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A Sure Way to Spoil Bath Time

A Sure Way to Spoil Bath Time

Posted 14 April 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: un-wishlist, gifts, leather, cows, rant

Every once in a while, I come across something online that just seems too ridiculous to be true (I'm sure you're no stranger to such discoveries either.). Sometimes I think "Whoa! That's awesome!" But today it wasn't one of those days. Today, all I could do was cringe...

And that's when I decided to start an un-wishlist. Just like many people keep a wish list for what they want for their birthday, Christmas, etc this will be the perfect guide for what not to get me! And "Why?" you might ask, would I want to start such a list? The answer is simple, because of a cow-hide covered bath!

I'm sorry, but who in their right mind would ever want to clean themselves in a bath covered by the skin of a slaughtered animal? To me that just seems like a sure-fire way to ensure you step out feeling dirtier than when you got in!

The last thing I want to be thinking about when I climb into the bath is the image of cows being forced to climb into trucks to be shipped off to slaughter. And as I rub in the shampoo, I definitely don't want to be thinking about cows in India having chilli rubbed into their eyes to stop them from collapsing during the long, gruelling walk to slaughter.

Don't get me wrong, I think cow patterns look great (when they're not taken from a skinned corpse). I just don't think that we need to kill cows to decorate bath tubs!

Now on the otherhand, I definitely wouldn't say 'No' to a Cowch! *hint* ;-) This one's just hilariously cool:

But Helga's Cowches win extra points for the fact that not only do proceeds go towards her cow sanctuary, but every one of the Cowches is modeled after a real cow in the sanctuary. Here's Beatrice Cowch and Beatrice cow:

Got any cool or cringe-worthy web-discoveries to share?

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Mimziiii Mimziiii 14 April 2010
ew why would you want a leather bathtub, and the couches atre awesom!
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 14 April 2010
OMG I WANT THAT COWCH!! (The Beatrice one...)

And ummm.... cow-hide bath tubs? Is it not bad enough that half, if not all, products in the average Australian home has been tested on animals and may contain their by-products?
via Unleashed

Ancksu Ancksu 18 April 2010
Yeah, the bath tub seems like a bit much...
via Unleashed

Shoogs Shoogs 22 April 2010
Oh dear, that's horrendous sad But the cowch is awesome!
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 28 April 2010
Why on earth would anyone create a bath covered in cow hide? It makes you wonder who comes up with these ideas. But I want the Beatrice Cowch
via Unleashed

Lillian1 Lillian1 14 May 2010
Why in the  would you put leather on a bath? confused
via Unleashed

Taylor.M Taylor.M 6 June 2010
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww who in their right mind would want a slaughtered cows skin on their bath tub seriously! its just not right!
via Unleashed

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd 13 August 2010
Do you know if you can order those cowches in Australia?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 16 August 2010
@ZoolNerd, I don't think they sell them here. I'd suggest contacting the cowch company to find out:
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 16 August 2010
THATS REALLY SAD! cry cry cry cry cry angry sad sad sad sad sad sad
via Unleashed


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