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National Desexing Month Can Fix You Up!
Posted By Jane

National Desexing Month Can Fix You Up!

Posted 10 August 2010   by         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Pet overpopulation, dogs, cats, pets, desex, pounds, pet stores, puppy mills, adopt, breeders, National Desexing Month

So I just discovered that across Australia, 23 dogs and cats are euthanised every hour because there just aren't enough people willing to give them loving homes. I knew the stats were bad, but I had no idea they were that bad!

Puppy mills that supply pet shops aren't just blatantly cruel, they've caused the unwanted pet population to explode. The 'designer dog' phenomenon also adds to the problem. And this just gets multiplied when companion animals become unexpectedly pregnant because they haven't been desexed.

That's why I was really pleased to find out that the National Desexing Network has declared August to be National Desexing Month! This initiative of the Animal Welfare League of Qld has arranged for almost 100 vet clinics around Australia to offer subsidies, discounts and special deals on desexing your beloved pets.

If your animals are already desexed, well done you! Give yourself a gold star! If they aren't, then now's your chance! Click here to find a vet near you offering a reduced price! And if you know anyone who hasn't had their furry four-legged friend fixed, direct them to the website, to take of advantage of the discounts while they still can!

Still not convinced? Desexed animals are more sociable (no spraying or humping my leg thank you very much!), less prone to wander or fight, have reduced risk of getting cancers in the reproductive organs, and (the clincher for me) generally lead longer, healthier, happier lives. Who wouldn't want that for their best friend?

Plus, you'll never have the extra burden of having to find homes for unexpected bundles of fur, or worse, taking them to the pound in the hope that they will do it for you (don't forget that opening stat!).

And finally, if you're thinking of giving an animal a home, please don't buy. Visit a shelter. I promise you'll find your new best friend there, and save a life at the same time. I did! :)

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Kate Grace Kate Grace 26 August 2010
This is great. I am totally against puppy mills (duh) and backyard breeding. Last stats I read were every year in Australia 100,000 dogs are euthanised. For cats this was even higher (man there are some irresponsible cat owners out there!)
Come on people! We can stop this problem at home.
Go to the shelters first  and go to the shelters last, there is no inbetween! Desex desex desex!!!!

-Proud owner of two life changing unwanted pound dogs.
via Unleashed

Leighbunny Leighbunny 29 August 2010
That's great, but the overpopulation of rabbits needs to be addressed as well. I work at an animal shelter, and we can get in 30-40 rabbits per person at times because they just let bunnies breed. Females also have about 80% chance of getting reproductive cancer so it'd be good to push desexing anyway.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 8 September 2010
*like like like like like*
via Unleashed


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