoys me, though, is when I am reminded that Al Gole, the jesus man of climate change, is actually a meat eater.
Mr. Gore may drive a prius but he still likes his burgers.
via Unleashed

ckimana ckimana 31 July 2009
We know it, but when will the general public actually do something about it! Oh wait! When it's too late.

Wake up guys!  spider
via Unleashed

bec m bec m 3 August 2009
I really applaud the fact that some farmers are realising that they need to plant trees to stop their farms becoming overrun by salinity and definitely they have to continue to do that. BUT I think it rude that the MLA are using them to say that livestock production is green.  

Its so annoying that people think of issues separately when the are so connected.

Advertisers are genius' at making anything sound true even if its the biggest lie on the face of the earth.
via Unleashed

bec m bec m 3 August 2009
btw that spider smiley is awesome ckimana
via Unleashed

Jon Jon 19 August 2009
From what i have read Hawaii actually has the worst extinction rate since european settlers came.. But i think if you take into account the Aboriginal settling like 40,000 years ago... it probably works out that we're doing the worst..

Good blog though!

And yes, it is sad that some of the major proponents of environmental protection are meat eaters... Tim Flannery is another i can think of...
via Unleashed

ckimana ckimana 20 August 2009
Hehe, thx Bec happy
via Unleashed

claudie claudie 27 August 2009
Do i want to know what that lagoon was filled with?? cuz i don't know, and maybe don't wanna.  my best friend became vegetarian after i dragged her along to rallies ect. she did eat fish but then let me convince her not to with much thanx to this site. success!! we're both now proud veges and she loves chickens more than ever before. happy
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 11 November 2009
Eat Less Meat - Save The Planet!
Do Less Homework - Save The Trees!
Well, I'm On A Role!
via Unleashed


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