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Win Free Tix To See Food, Inc!
Posted By Jane

Win Free Tix To See Food, Inc!

Posted 25 May 2010   by         Permalink | 18 Comments

Tags: veg, health, film, giveaway, food, factory farming, environment, cows

So I just went out and saw a great movie. I didn't feel much like eating the popcorn though (I'll tell you why in a sec). Believe me, you MUST see Food, Inc. SO it's lucky that we've got 5 double passes to give away!

I don't think I need to tell you how cruel factory farms are. In fact, I'm sure you tell other people about this all the time. And no doubt you've come across at least one person who seemed not to care. Well, maybe they'd care if they knew they might literally be eating sh!t!

I've had the misfortune of visiting a feedlot. I saw how they pile up the dung in the middle of each pen to provide - get this -"enrichment for the cows"! Many of the cows I've seen in feedlots were caked in each others faeces from nose to tail, so it's really no surprise that some of that finds its stinky way into the meat people eat. I know... YUCK! It sounds like I'm making this up, I wish I was. But this is actually a reality! In fact, Food, Inc. features a 2 year old, who died after eating a hamburger infected with E.coli from traces of cow dung in the meat.

Oh yeah, the popcorn. I learnt today that if the massive amount of corn grown isn't used for livestock, it's used for nearly everything else. As high-fructose corn syrup, you can find it in cakes, cheese, yoghurt, Coca-Cola, bread, orange juice, even in batteries and charcoal. They grow too much corn, because of government subsidies and so they end up putting it in charcoal?!? Don't they realise there are people starving in Africa!? And here we all are wondering why people make corny puns, we can't help it - there's an excess of corn to go round!

Even if you've already made the healthy switch to being veg or vegan, there is still so much to learn about the food you consume. There are moments in this film that will have you throwing that popcorn at the screen in frustration, but it's an excellent film and well worth checking out!

If you care about animals, people, the environment or yourself, this film is a must see. And here's how you could WIN a free double pass: Leave a comment below to tell us what makes you hungry for change and you could win! The competition ends next Monday (31/05/10), so be quick if you don't want to miss out!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winners who each get a double pass to see this amazing movie. Well done to sarahwithanh27, Carly, Sammy, Sabavana and Nikkikats. Enjoy watching Food, Inc. (with or without the popcorn)!

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Lynx22 Lynx22 25 May 2010
what makes me hungry for change? hearing the animals' voices - they say a lot with their eyes!
via Unleashed

linkety linkety 25 May 2010
I'm starving for change when I see the apathy fed to my generation by ignorant politicians, speciesist, power-crazed corporations and sensationalist media. I watch powerful people pass the buck time and again and wish that I could help them move through their fear - fear of standing up for what is right, fear of change and evolution, and fear of being alone in their views. I am hungry to see a brave new contingent of activists mobilising and empowering the masses, informing, encouraging each other and most of all uniting in the belief that no being should have to suffer unnecessary pain. It's our collective responsibility to change what is wrong into what we know is right. I feel hungry with this knowledge and I know it's only a matter of time before others realise that they, too, are not satiated anymore.
via Unleashed

chemical_x chemical_x 25 May 2010
Even though I've been vegetarian for years, I'm always on the look out for more ways to educate myself about food production. Being more educated about the food I choose to buy, impacts the manufacturer and I like that the money I spend counts.
via Unleashed

DangerGirl DangerGirl 25 May 2010
I'm hungry for a few things, as I haven't had dinner yet...

I'm hungry for mainstream media and politicians to talk about food choices and their impact on the environment. Being greener has become fashionable, almost the norm, but I'm sick of the fact that recycling, shopping bags, light globes and water saving is all that gets talked about.

I'm hungry to see the selfishness dissipate in people who think they 'own' animals and eat them without a thought of how they get to the plate.

I'm hungry to see the ignorant and indifferent learn the effects of their meat eating actions and become compassionate.

I'm hungry for more vegan dining options in pubs, bars and restaurants everywhere, and for wait staff and cooks to know what vegan really is ("Thanks for that menu suggestion, however fish is NOT vegan").

I'm hungry for a time when vegans are not looked upon as being difficult or bizarre!
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 25 May 2010
Is this going to be screened in Adelaide? I'm trying to find out on google but i cant D:
via Unleashed

Heidi1 Heidi1 25 May 2010
Would love to see this movie, watched the trailer and thought it would be a great crossover movie for my relatives and friends who found Earthlings a bit too hard core (that's the movie that made me a vegetarian overnight).  Would  love to see this movie so that I can spread the word and promote  it to everyone I know who says that they'd rather not know, well I think they should! No more ignorance!! broccoli broccoli broccoli
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 25 May 2010
I'm RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT- hungry for some oranges happy but I'm hungry, starving even for some sense to be kicked into a lot of peoples heads and common sense to be realised that the less and less meat and  animal bi products they eat, the less and less of this crap will happen!!!
via Unleashed

sarahwithanh27 sarahwithanh27 25 May 2010
I'm hungry for eyes to be opened and lives to be changed. So many people are unaware of what they're consuming, I'm probably one of those people in some aspects, and I know how good it feels to realise you can change something for the better, and then do it.
via Unleashed

Niks Niks 25 May 2010
Reading, seeing, hearing about herbivores (such as cows) being fed animal remnants; the way we treat livestock in general, seeing pigs and chickens in deplorable conditions. Watching people stuff all kinds of food in their mouths without thinking, and listening to people who will only eat meat if it's in the form of a burger or nugget! That's just part what makes me hungry for change!
via Unleashed

Sammy Sammy 25 May 2010
The time has come for humans to stop acting like we own  everything that walks the earth. Animals are not mere 'products' to be used and abused at our pleasure. I am hungry to change the lack of compassion the human race has towards other species. I want to teach others how to respect the planet and help put an end the suffering of non-human animals.
via Unleashed

animal animal 26 May 2010
I'm hungry for people to open their eyes and ears and LISTEN to the sound that an animal makes when it is crying for its mother, to LISTEN to the sound of of a cow crying for its stolen baby, to SEE what a battery hen sees, to SEE what happens to a fish as it is pulled to the surface and to SEE and LISTEN to the sound of a sow trying to comfort her young. apple
via Unleashed

Sabavana Sabavana 27 May 2010
What makes me hungry for change: The animals first and foremost, but also my health - I want to eat *food* not rubbish!
via Unleashed

tam tam 27 May 2010
I was invited to a secret facebook group last week which protests dogs and cats having a huge hook shoved through their noses and then thrown overboard as live bait for sharks. How on earth is this shite still occuring? I just thought about them doing it to my dog and how terrified he'd be. Unfortunately everyone at work saw me cry, i tried to explain why i was crying and one of my colleagues told me she didn't want to hear it (it sounded too horrible), same with my housemates. I guess the thing is, we don't want to turn a blind eye to the cruelty but being aware of the absolute atrocities man commits on animals is incredibly difficult to accept. So many people have no respect for animals, they just look at them as tools they can use for whatever they want. I'm hungry to see people give animals the respect they deserve, they are not here for people, they exist independently of us and they should be given the same natural rights as we are. What gives people the right to sacrifice the lives of animals for their own benefit? It really does show that as humans we haven't come very far, look at the running with the bulls, it is absolutely barbaric. Why is it still happening? I'm hungry to see people stop raping this earth and everything on it for their own selfish reasons and respect the animals and the environment around them.
via Unleashed

Carly Carly 27 May 2010
I'm hungry for change because I'm tired of seeing the horrible and continuous damage.

Continuing to go down this path will lead to more and more damage.  Damage to the health and well-being of the population, damage to the animals and damage to the environment.
The more knowledge we have the more power we have to change the path.  Movies like this should be seen be all.

via Unleashed

PenguinPerson PenguinPerson 27 May 2010
I think we must help them, because if we don't, who will? They cant speak, we can. We can make the change. Better lives for animals!

via Unleashed

Sara1985 Sara1985 27 May 2010
I choose to make people unconfortable by walking needlessly into butchers, grocery stores, cafes, resturants and sending emails asking if they provide/serve certified Free Range products. I post the most disturbing videos, blogs and links onto my facebook page to eventually get through to the naive "friends" i have. I am hungry, to make the world aware of the abuse within factory farming and encourage people to make humane choices every where they go.
via Unleashed

Morningdewau Morningdewau 30 May 2010
I am hoping to undertake organic farming in the near future. I am a single parent with a child on the autistic spectrum which is currently being dealt with by a biomed doctor. So many people in my area have no idea of the difference that can be made to theses childrens lives.
we have to eat gluten free and dairy free because of these things. Hoping to educate people on at a time that organic is really the only way to go or pay the price later.
We now use all organic food and raw cows milk.
Funny he has no reaction to any of these foods.
So here is to a future of not being an ostrich and helping teach people where ever we can.
via Unleashed

Emmaleonie92 Emmaleonie92 31 May 2010
I am a year 12 art student and my body of work is about cruelty to animals, more importantly chickens, i am making 4 different chickens, one genetically modified, one meat chicken (full of steroids), one battery han and a free range. i worked at kfc for nearly 3 years and although i never ate there, it still made me feel sick just looking at the amout of chicken we would go through in a day, and we were just one store! i would love to see this movie so i can learn more and put more depth into my artwork, to inform others that its not right!
via Unleashed


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