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New US Laws Put Australia to Shame
Posted By Ward

New US Laws Put Australia to Shame

Posted 18 October 2009   by         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: factory farming, pigs, chickens, dairy, bobby calves, gestation crates, battery cages, eggs, US, Australia

Wow! There was some great news for animals coming out of the US last week. I just wish I could say the same for Australia :(

Last Monday (12 October) Michigan passed a bill that will see the phase out some of the cruelest confinement methods used in the farming industry.

 Within 3 years, dairy calves in Michigan will no longer be confined in tiny veal crates and starved of iron to make their flesh pale and soft. Battery cages , used to confine egg-laying hens, and gestation crates used to confine mother pigs, will also be phased out. With these significant improvements for animals Michigan has become the 7th state to ban gestation crates, the 5th to ban veal crates and the 2nd to ban battery cages.

And the good news just keeps coming! California - who have already banned veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages – have added to their list of ‘no-no’s’ tail docking of dairy cows. A good sign from one of the US's largest dairy states, and very good news for the 1.8million dairy cows in California!

While we're on the topic of changes for animals, the city council of Santa Monica (also in California) has voted in favour of drafting new legislation that will restrict animal 'declawing' – ie. the practice of painfully removing animals’ claws.

Meanwhile, over the other side of the world in a little place often known as 'the lucky country', farm animals aren't so lucky. Recently The Greens in ACT (and Tas for that matter) put forward a Bill that would ban battery cages from ACT (meaning only one business would be affected) and the Liberals and Labour teamed up to shoot it down (same story in Tasmania).  With the many other parts of the world making huge advances for animals, it is disappointing that Australia is still dragging its feet.    

Well, the Aussie government may be stuck in the dark ages, but the good news is none of us need to be.

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littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 3 November 2009
This is so sad... why is australia so behind the times???
It suprises me that such a big, meat-eating country like america is putting farm animal welfare ahead, but a smaller, less-populated country like australia doesn't care...
via Unleashed

Animalib Animalib 4 November 2009
From what I have been observing, Australia is actually lowering its standards to do with farmed animals.  Farmed animals were treated better years ago than what they are now.  The Liberal and Labor parties are so against any improvements to do with farmed animals and also some improvements to do with companion animals as well.  It is so shameful and I don't understand why this is happening.  Its like we have ministers in government that are so backward thinking.  At times I question whether they have any compassion at all, or morals or ethics of any kind when it come to animals.  Its so frustrating that all they think about is money and its puts before anything.  I don't know how they can face themselves in mirror, surely they must see some evil energy looking back at them.

I could go on forever but I just want to add one last thing.

The word humane is the same word as human and so to be human is to be humane.   So, what I want to know is what do we have in government, because as far as i can work out they don't fit the description of human.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 15 September 2010
Australia is better than this!
via Unleashed


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