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Name This Pig!
Posted By Ward

Name This Pig!

Posted 7 November 2009   by         Permalink | 59 Comments

Tags: Lucy Pig, Pigs, Babe, Wilbur, Charlotte's Web, Factory Farming

One of the saddest things about animal suffering is that all of the animals are completely voiceless they don't vote, they can't speak our language and as such they cannot object to society's cruel treatment. But that's all about to change...

Animals Australia and Unleashed are about to embark on our biggest factory farming campaign ever an Australian first and we need your help to name the cute little pig who will be the face of this campaign. Everyone knows the cute little pig from the movie Babe, and Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Well this pig is going to be next in line of pig fame. Though not a movie star, the work she'll be doing is so much more awesome she'll literally be changing the lives of her brothers and sisters who are stuck on factory farms.

So get those neurons working and let's rename this Jane Doe to be the best ambassador for the biggest anti-factory farming campaign Australia has ever seen. This larger than life costume pig could have your name all over it, and when you see her at supermarkets or in the street (very very soon), you can tell your friends "I named that pig." What's even cooler is that she is the only one that exists in Australia (and the world) who is being made specifically to combat factory farming!

Comment your suggestions below. The winner will receive:
1) A free hug from this one of a kind pig
2) Kudos from Unleashed
3) Envy from all other Unleashed members

(The above illustration is our artist's impression, the "real" pig
will be much more awesome and cute!)


UPDATE! It's official! "Lucy" has just made her debut and is presently on the campaign trail to end factory farming! Thanks for all the GREAT name suggestions everyone!!

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RaV3N RaV3N 7 November 2009
How cute!

How about Patricia the Pig. Patricia means "little noble woman" in latin happy
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 7 November 2009
'Felicity'.. happy

It's of latin origin and means 'happiness' or 'good fortune'

so basically, lucky happy

And why wouldn't she be lucky, she's going to be the pig representing animals australia in the biggest Australian fight against factory farming!

'Azime', It means 'determined'. As she would be..freeing her brothers and sisters. Just as we all are.

'Nadina' Is german..and it means 'courageous'. Sticking up for all of the factory farmed animals in australia you'd have to have some guts on you. happy

And my last suggestion..
'Aviva'..It means 'innocent' Because she, just as all the other abused animals in Australia, Is innocent..yet they all get punished for nothing..
via Unleashed

Celia Celia 8 November 2009
What about,


it means:
1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

via Unleashed

jack jack 8 November 2009
How about: Hope (hope for the future of factory farmed animals)
i Cant wait 2 goleafletting in that costume looks cuter than the sheep i dressed up as last time happy
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 8 November 2009
via Unleashed

soy soy 8 November 2009
I think her name should be Heidi!
The name Heidi is of German origin meaning noble, serene, kind and one of exalted nature. I think this cute little piggy suits this name and the meaning.

via Unleashed

Pomi Pomi 8 November 2009
It's kind of unusual, but here's why:
It's a gemstone of the element fire (air, earth, fire, water). The element fire is associated with the ability to take positive action toward a desired goal, passion for freedom, confidence, drive.
More specifically, Zircon brings energy into a sharp focus, it helps uncover lies and deception.
I don't know, it's kind of a strange name.
via Unleashed

Aimee Aimee 8 November 2009


via Unleashed

ruby rose ruby rose 8 November 2009
its so cute i rekonn it should be called Pracilla the cuty pig
happy beaverhug chick monkey pig rabbit
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 8 November 2009
i like the name fern. the little girl in charlottes web was called fern xD
via Unleashed

littlemisstofu littlemisstofu 8 November 2009
How about...
Irene - greek goddess of peace
Berta - Libertas was the roman goddess of freedom, I just thought berta sounded nicer!
via Unleashed

sarahwithanh27 sarahwithanh27 9 November 2009
I reckon' 'Page'.
Everyone could take a "page" out of the innocent, loving demeanour of this little pig. (:
I'm fairly sure it also means 'attendant', and is this little piggy not attending to the issue of factory farming? (:
via Unleashed

x.Tara x.Tara 9 November 2009
Coz Pammy Anderson is vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights.
And 'Pamela Pig', nice ring to it, no?
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 9 November 2009
Rover- steal peta's woof compaign wink
or sir oinks alot
or barry trotter
via Unleashed

Ancksu Ancksu 9 November 2009
No famous pig that is destined to be famous should ever be named anything but Whynston.
It's a strong name that can be echoed from the voices of the broken.
It doesn't have some secret logic to its pronunciation, like other names might have.
It is known for what it is. Like everything we see and feel.
The curious concept about this name will be, that because of one animal and a whole lot of people who care, this name will be made into something more.
And be remembered for something great.
via Unleashed

MerlinLemon MerlinLemon 9 November 2009
how about we call it Daisy?
just coz its a cute name for a pig.
orrrrr Nata, it means speaker in native american.
coz it, you know, speaking out for all the little pig dudes
pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig
via Unleashed

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop 9 November 2009

then we can do the Monty python thing.

"Release brian"
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 10 November 2009
PORKERS! Sounds a bit FOR factory farming though... Oinkers!
Muddisa! Freedom! Harry Plopper!

This is a great idea, and a cute pig! I'm sure whatever name you choose will be suiting for her.

via Unleashed

Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae 10 November 2009
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 10 November 2009
or, this is wat i was going to call my pet chicken:
Eniphy, as in NFE, which stands for Not For Eating
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 11 November 2009
Mercy m(e)-rcy,mer-cy is pronounced MER-see. It is of English origin, and its meaning is "compassion, forebearance".

Cause I think it's pretty, and fitting.
via Unleashed

ZOEE ZOEE 11 November 2009
Percy Pig, Animal Activist Extrodinare!
via Unleashed

Andi Andi 11 November 2009
Polly... Penelope..?

(Why is it that my brain thinks all pig names must start with 'P'?!)
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 11 November 2009
iPig ;D
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 11 November 2009
Pickles happy
sounds cute
reminds me of rugrats haha
via Unleashed

AlanaRama AlanaRama 12 November 2009

doesn't that sound cute 2 match him? ecstatic
via Unleashed

Ma�wenn Ma�wenn 13 November 2009
I guess that its name is "Henry Michel le petit cochon".
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 13 November 2009

I liked Matt.Y's name, Miranda!! lol.


Whynston is really catchy. and it sounds good.

What about .. Karen. hehe. Funniest name =P
via Unleashed

Spud (cos its cute)
Hercules (kicking ass)
Penelope or Penny

Hahaha that pig is soooo cuuutee!!!
via Unleashed

mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds 14 November 2009

it means, a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

coz thats what will happen when people see this cutiehappy

or pablo, coz pablo the piggy is wayy cute
via Unleashed

maddie maddie 16 November 2009
i think you need a name that doesn't start with p,


i think bonito is cute for a boy
(it means beautiful in portuguese)
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 16 November 2009
Paulie! Coolest name EVER.
I don't know if that has any special meaning behind it or definition but its a cool name happy
via Unleashed

birdie birdie 17 November 2009
charlotte or charlie the pig.. even rosy

but i like MAXIM the best.. it means "greatest" tongue
via Unleashed

Taylor.M Taylor.M 18 November 2009
I think it should be called Kutie Pie!!!!! because its sooo cute but its a pretty stupid name because its just Kutie Pie but there are other names like; Piglet, Wilber, Poh, Bella (it means beautiful girl), Bellor(beautiful boy), Babe, Boo, Pinkie Pie, Paul da Pig, Paula da Pig, Belle, Sammy... they're the only names i could come up with! save the Animals!!!  pig peace love laughundefined
via Unleashed

Inactive Inactive 19 November 2009
I thought about it so much, but the only name that kept coming back to me was Patience

'Patience the Pig happy"

i think patience is appropriate because think of everything these animals have been to it might not be the right word to explain it but they have been "Patient"

so my suggestion is "Patience The Pig happy"
via Unleashed

Ballpoint Ballpoint 19 November 2009
Can't go wrong with a name like that.
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 20 November 2009
tofupower- then we could bring out another pig, and call him/her, ipig 2.0!
via Unleashed

Aimee Aimee 20 November 2009
Lucy! Let's stick with her, she still needs us happy
via Unleashed

paris paris 22 November 2009
moo because pigs dont moo they oink.
but pigs wont oink if they are dead
via Unleashed

Lancastrian Lancastrian 23 November 2009
I like Lucy too
via Unleashed

lara lara 23 November 2009
Tilly, Tahnee or Scarlett happy
via Unleashed

crystal louise crystal louise 25 November 2009
pigly winks
via Unleashed

Angela Angela 27 November 2009
Puddles, pinky, snuffles. Saw these on a website listing reader submitted names for pigs: Piggy sue, Pigglesworth Snortimer (Piggyboy or Snorti for short),  pig
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 28 November 2009
Girl or boy?
Alana - Peaceful, Serene
Veronica        - Truth And Purity

happy haha no idea
via Unleashed

guavapie guavapie 28 November 2009
Trumble. Means strong and powerful.I  reckon it's cute. and it suits. Trumble the pig happy  


Ruth means compassionate and beautiful. That suits, compassion is of , if not the main reasons behind these campaigns.  Ruth or Ruthie the pig.

But if we're looking for something which starts with P, Philena the Pig. Philena means lover of mankind.  All the pigs I've met have been so loving towards humans, so it's suits. happy

Hmm just a few names to throw into the hat happy
via Unleashed

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me 29 November 2009

PUMBA        cool
via Unleashed

Cait Cait 30 November 2009
how about Caitlin as it means pure, and so all animals are pure and innocent never deserving the horrible treatment they recieve happy
via Unleashed

Talzzzzieee Talzzzzieee 30 November 2009
I like Aira. it means 'of the wind' - and i hope one day all animals are free like the wind.

Aira, is also nice as it is a unique and special name happy
via Unleashed

jessika jessika 7 December 2009
my idea would have to be princey or tara there both cute idea
via Unleashed

FlamesSaliva FlamesSaliva 10 December 2009
Sasha seems to suite a pig. How about brooke? These names don't mean purity or anything, but we all know how pure and intelligent our pigs are, so how bout a name that just fits this little piglet to a 'T'.
Sweety (pork chop lol)
Purity, Constance, Hope, Love, Chastity, Helen (as in the face that launched a thousand ships) or Aphrodite?
Ella, Sooty, Briella, diamonds (because they are a girls best friend) of greta?
Boys names: Silas, Seth, Serius, Stan or brian? Any one will do. peace_out
via Unleashed

Natty Natty 11 December 2009
Charlie ecstatic or Pablo, or u could go like an oxymoron and have a cute cute pig called Bacon or Salami or something?

or Britney like on the dudesons lol and its a boy haha
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 19 December 2009
how about Horton or Oink-moo in memorie of two amazing pigs...i miss them soo much
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 21 January 2010
What about Charlotte : D
via Unleashed

Kitsia Kitsia 23 January 2010
I think that Pink would endorse that name as she would never eat an animal. Who knows, you could even get her to help out with the campaign. Why not coinsider it with her concert tour of Australia. Now that would get media attention for the campaign.
On the other hand why not get any vegetarian celebrity to kick off the campaign and name the "pig after them??
We need the media attention to make this really siccessful
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 31 January 2010
iPig 2.0  
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 27 June 2010
LMAO. at ecochick1800's name. Hahaha
via Unleashed

gizzy5 gizzy5 20 July 2011
i think it should be BRAMBLES
via Unleashed

Possum7 Possum7 24 November 2011
momo, sally or porkers!
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 16 November 2014
via Unleashed


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