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It's Never Been Easier to Lose the Leather
Posted By Ward

It's Never Been Easier to Lose the Leather

Posted 27 January 2010   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: leather, clothing, activism

One thing I'm really looking forward to this year is commencing work as a paramedic (Don't worry, I'm not leaving Unleashed. Not while there are still animals to save!), although I'll be honest, I was a little wary that I may be forced to wear those leather boots you see them walking around in.

I don't know why, maybe it's the overwhelming feeling that you get when you're starting a new job, but I was hesitant to ask the recruitment lady whether an alternative to leather boots could be provided. So I nervously pondered on how I was going to word the email, and then it hit me: if I don't cause them any inconvenience, then it should be easy as pie. So I offered to find an alternative to leather boots at my own expense.

Later that day I received a call from the recruitment lady and thought "oh man, a phone call...this is serious." But the response took me by surprise. She said that many of their employees don't wear leather for religious or personal reasons and that they have an alternate supplier who can provide non-leather shoes. She even went on to say that if I wanted to find my own alternative they would even pay for it! Now that's a uniform policy that's definitely up to date with the age we live in.

After i received the great news, I pondered a little more and thought "you know what, maybe the world really is changing faster than I imagined, and for the better!" So the point of this ramble? Never be afraid to ask, especially if you're asking on behalf of animals. Just craft the way you go about it, make it as simple as possible for the person you're asking, and let them know how it will benefit them (eg. The local cafe offering soy milk, or the local restaurant adding more vegan options will bring them more customers.).

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Cj Cj 3 February 2010
Wow that is awesome ecstatic
This makes me ponder..
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 5 February 2010
yay maybe the world really IS realising that
we can survive without always using animals
via Unleashed

Honeygoon Honeygoon 6 February 2010
This is such a good thing to be aware of.
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 18 February 2010
Anyone from Brisbane? Or know of somewhere around brisbane where they sell non-leather school shoes? I can't find any ANYWHERE - Target, Big W, Payless Shoes. and how much? :S I need new shoes and I really don't want to by leather ones -_-.

So any idesas of places would be awesome.
via Unleashed

tarkine tarkine 26 February 2010
I have three pairs of feetwear by Sanuk:

They are funky and comfy as, and on the face of it they seem vegan (hemp uppers, rubber soles). I've just emailed to double check the 'vegan status' of their products, mentioning that if their shoes are vegan (they're actually sandals in disguise), it might open up a market for them among folks like us...

otherwise you can order from veganwares online:

Personally I prefer stuff that doesn't even look like leather - luckily my boss is happy for me to wear Sanuks (at least the closed shoe style), which is pretty good of them considering I'm supposed to be representing the government...
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 3 March 2010
hey if anybody knows where i can get non-leather lace up school shoes, in melbourne. please help.
i've tried all the obvious places and all the shoe stores around me, and my school is majorly tight about wearing "correct" uniform.

thaaaaanks happy happy
via Unleashed


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