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Exposing the Egg Industry's Dirty Secret...

Exposing the Egg Industry's Dirty Secret...

Posted 4 September 2009   by Jesse         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: eggs, chickens, take action, veg

There are around 14 million egg-laying hens in Australia. That's a lot of birds! ... and all of them are female. So have you ever wondered what happened to all the males?

Male chicks can't produce eggs ... so the egg industry doesn't want them. They don't grow fast or large enough to be profitable to be raised for meat, so ... what then?

Well a new investigation by US based group, Mercy for Animals exposes the dirty little secret the egg industry doesn't want you to know. Brace yourself, cause the answer isn't pretty...

You might hope that Australian standards would be better. But sadly that's not the case. Every year, the Australian egg industry grinds up alive or gasses to death an estimated 10 million male chicks. For these animals their first day in the world is also their last. They are picked up roughly by their fragile wings, tossed into disposal chutes and hauled off to their death.

Sounds more like a horror movie than reality, doesn't it. But sadly this is not only a reality, it's legal and is standard practice in Australia across all egg laying systems.

So what can you do about it? Well for starters you can cast your vote with your plate, simply don't eat eggs! And please join me in letting the Australian Egg Corporation know that you won't support their appalling disregard for animal welfare.

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- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 4 September 2009
oh man...this is so horrible..sad i feel sick..sad im posting this on myspace..
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 4 September 2009
Damnit I really need water proof mascara......

Facebook watch out...
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 4 September 2009
Christ, that made my physically ill.

... and it did my Mum too. I think its safe to say she won't by buying eggs again. Once I cross off beef and milk on the list she will be officially vegan tongue

We learn of the nazis sitting around tables and deciding how best to 'process' the jewish people. Its impossible not to draw comparisons.
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 4 September 2009
unfortunatly i already new this from watching that jamie oliver fowel dinners show. He gassed baby male chickens on live television and then tried to feed a dead one to a python snake.

pretty sickning sad
via Unleashed

Ali* Ali* 4 September 2009
Thanks heaps for this. I knew it in the back of my mind but seeing it again renews my determination to make it a thing of PREHISTORY
via Unleashed

Shoogs Shoogs 5 September 2009
sad gosh, humans are the ones meant to be the 'sentient beings' capable of feelings and thought and emotion(according to anyone who isn't an animal rights activist) and yet it's humans who lack compassion and respect.

I couldn't watch the clip, I just couldn't. The thought alone has the desired effect sad
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 5 September 2009
oh whoa.
via Unleashed

Jon Jon 6 September 2009
Emails sent!

This is truly horrific.. not that i didn't know it happened already.. *sigh*
via Unleashed

littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 6 September 2009
Disgusting disgusiting disgusting... i dont know how some people can sleep at night... letter sent.
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 6 September 2009
what they do to those poor male chicks is jaust horrible and cruel and it makes me very up set sad
via Unleashed

Jamison Jamison 8 September 2009
As soon as i saw the grinder i paused it and facebooked it.... Not happy jan.
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 18 September 2009
I worked at a chicken Hatchery outside of Melbourne for a total of 4 days. I know for a fact that all the above is true but the reality is far more horrific than the video clip.  When I went for the job interview the truth was stretched and glossed over and just plain AVOIDED! I am still trying to put the horror of those days behind me and I make sure that every "meat freak" I meet hears about what I saw and knows where their chicken nuggets and KFC come from.
via Unleashed

wildflowers wildflowers 19 September 2009
That is absolutely so disgusting and cruel. This makes me feel so sick and angry. How dare they do that to the poor little chicks. This has to stop!
via Unleashed

f3xstar f3xstar 30 September 2009
Omnivores, even some vegetarians are like 'why dont u eat eggs? whats wrong with them, youre not killing the animal' and im like 'you dont need to kill an animal to make it suffer' some people are so narrow minded. oh yeah the tehyre like 'what about free-range eggs?' and im like 'theyre also bad'.
via Unleashed

Mickii Mickii 12 October 2009
i watched this then turned vegetarian, it was horrible, it made me cry i was so upset
via Unleashed

BenJaMiN BenJaMiN 16 October 2009
not cool at all tbh...
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 19 October 2009
so sad... i already knew this happened
this would even occur at free range egg farms right?
lucky i only eat the eggs laid by our happy pet chooks
via Unleashed

how are those people still alive i would die if i had to do that to our friends the animals

cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 5 November 2009
sad, sad, sad
sad sad sad
poor little chicks
chick chick chick
it make me cry
cry cry cry
via Unleashed

thefutureisvegan thefutureisvegan 7 November 2009
This not only relates to Battery Hens, this is also about the "Free Range" and "Barn Laid" industries - none have any use for little roosters.
Those poor rooster chicks must be wondering where mum is as they drop into the macerator - it's abominable. Meanwhile, the little hens get their highly sensitive bills snipped and burned: painful mutilation before they descend into the hell of a life in the battery barns. This must be stopped  cry
via Unleashed


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