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Vote for Your Fave Unleashed Badges!

Vote for Your Fave Unleashed Badges!

Posted 18 September 2009   by Karen         Permalink | 93 Comments

Tags: merch, vote, badges

We need your help!! The nine new super-cool Unleashed badge designs are in, but the bosses are telling us that right now we can only produce three! Eek! We can't decide, so, we want YOU to decide for us...

Vote NOW for your fave Unleashed badge!

Which of these do you want to see in the Unleashed shop? Leave a comment below with your top three, and help to make your fave Unleashed badge designs a reality!

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Teweesa! Teweesa! 18 September 2009
Hmmm. I love them all! It's so hard to pick just three!

I wanted the 'kicking ass' one at first, but we've already got stickers and posters of that one, so I think another one should have a go. So my votes go to:

-Animal Cruelty Sucks
-'Don't Test Me'
-Meat Stinks

Those ones are my favourites.
via Unleashed

DimSim DimSim 18 September 2009
i like the

kicking ass one andwhy love one and eat oneand ummm animal cruelty sucks
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 18 September 2009
meat stinks
kicking ass
why love one and eat another

i cant wait, i adore badges! these will be a great addition to my hat badges tongue
via Unleashed

Rana Rana 18 September 2009
animal cruelty sux
i am not shoes
via Unleashed

Tash Tash 18 September 2009
1. Kicking ass for the animals
2. Animal cruelty sucks
3. Why love one...
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 18 September 2009
I love animals
Why eat one
I am not shoes

and the rest of them too tongue
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 18 September 2009
Don't test me

cut out cruelty dont dissect


Animal cruelty sucks!!!!

via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 18 September 2009
Kicking ass for the Animals!

Don't test me!

I am NOT shoes! give leather the boot!
via Unleashed

jack jack 18 September 2009
o and hahah stop bringing out cool merch i only got my posters 2day lol
via Unleashed

jack jack 18 September 2009
can i have them all lol???

Come on we need a kicking asse for the animals its like the best graphic ever

Animal Cruelty Sucks

and ast but not last the dissection one
because no organisation that i have come across globally has any merch against dissection and its a big issue facing teens(us) lol
via Unleashed

Brooke Brooke 18 September 2009
i think im gonna have to go with:
1. I love animals
2.don't test me
3. Be a lifesaver
via Unleashed

gem3 gem3 18 September 2009
1.Animal Cruelty Sucks, 2. Don't test me,  3.Cut out cruelty don't dissect.
via Unleashed

KarenV KarenV 18 September 2009
1. Animal cruelty sucks
2. Be a lifesaver Go Veg
3. Why love one and eat another?
via Unleashed

Tracey Tracey 18 September 2009
1 why love one and eat another
2 animal cruelty sucks
3 kicking ass for the animals
via Unleashed

vegancarly vegancarly 18 September 2009
- Kicking Ass For The Animals
- I love Animals
- Be A Lifesaver
via Unleashed

Emmiiee Emmiiee 18 September 2009
1. Meat Stinks
2. "I am NOT shoes!"
3. Be a lifesaver
via Unleashed

Lena Lena 18 September 2009
aww they are all sooo great but mi two faves are:
Im not shoes, give leather a boot! and
Dont TEST me!
via Unleashed

greeneyed greeneyed 18 September 2009
as a graphic designer to me thes 3 are the most visibly appealing & easy to read - important considerations when wanting to get one's message out!

1. Animal Cruelty sucks
2. I Love animal unleashed (very familiar imagery)
3. Be a lifesaver (an iconic aussie image)
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 18 September 2009
Be a lifesaver, go veg!
Why love one and eat another?
Meat Stinks!
via Unleashed

Ali Ali 18 September 2009
hmmm, tricky.  i am going for what will be attractive to people who are not already members - so things that are little bit more middle of the way.  i am going for pragmatics here, not because thats what i think we should aim for, but because i want to convert people and that requires gentle persuasion (i hate thats the case ...), anyway:

animal cruelty sucks
i love animals
why love one and eat another

i want the kicking ass one for me though!
via Unleashed

Baghira Baghira 18 September 2009
Kicking Ass for the animals
Be a lifesaver! Go Veg!
Why love one...and eat another
via Unleashed

katie. katie. 18 September 2009
Animal Cruelty Sucks
Kicking Ass For The Animals
I love Animals

via Unleashed

Holly1 Holly1 18 September 2009
Gotta be

1 Kicking Ass For the Animals
2 Animal Cruelty Sucks
3 Why Love One and Eat Another
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 18 September 2009
Be a life saver, Go veg!
Why love one ... and eat another
Animal cruelty sucks

via Unleashed

Jacqui T Jacqui T 18 September 2009
Kicking Ass
I love Animals
Why Love One
via Unleashed

Vegetation Vegetation 18 September 2009
The Green cow that says "Meat Stinks"

Why love one and eat another with the pig and the puppy.

And the 1st one that says Animal Cruelty Sucks.
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 18 September 2009
so hard to choose just 3! they're all so awesome

Animal Cruelty Sucks
Meat Stinks!
Don't Test Me!
via Unleashed

Pomi Pomi 18 September 2009
I like them all D:

But, if I have to pick...

Why love one and eat another?
Meat Stinks!
Be a lifesaver, go veg!
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 18 September 2009
So hard to pick just 3!


Animal Cruelty Sucks
Be A Lifesaver...
Why Love One...
via Unleashed

Leanne Leanne 18 September 2009
I like ummmm

I Luv Animals
Animal Cruelty Sucks!
Why love One & Eat Another

but they're all gr8.
via Unleashed

Joannaoj Joannaoj 18 September 2009
Animal Cruelty Sucks
Why love one and eat another?
Don't test me

Hardest decision ever.
via Unleashed

Lakshinee Lakshinee 18 September 2009
Choices, choices!

My top 3:
-Why love one and eat another?
-Be a lifesaver! Go veg!
-Don't test on me!
via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 19 September 2009
i love all of them
but these are the three i love the most

why love one and eat another
kicking ass for the animals
and last but not least
give leather the boot

 banana broccoli
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 19 September 2009
The middle three:

-Kicking ass for the animals
-I love animals
-Be a lifesaver... go veg

via Unleashed

Daylee Daylee 19 September 2009
I Love ;
1) Cut out Cruelty, don't dissect.
2) Animal Cruelty Sucks &
3) Don't Test Me, Animals Tests are Cruel
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 19 September 2009
I agree with all the above comments - They are all great!
However as we have to choose my 3 faves are:
Be a Lifesaver GO VEG
Don't Test Me
Animal Cruelty Sucks
via Unleashed

Kirrilly Kirrilly 19 September 2009
Kicking Ass for the animals (hmm pity it's not australian spelling though, is there a reason for that?)
Give leather the boot
Be a lifesaver
via Unleashed

Nelly, Vegan Baker Nelly, Vegan Baker 19 September 2009
Great to see a vegan website with so much passion!  Running a vegan baking company and catering business in Melbourne (Nelly's Vegan Bakery: and it's great to be part of this supportive community.
via Unleashed

wildflowers wildflowers 19 September 2009
Mmm, hard decision, I love them all happy

Be a lifesaver go veg
Don't test me animal tests are cruel
Why love one and eat another
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 19 September 2009
I love animals
Kicking ass!       and....
Cut out cruelty

So hard to choose though...can't we have ALL of them?? happy
via Unleashed

soy soy 19 September 2009
I too love them all! but I have to choose;

- Meat Stinks!
- I love Animals
- Why love one and eat  another

I really do love them all but sad
via Unleashed

ashleigh ashleigh 19 September 2009
My Fave....

Be a lifesaver go veg
Why love one and eat another
I heart animals

via Unleashed

Sheree Sheree 19 September 2009

but seems i HAVE to choose..

why love one?
I am not shoes
i love animals
via Unleashed

tia-lee tia-lee 19 September 2009
why love one...and eat another
kicking ass
animal cruelty sucks
via Unleashed

nerdpanda nerdpanda 19 September 2009
Animal Cruelty Sucks is my favourite.
via Unleashed

lj101 lj101 19 September 2009
I like them all, but my 3 favourites are....
Kicking ass
Animal cruelty sucks
I love animals
via Unleashed

Brodie Brodie 20 September 2009
- I love animals
- Why love one..
- Animal cruelty sucks
via Unleashed

Black Crow Queen Black Crow Queen 20 September 2009
I love "I am not shoes."

But they all rock!
via Unleashed

Jon Jon 20 September 2009
I am not shoes!
I love Animals!
Meat Stinks!
via Unleashed

ReNe3 ReNe3 21 September 2009
~Animal Cruelty Sucks

~Be a lifesaver... go veg!

~Kicking ass for the animals

via Unleashed

Animalib Animalib 21 September 2009
Yes, its pretty hard to pick.

1)  Why love one and eat the other.

2) Be a life saver go veg.

3) I'm not shoes
via Unleashed

Kate Kate 21 September 2009
My favourite 3 are;

1. Animal cruelty sucks
2. Be a lifesaver
3. Why love one and eat another?

via Unleashed

Evie Evie 21 September 2009
I like:

- I am not shoes
- Don't test me
- Meat stinks

via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 21 September 2009
I love animals.
Kicking Ass For The Animals
Be a life saver- go veg.

my 3 fave happy
via Unleashed

Shoogs Shoogs 21 September 2009
Aw I like them all! And I'll buy any that get made, but my fave three are:

1. I love animals.
2. Animal cruelty sucks
3. Why love one and eat another.
via Unleashed

izzybella izzybella 21 September 2009
Hmmm their all pretty great but I'm going to for the ones that got the attention from classmates at school.

1.Meat stinks
2.Give leather the boot
3.Be a Lifesaver!Go Veg! (my personal favorite!)

via Unleashed

Legosaur Legosaur 22 September 2009
-I love Animals
-Animal cruelty sucks
via Unleashed

booie11 booie11 23 September 2009
yeha it is so hard to pik 3

allthough i think the best 3 are

why eat one and leav a nother

dont test me

give leater the boot

booie11 snail
via Unleashed

Compostkitty Compostkitty 23 September 2009
give leather the boot
i love animals
be a life saver
via Unleashed

huggybear0423 huggybear0423 23 September 2009
Only 3 sad

My vote is
- Animal Cruelty Sucks
- Be a Lifesaver GO VEG
- I Love animals

Hope it helps
via Unleashed

littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 25 September 2009
Errrr...can I pick all of them???
My top 3 would be:
1) Meat stinks
2) Animal cruelty sucks
3) Why love one...and eat another?
via Unleashed

Bree Bree 25 September 2009
They are all really good, but my favs would have to be...
I love Animals,
Animal Cruelty Sucks,
Be a lifesaver-GO VEG!
via Unleashed

Rosie Wolf Rosie Wolf 25 September 2009
I love Animals.

Animal Cruelty Sucks

Meat Stinks
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 26 September 2009

"Give Leather the Boot!"

"Meat stinks!"


"Be a Lifesaver"

Wow.. that was hard.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE them ALLL!!!!. happy
via Unleashed

cristina cristina 27 September 2009
Why love one and eat another.
I (heart) animals.
I am not shoes.
I love all the others except the farting one!
via Unleashed

claudie claudie 28 September 2009
ooooo welll hmmmmm aaaa oooo welllllll......
i love animals has to get in. pleeeaaassseee???????? its my favourite.. loooks like the cruelty one will aswell!!
via Unleashed

Kathy1 Kathy1 2 October 2009
why love one and eat another
I am not shoes
I love animals
via Unleashed

Peta Peta 2 October 2009
the chicken one (animal cruelty sucks) , i am not shoes and why love one and not the other
via Unleashed

Storm Storm 5 October 2009
My favourite are

1. why love one and eat another
2. animal cruelty sucks
3. kicking ass for the animals
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 6 October 2009
1. Kicking Ass For The Animals!
2. Why Love One? and Eat Another?
3. Be a life saver- Go Veg!

My favourites!
via Unleashed

AlanaRama AlanaRama 8 October 2009
best 3, in order, are: be a lifesaver go veg!, then meat stinks and last, animal cruelty sucks ecstatic
via Unleashed

AinsleyLouise AinsleyLouise 10 October 2009
So hard to choose!
let's see...first to last:
1. Animal Cruelty Sucks
2. Why Love one & eat another
3. kicking ass

i love them all though ecstatic
via Unleashed

Nanky Nanky 10 October 2009
1> be a lifesaver and go veg
2> animal cruelty sucks ( with the little chick )
3> i love animals
via Unleashed

Angela Angela 16 October 2009
They are all great but if I have to choose:
Why love one and eat the other
Cruelty sucks
Be a lifesaver go veg
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 16 October 2009
they're all so cute! my top three:
1 animal cruelty sucks
2 give leather the boot
3 i love animals
via Unleashed

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me 19 October 2009
2. meat stinks
9. why love one and eat another
7. give leather the boot
8. don't test me
4. kicking ass
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 21 October 2009
1. Why love one and eat another
2. give leather the boot
3. The Farting Cow
via Unleashed

Taylor.M Taylor.M 25 October 2009
1-be a lifesaver! go veg
2-kicking ass for the animals
3-meat stinks! go veg, for the planet
wave chick pig
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 26 October 2009
*  Dont test
* Animal cruelty sucks
* Give leather the boot
via Unleashed

Rachele Rachele 2 November 2009
1) Why love one and eat the other
2) Don't dissect
3) animal cruelty sucks

I think the cute obvious graphics are more effective...but they're so great. I'll buy tons of them.
via Unleashed

lara lara 23 November 2009

Animal cruelty sucks
Be a lifesaver
Why love one...
via Unleashed

Ancksu Ancksu 25 November 2009
"Why love one and eat another." Defnitely my fave.
"Kickin ass for the animals" is cute.
Then it's a toss up between the testing and cruelty sux one.
via Unleashed

!Skye! !Skye! 25 November 2009
animal cruelty sucks badge of course!!! its the best!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 28 November 2009
OMG YES!! you're making badges!!! YAY!!! ecstatic

1. be a lifesaver ( TOO CUTE xD)
2. Why love one and eat another (TOO TRUE)
3. Meat stinks (If all else fails... someone must care for the environment? Right?)
via Unleashed

Talzzzzieee Talzzzzieee 30 November 2009
1. animal cruelty sucks
2. why love one and eat another (this is the reason ive turned veg)
3. I love animals.
via Unleashed

LauraK LauraK 4 December 2009
-why love one and eat another?
-animal cruelty sucks
-be a lifesaver - go veg!

via Unleashed

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! 7 December 2009
life saver,
meat stinks
ilove animals.

keen as for these.

by the by, easier method, maybe a pole?
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 16 August 2010
via Unleashed

Mem Mem 5 October 2010
I love Animals
Cut out cruelty don't dissect
Kickin ass for the animals
via Unleashed

Bobi Bobi 14 March 2011
Hi happy, here is my choice   turtle

1. I Love Animals
2. Why love one and eat another
3. Animal cruelty sucks
via Unleashed

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe 18 December 2011
Why Love One and Eat The Other?
Give Leather The Boot!
Cut Out Cruelty Don't Dissect favorite KICKING ASS FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 20 February 2015
1. Why love one and eat the other
2. Kicking ass for the animals
via Unleashed

life-is-ruff life-is-ruff 22 February 2015
I like them all. c:
1. I Love Animals.
2. Why Love One... And Eat The Other.
3. Kicking Ass For The Animals.
(How cute is that chick with a bat, awh! %u2665)
via Unleashed


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