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If Horses Could Talk (And Shoot!?)
Posted By Jane

If Horses Could Talk (And Shoot!?)

Posted 26 May 2010   by         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: Jumps racing, horse racing, take action, entertainment, horses, video, funny

Have you ever broken a bone? I have, I was 5 and I broke my collar bone at school - YEEEOUCH!! Lucky I'm not a horse, that's all I can say! Because if I was, I wouldn't be here to tell the tale...

We've all seen it far too often. Horse after horse breaking bones from falls in jumps races. These poor guys don't have the luxury of a loving family who'll nurse them back to health. But then, a loving family wouldn't force you to perform a death defying spectacle for their entertainment, now would they?

I wonder what was going through the mind of poor Sirrocean Storm (RIP), when he broke his hind leg in a jumps race at Warnambool, a few weeks ago. I wonder if he dreamt of doing something like this: couldn't blame him if he did!

If you want to help stop horses from being needlessly injured and 'humanely euthanised' please write to the VIC and SA Racing Ministers and tell them to put an end to this unfair abuse of gentle animals.

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Hayley. J Hayley. J 26 May 2010
ROFL, that made me laugh, I love how that horse turned the tables wink
via Unleashed

ilytopy ilytopy 26 May 2010
I write to them all the time.
Did you see the pictures of Sirrocean Storm after the race, with his spine literally sticking through the skin on his back?
He was still alive and conscious with a completely fractured spine, and was being forced to walk (yes, i'll repeat myself again) with a broken back, to be euthanised.
Jumps racing makes me sick. is a great site that frequently organises protests and sends out information on how to help stop jumps racing, I strongly recommend you promote them, or even partner with them, they do great work and together you could get a lot done!
via Unleashed

hayley la BAM ?! hayley la BAM ?! 26 May 2010
oh wow, that clip is amazing. that horse is my new idol !!! XD
ive never really thought about how much damage horse racing does, my friend's family has been affiliated with the local jockey clubs wherever they've lived for years and may generations. she's so stubborn, though i'd love to show her some facts about this sort of thing. and earthlings XD
via Unleashed

Claudia For the Oceans Claudia For the Oceans 27 May 2010
lolll  Cool clip
via Unleashed

Sharm Sharm 30 May 2010
Spot on  laugh
via Unleashed

Bethanylou7 Bethanylou7 30 May 2010
and i hate family guy but wow that was funny.
hows ur leg huh?
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 1 June 2010
via Unleashed

kitakami kitakami 7 June 2010
I don't normally watch family guy but this was good.
via Unleashed

Bahahahaha! funny
That is the funniest thing I have seen on 'Family Guy' ever!
via Unleashed

kim. kim. 12 June 2010
That was funny as!! funny but it also brings up a good point, Horse Racing is horrible and cruel! Sometimes, even fatal for horses! This is horrible and the public need to take action!! I wrote to the VIC and SA Racing Ministers and sent it to my friendshappy I hope they will do the samewink
via Unleashed

Mazzakat Mazzakat 4 June 2011
I love this clip!  clap
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 1 November 2011
funny hahahaha, I love that last bit
via Unleashed

kookimooki kookimooki 2 November 2011
i was in the car and the cox plate was on the radio. I heard that a horse, Lion Tamer, had broken his leg and the next day learned he was put down, so it's not just jumps racing that should be banned. The racing industry is so twisted.
my horse is more important to me than anything and it's horrible to think that all some people see when they look at a horse is money =(
via Unleashed

Jane5 Jane5 3 November 2011
When I first saw this video I truly thought that yes, this is what horses should be able to do. It angers me beyond words that animals are put in harms way just for the entertainment of humans. peace
via Unleashed

Holly6 Holly6 13 November 2011
Horse racing, as much as all of you, and I, would like it to be, is probably never going to be stopped. sad We should put more of our efforts into things were at least there is a hope. I'm sorry to sound like such a downer and i feel horrible for saying it but i think maybe this one is beyond hope sadly. sad cry
via Unleashed

fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe 17 December 2011
Brilliant Brilliant who thought family guy could produce something that could be used to show what happens to horses and could be shown right here.
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