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Give Horses a Break

Give Horses a Break

Posted 11 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: horse racing, horses, whips, entertainment, rant

Jockeys are up in (short, little) arms at the moment because they are not alowed to whip their horses as often as they want to. Yep — yesterday jockeys in VIC, NSW, QLD and WA walked off the job in protest of new rules that came in last month that restricted the number of times they can whip horses during races.

If you watch the sky news video, you'll see the Australian Jockeys Association complain that it's "unreasonable" to "burden" jockeys with having to count how many times they've hit their horses.

Uhmm ... Unreasonable!?

'Unreasonable' is what you call the standard practice of killing a horse who falls and breaks his leg on track because he is no longer considered 'profitable'.

'Unreasonable' is sending 20,000 horses to knackeries every year to be slaughtered. Their crime? They weren't fast enough :-(

'Unreasonable' is that studies show that race horses often suffer deep, bleeding gastric ulcers when forced to eat a concentrated and unnatural 'race' diet, and that one study showed that 90% of horses have blood in their lungs from over exertion.

'Unreasonable' is leaving a horse to spend up to 22 hours a day isolated in a stall, deprived of social contact and mental stimulation.

'Unreasonable' is allowing jockeys to whip horses at all, when whipping an animal off a racetrack would be illegal! (Do they think it hurts less, if they're in a race...?)

'Unreasonable' is a jumps racing trainer threatening to send his decapitated horse's head to the racing minister if the brutal sport was banned!

'Unreasonable' is expecting anyone to believe that horse racing is anything but a brutal and cut-throat industry... (warning: contains some graphic scenes).

Perhaps we can hope that those angry jockeys stay on strike ... it might be the quickest way to give these horses the break they deserve!

So whilst the jockeys are doing their bit, here are two quick ways you can help horses today:

  • Vote "Hell No!" in's poll asking 'Should jockeys be allowed to whip more than three times in a row in the last 200m?'
  • Share this video with any race-going friends to show them the hidden reality behind the glamourous face of horse racing, and ask them not to bet on cruelty!

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emileee emileee 11 September 2009
That is really horrible. I really didnt need to see that. Horses are one of my favourite animals. You should have like, maybe mentioned the fact that it showed a horse being slaughted and hacked up because if i new that i wouldnt have watch it.
i actually feel physically sick now..
gee, thanks for sharing.

via Unleashed

Lea Lea 11 September 2009
Sending your decapitated horses head to the racing minister if the sport is banned is insane. That guy should get some help...big time!
via Unleashed

Amelia! Amelia! 11 September 2009
That is so f**ked up. There should definitely be a warning about that video for its graphic detail. The racing industry is so wrong.
via Unleashed

jack jack 12 September 2009
what idiots
its really stupid but it gets to some point were you just cant stop laughing at peoples stupid thoughts lol
like at jumps demos and kfc i dont think people listen 2 themselves b4 they say things lol

whipping or no whipping the racing industry needs to be stopped but we need 2 take it 1 step at a time
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 12 September 2009
arghh..this is stupid!! sad its so horrific, it brings me to tears..sad

i really would like to do some horse racing protests sometime soon
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 13 September 2009
Dunno about you guys - but I read that the video had graphic scenes? Maybe it was edited.


Where do I find this video to put on Facebook??? This is a message that needs to be shared and QUICKLY! I think everyone (and even me until recently) thought that once a horse had finished it's days racing they spent the rest of their lives living on a happy farm somewhere.

Can't any of these horses be sold onto rural families as pets? Even if it only saves a few hundred a year?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 14 September 2009
You can get the embed code for the video here:
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 14 September 2009
I just checked out the poll and it's currently at 416 votes - 42% yes versus 57% no (their maths sucks, by the way). So close to half the population needs to see this video, then they might rethink the 'yes' votes.
via Unleashed

laura2 laura2 16 September 2009
Its a sad fact that too many horses lives end this way, not just race horses!   I myself have saved over 150 horses from that very knackery, its a very sad place...    You can find forgotten kids ponies, mares in foal and even foals only a few days old!!   But the race horses are the most common and this includes the harness racing industry. Many trotters end up at the same place.   Its a very wasteful sport and i hope something can change it someday sad
via Unleashed

EliB EliB 16 September 2009
Hi horse lovers. apple:

I grew up in the racing industry and it is beyond most peoples comprehension what the industry considers 'normal' conduct.  

I agree the general population need to be shocked out of the fairytale belief's that are held about what goes on in the racing industry.  Lets not forget greyhounds.  When people are motivated by money, adrenaline, seratonin and all things that make us think we feel good, logic and our internal moral code disapear from sight.  We need to be shocked to our senses at times.

I hear concern for ex-race horses.  Take some heart there are organisations trying to retrain and rehome them.  As was correctly guessed it is only a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands who are bred.  

My beautiful baby(9yr)  in my backyard (few acres) is an ex-racehorse.  He's so affectionate and gentle and giving, my children walk under him.  He will live with me forever.   peace_out :
via Unleashed

DimSim DimSim 18 September 2009
hey my name is kimm

i own a horse who is a ex harness racer
his 19yrs now and is the best thing that has ever happened to me, i cried watching this and my dads in the harness racing industryand he would never ever do sometime like what is shown in that video

i love watching horses run ,race and all that stuff but not everyone in the industry us like that  but yes things do need to change in the industry
via Unleashed

Lena Lena 18 September 2009
aww that is soo horribe why dont they understand how cruel this is?
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 19 September 2009

via Unleashed

amanitapsy amanitapsy 23 September 2009
this is unbelieveble?
it make's cry...
i feel ashame cause i am a human being with this.
i hope somebody do something for stopping this crime.

via Unleashed

f3xstar f3xstar 30 September 2009
I heard about this story on the mornin news-its barbaric. the jockeys are so f***ing selfish. theyre like 'well i want to whip my horse cos the brits are coming and i wanna win'. i cant believe they even protested against not being able to whip the horse, they shouldnt even be riding them in the first place. its an outrage.
via Unleashed

huggybear0423 huggybear0423 2 October 2009
If race horse's are so well trained why r thay whipping them in the first place ????? I had a horse growing up and i didnt need to whip him once !!!! He ran like the wind and jumped happly.

Those who think thay have to whip , hit etc a animal to make them do something just have no brains at all !!!!!!!! cry
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 24 October 2009
i'm so over racing.
its cruel how the horses are killed after they stop winning
its not fair.
via Unleashed

sha22 sha22 21 November 2009
Because of the lucrative horsemeat export industry for Europe and Japan  some .. are getting good prices for the meat of  prime young well muscled animals.

Most thouoroughbreds  that end up  at abittoirs are young animals under 3  only babies ..that were too slow or broke down because of the rigorus trainig on undeveloped bodies.(wastage)

Please stop breeding thousands horses for the tables of Europe and Japan.
via Unleashed

jessika jessika 15 December 2009
I love horses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I haaaaaaaaaaaate what there DOING furious megaphone    stop at once
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 7 September 2010
i told them hell no!
via Unleashed


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