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Enter the Cooler Comp!

Enter the Cooler Comp!

Posted 26 February 2010   by Karen         Permalink | 26 Comments

Tags: Summer, merch, giveaway, drink cooler

Do you just *LOVE* those sunny days chillaxing on the beach and catching some waves ... but HATE the way your drink always dribbles condensation all over your hand, and warms to an unpleasant temperature WAY before you've reached the bottom?

I know I do. Aside from the heatwaves, my wilting vegetable garden and sunburn, that's pretty much my #1 complaint about the Aussie sun. Well we can't do a lot about the heat, but now there IS a way to manage all your drinking needs in style...

That's right, it's the Unleashed drink cooler, loved by people, and dogs!

If you want to get your hands around one of these numbers then here are your options:

1) Grab a credit/debit card and buy one online right now, or
2) Enter our cooler comp to win one for free!

What's this about a cooler comp you say?? Well I'm glad you asked! See, I was so inspired by my trip to the beach that I felt the need to share the cooler love a little further. So I convinced the office pixies to let us give away three Unleashed coolers for free! I know, cool huh? ;) All you need to do is comment below and tell us what the Unleashed cooler is cooler than.

All the coolness could be yours...

UPDATE: Gee the competition was hot! But the coolest entries have finally been picked. So congrats to Tweesa, diane77 and ecochick1800 for scoring themselves an Unleashed cooler!

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larossi larossi 26 February 2010
The Unleashed drink cooler is soo cool it make iceblocks jealous..  ecstatic
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 26 February 2010
It's cooler than the other side of a pillow!
via Unleashed

tarkine tarkine 26 February 2010
Can't beat the first two... guess that means there's only one left!

Is it cooler than a moonwalking penguin?
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 26 February 2010
Than mothertruckin flapjacks
via Unleashed

Zena Zena 27 February 2010
C'mon, it's got to be the classic- too cool for school.

Or cooler than a guinea pig with a whole piece of celery (random I know, but the piggies who live with me seem to think that is the coolest thing ever).
via Unleashed

Catty-corner Catty-corner 28 February 2010
Ha, Zena - when I had guinea pigs, and gave them lettuce on hot days, they used to lie on it!

Now THAT was cool (and cute!)

But not wanting to  pinch your idea I'll say - cooler than a rat with a gold tooth!
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 28 February 2010
Haha it's cooler than eating a vegan icecream in the middle of a snow storm!!
via Unleashed

Ranelle Ranelle 28 February 2010
They're cooler than a polarbears toenails! peace
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 1 March 2010
Cooler than Ice Age, the coolest G-rated movie ever!
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 1 March 2010
Cooler than any of the other stuff at soundwave today by far!
via Unleashed

Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 4 March 2010
They are cooler than being cool, they are Ice Cold!

*shakes it like a polaroid picture*
via Unleashed

Toni Toni 5 March 2010
hahaha Thats so badass.

Im gonna have to buy me one of those!
Thanks for my stickers i bought the other week btw, Theyre all over my car!! happy peace beaverhug clap banana wave broccoli
via Unleashed

animal animal 10 March 2010
it is cooler than a cooler!
via Unleashed

Metal Vyxen Metal Vyxen 12 March 2010
It upsets me so much when you go out and want to have a nice warm soup and on the menu it says "Pumpkin Soup" or "Tomato Soup " even "Vegetable soup" and the stuff is made with animal stocks sad Make me so very sad sad
via Unleashed

Rebecca18 Rebecca18 14 March 2010
it's cooler than a day off school!!!
via Unleashed

Ian Ian 16 March 2010
It's cooler than Chuck Norris!
via Unleashed

chrissie chrissie 20 March 2010
than a cold beer after a four hour walk in the Summer sun
via Unleashed

diane77 diane77 20 March 2010
Is cooler than.......penguins pocket!
via Unleashed

abby. abby. 20 March 2010
the unleashed cooler is cooler than cruelty-free bands!
via Unleashed

Sarahcism Sarahcism 20 March 2010
It's cooler than a cold cup of curelty free freedom!
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 20 March 2010
They are sweeter than a strawberry chupa chup!!  cool
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 21 March 2010
Cooler than a pig in mud!
via Unleashed

LS LS 22 March 2010
it's cooler then a hot 35 degree day  pig
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 22 March 2010
Unleashed coolers are cooler than an ice scating Girrafe!!!!!!!!!
which is pretty darn cool!
That hula-hoops and blows bubbles!
now that is cool, there is not a lot that is cooler than that... exept Unleashed coolers!
via Unleashed

Rainer Rainer 22 March 2010
It's cooler than cold hearted carnivores.
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 30 April 2010
Hey wow, I won! Haha thanks so much happy
via Unleashed


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