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Posted 4 May 2010   by Karen         Permalink | 70 Comments

Tags: giveaway, DVD, Earthlings, Moby, Joaquin Phoenix, Film

You'll never forget the first time you see EARTHLINGS.

It's a journey into a world that most people never get to see. Using hidden cameras and never-before-seen footage, EARTHLINGS is the most comprehensive film ever made about the ways people use animals for food, clothing, experimentation and entertainment.

Think you know where pets come from? How cows are turned into leather jackets? Or how meat actually gets from inside a pig and onto a plate? Well most people actually have no idea! And believe me, the truth is more shocking than you could ever imagine.

Earthilngs DVD

That's why gutsy filmmakers Nation Earth teamed up with Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator) and platinum-selling record artist Moby to create EARTHLINGS - a wake-up call to all of humankind. Though it took six long years and lots of money to make, the filmmakers believe its message is so important that you can now see the film right now online, for free.

Are you ready for the truth?

To mark the release of EARTHLINGS online, Unleashed is giving away a free EARTHLINGS DVD in original high quality. It could be yours! Just comment below to tell us who in the world would you most like to show EARTHLINGS to, and why?

UPDATE Wow, Earthlings has certainly stirred up the passion in everyone with some amazing and very creative answers. We all agree this incredible movie needs to be shown to everyone from friends and family to Oprah, the Obamas and Kevin Rudd. Ryan wants to travel back in time and show his younger self, while Hayley W wants to show her ethics class. All wonderful ideas and we hope you can do it (Ryan may have a bit of trouble though!). It was a tough decision but Celia won the vote with her poignant answer: "I would like to show it to that little, vulnerable, curious child inside every one of us that does care, that does hear the screaming, that does feel their pain, that does want to and knows that we CAN make a difference". Well done Celia!

And remember, everyone wins here! Because we can all keep sharing this important movie with our friends. The more people that see Earthlings, the better!

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 4 May 2010
all my friends first in particular, because they laugh in the face of my standing up for my beliefs, they found it FUNNY that i accidently ate chicken fat they found it FUNNY that i found out i ate something with palm oil in it this makes me feel sick, and i would ADORE to show them this video and be the one to laugh in their faces.
via Unleashed

Randomzz Randomzz 5 May 2010
via Unleashed

Shorty Shorty 6 May 2010
Kevin Rudd...

If he watched it and actually had a heart to know how wrong all this stuff is, who knows what could change... then again hes probably just heartless and wouldn't care ):
but like thats going to happen.

I would DEFINITELY lend it to all my friends though
via Unleashed

animal animal 6 May 2010
My friends, teachers and family my mum and I are both veg, but I want my Dad, Brother and friends to see why I went Vegetarian {they can't see why!}
via Unleashed

Mimziiii Mimziiii 6 May 2010
my friend and her family, they think animals were ment to be eaten and that they have great lives so on, whenever i try and show them a leaflet or anything they get all pissy, they wont even try to consider the fact that animals are treated as bad as they are and they are constantly trying to get me to eat meat teling me i need it and saving an animals lifes not worth risking your own, but im pretty sure im alive and a lot healthier than them
via Unleashed

MissMadiD MissMadiD 6 May 2010
Anyone, and everyone who walks into McDonalds or any other fast food store.
People go crazy over McDonalds and its something that I just cannot understand. I can tolerate seeing people eating meat, just. But I cant even walk into a McDonalds. The smell, the thought of what goes into their food.
If the people who walked in to McDonalds knew what actually happened to their 'hamburger' or 'McChicken', 'Double Quarter pounder' and who knows what else, before it had shit loads of additives and preservatives added to it... I bet (or hope) McDonalds would loose a large percentage of their income and therefore be forced to change their ways.
The picture that they put behind the burgers in advertising disgusts me, because the animals that they use have probably never seen day light, or green grass.
via Unleashed

Heidi1 Heidi1 7 May 2010
Would love to show Earthlings to those who say they'd rather not know.  It changed my life for the better.  Ignorance is not bliss it just leads to more suffering.  Everyone should be made aware megaphone
via Unleashed

tia-lee tia-lee 7 May 2010
I want to show it to everyone who will watch. Everyone needs to know about the miserable, cruel lives that these animals have so that we can do something to fix it. I think that the more people that know the truth the more the lives of these beautiful animals can change for the better, because these animals deserve better from us than what they are getting now
via Unleashed

JessicaV JessicaV 7 May 2010
My sister.
Shes already a vegan but me showing her an animals australia video turned her that way.
When i showed her about live animal exportation she took fliers around her school and petitions to her teachers.
When i told her about save babe she hung up posters and preached to her peers because its what she believed.
Shes only 15.
If she has the guts to show everyone what she believes is right at an age where peer pressure conforms so many, i believe one day she'll do great things for animals.
This is why she needs to see this.
via Unleashed

zelda33 zelda33 7 May 2010
My sister and her family, because they are mindless meat eaters. Everyday they voraciously devour lots of meat, and then wonder why they have so many health problems! If they saw this dvd, maybe they would have their eyes opened more about the destruction that meat eating causes.
via Unleashed

nadia nadia 7 May 2010
I would show this film to everyone especially those people who think cruelty to animals is acceptable and even amusing. There are others out there who are just plain ignorant and i would show them as well.
via Unleashed

Rebecca18 Rebecca18 7 May 2010
My Best friend because she loves meat and i hope if she sees this movie it changes her mind and teaches her that animals have emotions and can feel pain just like us.

Then there's one more person who can help spread the word.
via Unleashed

Elese Elese 7 May 2010
The United Nations, to impose a change in western civilisation. I think if there was a screening to all the members there would be vast changes all around the world!
this needs to stop!
via Unleashed

Shanae Shanae 7 May 2010
I showed this to my mum, and she is now vegan and so am i!

i would show it to who ever would be willing to watch it, i find it sad that people say they cant watch things like that, yet thats the truth and that's what all those animals go through just so we can satisfy our taste buds.
i don't understand how such acts against these precious creatures is league, is so heart breaking sad
via Unleashed

Celia Celia 7 May 2010
I would like to show it to that little, vulnerable, curious child inside every one of us that does care, that does hear the screaming, that does feel their pain, that does want to and knows that we CAN make a difference love
via Unleashed

Lizzy23 Lizzy23 7 May 2010
All the people who feel the need to laugh in my face/ be-little me when I offer them a 'Why Vegan' leaflett!

Because seeing Earthlings sure would wipe the smirk off their faces.
via Unleashed

Charlie Charlie 7 May 2010
There is this girl in my class. Her name is Taylor and she is very narrow minded and when I try to explain what pain the animals go through she just doesn't want to listen and rolls her eyes. I don't know if she doesn't cares or just doesn't know what goes on but If I could just change her perspective and see her cut down her meat intake or maybe go vegetarian would be quite inspirational for anyone who knows her.
via Unleashed

Tofu Ninja Tofu Ninja 7 May 2010
Oprah Winfrey and her audiences.

She is a very well respected and persuasive woman! I would bet that companies would be jumping at the chance to have Oprah put her name to their products or services.
via Unleashed

Nikki1 Nikki1 7 May 2010
I'd like my husband to see Earthlings so he can understand why I am passionate about what we eat and how this impacts on a animals life. He's a vegetarian by default. He never complains, but a deeper understanding would be nice.
via Unleashed

dolphin71 dolphin71 7 May 2010
my family , then they would realized why i am vegan, my decisions that i have made in my life and why i will never eat animals again.
via Unleashed

Becci Becci 7 May 2010
All the people I have met and had them tell me how animals are made for us to eat them and how we are the top of the foodchain.  All the people I have met that try to tell me that we would die without meat and that seeing an animal get slaughtered would not put them off it.  All those people I have met that are so inorant, that I just have to walk away from them for fear of unleashing my anger onto them.  ie...anyone that does not have empathy for animals, thinks that they own them and clearly are not vegetarians or vegans. angry
via Unleashed

Hayley W Hayley W 7 May 2010
I would like to show my Philosophy teacher and fellow classmates at school. We have just started a unit on Ethics which is partly comprised on a section on animal rights further down the track. Whilst I know it is important, I long for the day where more people realise that animal rights extend far beyond the welfare of domestic pets, race horses and so on. I think it would be valuable to further educate my peers and my teacher as well that as I said earlier, the welfare of animals goes way past caring for your dog, cat or rabbit, and out in to all corners of the earth, where chickens, cows and pigs are cooped up and treated overwhelmingly disgraceful.
via Unleashed

Heffi Heffi 7 May 2010
All my mates, if you can watch Earthlings and still eat meat at the same level that you did before you have no heart.  I used to eat heaps of meat, until a vegan mate showed me it.I could never go full vego, but at least I know the truth behind where meat comes from and can make better choices on types of meat and choose companies that don't test.
via Unleashed

AshleyHippie AshleyHippie 7 May 2010
wow people are already saying everyone.. not sure if I can beat that lol.
but I'd lend it to my family and friends, anyone who's interested in going vegan or finding out more about it.

and I haven;t seen it yet myself and would love to.
via Unleashed

V V 7 May 2010
I would show it to the people at my school. When i first became one everyone was like "Why?" and What's the point, so if showing them this film makes them change their ways and how these animals are treated, maybe they will also make the change.
via Unleashed

RachaelL RachaelL 7 May 2010
Me, actually.  I really want to see it, and I can't afford a copy at the moment.

Then all the hypocritical carnivores that I work with, who can't cut up meat to cook it, but can still eat it. Grrr
via Unleashed

Emma-lee Emma-lee 7 May 2010
jI want to show my uni because they think its ok to put disgusting meat foods next to the POOR EXCUSE FOR VEG food resulting in the contamination on my veg pizza with bits of ham and magarita pizza with salami.....stupid uni
via Unleashed

KarinaC KarinaC 8 May 2010
I would most like to show my family and friends. Maybe then they would stop having a go at me every meal time about being vegan and asking why all the time. They may just understand if they had seen it. I have tried watching it many times online, but I am never able to get more than 2 minutes in before I have had to turn it off.
via Unleashed

IndraS IndraS 8 May 2010
I'd most like to show EARTHLINGS to myself. I'm a vegetarian but I'm definitely willing to expand my ethical stance as my awareness of animal industries grows.
via Unleashed

batmaddz batmaddz 8 May 2010
I would show it to anyone who thinks that their life is hard or that no one listens to them, to give them some perspective
via Unleashed

Thomas Quilty Thomas Quilty 8 May 2010
The whole world needs to see this video but as I have limited access to a big audience all I can do is show my family, friends and neighbours. My facebook page now has a link to the website. Small steps like this can get the ball rolling and potentially influence and educate a large population!
via Unleashed

Simo Simo 8 May 2010
I would show it to my family and friends. They know about what is happening from me telling them, but they refuse to acknowledge just how bad it is. My father visited a slaughterhouse when he was younger, though it hasn't changed his eating habits.
I just wish that one person who watches this great film is moved enough to cry or act [or both!] out of all the people I show, I would be grateful.
via Unleashed

Nelly! Nelly! 8 May 2010
There are a lot of people I would share this DVD with, one being my bestfriend I have slowly convinced her not to eat meat and I would like something like this documentary to be able to show her.
via Unleashed

JessD JessD 8 May 2010
I would love to show this to media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH. The man who controls the media, is likely to have most influence. It would be impossible for him to deny the cruelty.
via Unleashed

Freyja Freyja 8 May 2010
i could barely make it through ten minutes of this doco. I cannot imagine people not understanding what happens to millions of animals every year. the torture and pain they are put through is inhumane and anyone that does such or knows someone that inflicts suffering on another creature, should look at themselves closely. every being has a soul. imagine if this were your child, how would you feel then? you would understandably be outraged! yet very few can transfer that feeling to people of another culture and to animals.
i am terrified at the thought of what this world is turning into.
via Unleashed

AbbyH AbbyH 8 May 2010
I WOULD DEFINATELY SHOW THIS DVD TO EVERYONE because i am so sick of people thinking that animals are nothing with no feelings and soul, i am tired of society forgetting about them and putting them last, i am so hurt by the terrible things happening to animals while society stand back and turn a blind eye or be ignorant. THIS MUST STOP !!! Animals have more right to this planet than us, humans only cause pain and destrol everything, animals can not defend themselves against humans with terrible weapons that cause them pain, hurt and destroy them!
via Unleashed

theneatsaw theneatsaw 8 May 2010
The person i would love to show this movie to is my mom and her friend. all he eats is meat and when i try to tell him i dont want him to eat it, all he says is its ok just eat it theres nothing wrong, and it gets me so frustrated i want to just throw the plate at him. i really hate him for that. my mom is another person but not as much as her friend, because when i told her to stop making meat so often she stopped so she kinda understand what it means to me. shes slowly turning vegan, which i am very happy about.
via Unleashed

NicholaD NicholaD 8 May 2010
I'd send it to Michelle Obama, with a brief cover note simply imploring her to watch for the sake of her children, and all humanity. I think a strategic (and sustained) approach to Barack is our last hope of saving this amazing planet. But before I send it to Michelle (because let's face it: the Secret Service aren't going to let it reach her, sealed!) I'd watch it myself. I don't excuse myself for being only semi-vegan, but I only reached this point incrementally, and I believe 'Earthlings' will help me take the final step. Oh, and being a Green, I'd force Bob Brown, who once professed he 'love[s] a steak as much as anyone', to watch it, too. He's too smart to be so stupid.
via Unleashed

Ry Ry 8 May 2010
If anyone in the world, I wish I could have shown myself something like this a long, long time ago. I wish I could have only known then the amount of inexcusable pain and  cruelty that goes on behind closed doors just for something that was served to me on a plate for my own wants, not needs. I feel heartbroken when I know millions of people are in the same position, carrying on day to day unaware and choose not to seek the truth because 'ignorance is bliss' when really it's just an excuse for the suffering of animals without a voice we can understand. Education leads to action and action leads to prevention.
via Unleashed

MaritaW MaritaW 8 May 2010
I would like to show it to my sister,  who won't pay $1.00 extra to buy free-range eggs, or the couple of dollars to buy free range chicken or free-range ham. She has loads of money and CAN afford it. How can an intelligent person think it is OK for a chicken to live in a cage, barely bigger than an A4 piece of paper?
via Unleashed

ShirleyB ShirleyB 9 May 2010
I'd like to show it to GOD & ask him WHY ????
via Unleashed

Swanky Swanky 9 May 2010
I would love to send this to my sister, she has just recently discovered vivisection and was deeply disturbed, but says she cant stop eating meat... she says she feels guilty so its a start.  This movie is extremely powerful and sends a wonderful message, although gruesome I believe thats what people need to see to make a switch and faster... I think after watching this she could be well on her way to taking the pledge to become a vege!!!!!
via Unleashed

SarahC SarahC 9 May 2010
Anyone and everyone that i could make watch it. Education is the key, if only people were less ignorant.
via Unleashed

ilytopy ilytopy 9 May 2010
I have seen the 'pets' part of Earthlings. It disgusted and saddened me so profoundly that it cemented my decision to never eat meat again, and turned my boyfriend vegetarian.
This was only the 'pet' section, I believe the first part of the film, and I assume, the least disturbing. I cried whenever I thought of it for the next few weeks.
I literally could not bring myself to watch any more. I know what goes on in the meat and clothing industries anyway, as well as the disgusting and futile experiments carried out on animals in the name of science, so I can say honestly that I don't feel too bad for not being able to watch the whole movie.
But for those who CHOOSE to remain ignorant, or to pretend to be ignorant of the deplorable suffering, in order to justify their selfish 'need' for meat/leather, I would force them to watch this if it was in my power. Everyone from my sister to Obama.

I think it is an extremely important movie. The world needs to see it. The state of all industries that involve animals these days are shameful and are a testament to the insane arrogance and malevolence of our species.
via Unleashed

Alex_veg Alex_veg 10 May 2010
I would show this to as many eyes, souls, ears that is humanly possible regardless of their beliefs or prior knowledge on the subject.  EVERYBODY needs to see this extraordinary film to know the TRUTH. To also understand the scope of animal cruelty.

Thank you animals australia for bringing into the attention of more people in Australia.

via Unleashed

KG89 KG89 10 May 2010
I wouldn't show it to friends or family unless they wanted to see it, but i would show it to a few people I know who get irate about vegetarians and people who think animals are treated humanely and they're living conditions are accpetable, they're the ones who need a wake up call!
If they couldn't at least understand our point of view after watching it, then they really are heartless.
via Unleashed

Sanne Sanne 10 May 2010
To all the speciesist people in the world who, knowingly or unknowingly, participate in animal exploitation.
I would show it to these people in the hope that it might educate them and hopefully awaken the compassion inside them.
via Unleashed

The Almighty Heatherzilla The Almighty Heatherzilla 11 May 2010
I would love to show this to my boyfriend or any of the guys in my TAFE class.

My boyfriend is very tolerant of my veganness but I'd love for him to be able to fully understand my reasoning behind it.

And the guys in my TAFE class just get rather irritating about the whole vegan thing. They're the kind of people who will make all the negative comments imaginable and can be jerks about it sometimes. I'd love for them to watch this.
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 11 May 2010
The elderly Italian lady I work with. Italians eat so much damn meat (who knew there were so many kinds of salami?) and cheese.... and she is constantly on my back about my diet and lifestyle. She is obese *surprise*. I ignore her taunts, of course, but to be able to show her something and then ask "now do you understand?" and have her actually understand, would just be awesome.
via Unleashed

rusty rusty 11 May 2010
my friends and my parents, but also deffinetly the australian govenment. my friends and family think that im weird for going vegeterian and that you 'cant live with out meat'. i mean, if only they saw this dvd, then theyed know... and im sure that they would most deffinetly go vegeterian. and as for the govenment, well hopefully they will shut down factory farming in australia. and we will only have free range meat for all the meat eaters.
this video will change life styles.
via Unleashed

Jesso Jesso 11 May 2010
Anyone who consumes meat, animal products, or products tested on animals. These people need to watch this to help bring them out of their state of ignorance or denial.peace
via Unleashed

Sara1985 Sara1985 11 May 2010
School children because they are the next generation who can really put a stop to all of this.
via Unleashed

tam tam 11 May 2010
My  housemates.
via Unleashed

Sir Leila Sir Leila 12 May 2010
my mum's friend and his son who says I'm being "disrespectful to the animals who dyed for my dinner plate"!! angry
via Unleashed

twoblackrats twoblackrats 13 May 2010
My science-major friends who laugh at my veganism like it's a big joke, who refuse to eat my hippie food and think that cows raised for meat have happy lives.
via Unleashed

QueenSheeba QueenSheeba 13 May 2010
EVERYONE i know!!!
via Unleashed

Ecoterrestrial Ecoterrestrial 14 May 2010
I would show it to God and ask - why?
via Unleashed

lia31 lia31 17 May 2010
Oprah. She has a lot of influence across the globe and millions of followers; I hope this film will spread around the world; explaining and showing to people that animals can not exist like this.
via Unleashed

wattoburger wattoburger 18 May 2010
I would like it to be globally broadcasted then shown in all school in year 9 or 10 globally
via Unleashed

anmllvr anmllvr 18 May 2010
OMG what is wrong with the people on this planet? Do they really believe that God meant for us to torture and treat all his creatures this way, I don't think so. What right have we to do this to innocent and beautiful children, because that's what they are....children who can't talk. I despise and literally hate anyone who would deliberately hurt anything, no matter how small. Everything on this earth has a purpose. Anyone who would hurt a flea is no friend of mine. All you horrible slaughterers will be going straight to hell, you will all pay for the hell that you are putting these animals through. Your time will come believe me.
via Unleashed

JAWS JAWS 18 May 2010
My plan is to accumulate several "Earthlings" t-shirts and make it my uniform. Wear one everyday. I think as many people as possible should do this, too. People will ask what it means. Let them find out for themselves. SELF-realization is the key.
via Unleashed

ckrisasa ckrisasa 19 May 2010
It doesn't relate to any community or a person. I want to show each and every person on earth if possible and knowledge them what was happeining around them. I don't need prize(DVD) or so for doing my part for this cause. Everyone should open their eyes. They have to know whats happening around them. they have to feel the pain what they are not. I request this nature to give me some extra ordinary capabilities to do my best part for this cause. Humans around the world need to open their eyes. I nearly motivated around 100 people after i came to know about this and will keep this doing. sad
via Unleashed

EarthChild EarthChild 22 May 2010
I'd like to see it myself, I'm a single mum so my money often gets spent on dora the explorer dvd's rather than anything to educate myself. I come from a heavy meat-eating background but am recently veganised happy After i'd watched it I could pass it on to my friends and family!

I've heard great things about this dvd and can't wait to get my hands on it!
via Unleashed

-Michael- -Michael- 1 June 2010
Those who oppose the cause of this group NEED to be shown this film.

Forcing somebody to have the same beliefs as you is wrong, but so is living in the dark and ignoring the suffering of the helpless.

I don't want to force people to agree with me- with us- I just want them to understand our beliefs and one day, maybe, they will agree with us.
via Unleashed

JamToast JamToast 8 June 2010
I would show it to my class at tafe because i believe it would make a signifigant impact, recently we have been watching videos on animal cuelty and our lecturer showed a clip of Darren Cordeux in the Unleashed video that made me feel sick to my stomach and appauled at the conditions the animals are being forced to endure, i was so horrified i could not eat my lunch and have since decided to do anything i can to help including becoming a vegan.
via Unleashed

snug snug 19 June 2010
Right now, anyone involved in the oil spill near USA.
via Unleashed

alana224 alana224 21 June 2010
He's outta this world but I think E.T would appreciate this DVD- he'd be shocked to see the state of this planet he once visited!
via Unleashed

Mishfish Mishfish 21 June 2010
My boyfriends dad needs to see it. I argue with him non stop about animal rights but he loves his hunting and fishing and meat. It makes it really difficult to be around him and puts my boyfriend in a bad position. He needs to be shown some truth.
via Unleashed

Becatron Becatron 2 July 2010
I would love to show this to every single person in the world; everyone I see eating meat I would show this to. I'd have scenes on my phone, and whip it out to alert people of how the meat they are eating has been treated and what they are encouraging.

Especially my family, as they think my sister and I are unhealthy for not eating meat. I would defs show it to everyone at my school to, I'd ask to play it during class when we have a free lesson, or anything.

Hopefully I would get through to so many more people. So many people now-a-days are unaware of what's happening around them, and it's really quite sad.
via Unleashed

vegiejourney vegiejourney 13 September 2010
There's a charity screening of EARTHLINGS coming up next month in Brisbane, to raise money for Animals Australia. Please bring your non-veg*n friends along, everyone needs to see this film!
via Unleashed


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