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Who Hates Exams?
Posted By Jane

Who Hates Exams?

Posted 29 April 2010   by         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: animal testing, humane education, education, advocacy, activism, school, university, dissection

Hi, I'm Jane, and I've just joined the team, so this is my first ever blog!

So I have one exam to go before I receive my degree in Animal Science. While I'd normally be dreading any kind of exam, biting my nails, and overdosing on coffee while I'm cramming as much as I can get in the night before, I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one. I just heard your jaw drop on the keyboard, but hear me out!

This exam won't just be symbolic of me finally completing my studies. It's also the very last step in proving once and for all that it is entirely possible to attain not only a science degree, but an animal science degree, without having harmed any animals.

For three long years, I steadfastly refused to inject, kill or dissect any animal. Once I was even threatened with a fail, but I stayed true to my beliefs and said defiantly "Fail me then".

No one failed me. In fact, I have a Distinction grade point average and an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, which further goes to show that I was actually better off not using animals.

A lot of people, students and teachers, think that it's impossible to study biology, physiology, genetics or medicine without using animals. This is really concerning, because the alternatives, text books, artificial models and computer simulations that are readily available make using actual animals in education completely redundant.

That's why this exam means a lot to me, and that's why I'm gonna blitz it!

Hopefully this can be a reference point whenever someone tells you that you have to use animals in science or at uni. Besides, the teachers HAVE to offer you an alternative if you ask for one, did you know that?

All too often, I was the only one to say anything, while my fellow students stayed quiet, did the practicals, and cried on the bus on the way home. We all know it's wrong to use animals this way, so if you're in school and don't want to hurt animals when the teacher tells you to, Speak Up! And encourage your friends to do the same.

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That's really inspiring.
The only thing holding me back from doing a Biomed or Science course is the harming of animals, dissecting, experiments, etc.
I thought it would be impossible not too.

I'm going to do Science and stand my ground.
Thankyou so much!
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JessicaSmile JessicaSmile 29 April 2010
Wow, Congratulations!Very inspirational =D
I'm a Vegan but in  my Cooking class Im forced to Cook with Eggs, milk etc. Do you think If I refused to cook with these that they would have to find an alterantive I would I just Fail the Class?
Tell us how you go on your exam ^__^
via Unleashed

Mimziiii Mimziiii 29 April 2010
once i had to disect a bulls eye it was so gross and sad, and also at my sisters old school they made her sit outside for cooking class because she refused to cook animal products
via Unleashed

pawsndclawz pawsndclawz 29 April 2010
CONGRATS on sticking to your guns!  I take my hat off to you!  My daughter is working her way through a Science degree as a stepping stone into Vet...and she feels the same as many other ppl do...i am sure gonna show her ur story!

I wish all the success that u certainly deserve! clap
via Unleashed

Aimee Aimee 30 April 2010
Welcome Jane. Part of my double degree is Physiology too and I too am using alternatives (which this week was my course convenor explaining the concepts to me while eating a salad sandwich in his office). People just need to take initiative and be confident, stick to their guns, too many people just follow the crowd which is unfortunate.
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 30 April 2010
Wow thanks, Great blog happy  Just what I needed, since I'm doing a medical course and I'm going to be faced with animal dissection at some point in time...
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 30 April 2010
Thanks so much guys! These comments are great.

JessicaSmile, in the cooking class,  maybe suggest to the teacher that you could cook with alternatives like soy or oat milk, and try Organ's No Egg as a replacer for real eggs.  There's another good suggestions here
That way you could make cruelty free versions of what everyone is cooking.
And when the teacher and students realise how much yummier your dishes are, they might even turn vegan too!!

via Unleashed

tarkine tarkine 6 May 2010
That's a brilliant achievement Jane, congrats!!
via Unleashed

JessicaSmile JessicaSmile 9 May 2010
Will Do Jane =]
again, Congratulations!
via Unleashed

xXCherryXx xXCherryXx 13 May 2010
you're doing an amazing thing ecstatic
and this is inspiring me to speak up during biology pracs which involve dissection or use of animals!

because i really don't approve of this either :l
via Unleashed

elelovespanic elelovespanic 22 May 2010
This is an amazing story!
Damn, I didn't do Biology 'cause I thought they'd force me to use animals, but now that I know better... ecstatic
Thank you!
via Unleashed

PenguinPerson PenguinPerson 27 May 2010
Well done!  clap  
I always object to dissecting animals in class at school.

I wonder why we cant just read it in a book and learn from diagrams instead of killing 6 animals for one class to dissect a part of them?
via Unleashed

Cj Cj 30 May 2010
This truly is inspiring!

you have done really well !
via Unleashed

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 6 June 2010
Good on her! It just shows you it can be done. Thanks for sharing that happy
via Unleashed

arnie viv arnie viv 26 June 2010
Well done! Its great that you did this, shows that no animal testing needs to be done at uni and in fact anywhere, it is not science and never was. Dr Andrew Knight gained his vet. degree without harming animals and is a good source of info for avoiding harming animals at Uni. as is
via Unleashed


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