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4.4 Million Reasons to Help Pigs!
Posted By Jane

4.4 Million Reasons to Help Pigs!

Posted 24 September 2010   by         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: Pigs, factory farming, veg

It is incredible to think that if I brought a little piglet home and named her (come on, we've all thought about it!) she would learn that name in no time and come running every time I called her - Ruby! Olive! Doris! (I can't choose). But studies have shown this to be true, meaning a pig could potentially be as wonderful a pet as a pooch!

But footage from a recent doco from Animal Equity in Spain proves beyond doubt that we still have a very long way to go in giving all pigs the quality of life we afford our gorgeous companion animals. This rare glimpse into their world is recommended viewing to anyone who still eats pork, bacon, ham, crackling � pigs basically! (Recommended viewing for those that don't eat pigs is here)

Pretty shocking stuff, right? What's more shocking is that this is happening all over the world - Australia included. Every year, in Australian factory farms, over 4 million scared piglets endure painful procedures like having their teeth cut, and tails sliced off -- all without pain relief. Those 'farrowing crates' that can be seen in the vid are used in piggeries across Australia too.

Did you know that pigs wag their tails when they're happy, just like dogs? Well, scientists believe that pigs are actually smarter than dogs. Now can you imagine if someone did these sorts of things to your dog (or your cat)? You'd make sure they saw the inside of a prison cell for a mighty long time right?

Even though these awful practices are still legal in Australia, pigs are slowly, but surely gaining a stronger voice as more and more people (including big players like Coles) are beginning to wake up to the horrors of factory farming.

But what can you do to ease their suffering RIGHT NOW? Don't eat pigs! It really is the easiest and simplest way for every person to help pigs straight away. And if you've already taken piglets off your plate (I love you, you're ace!), try to speak up and make their voice louder every chance you get!

PS Click here for further info on the effects of your meat free diet!

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Jen Jen 24 September 2010
haha happy yes I still want a little pig(hopefully I saved one)  in the future!
They're amazing animals, I hope everyone finally realises that one day.
It's so incredibly sad what happens to them everyday  cry
via Unleashed

Lizzay of the Hizzay Lizzay of the Hizzay 25 September 2010
yay!! bring on pet pigs  clap
so awful what they go through in the farms.
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 26 September 2010
Poor piggies, I hate it how people actually eat them ....sad
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 27 September 2010
I hope one day all piggies are able to run around freely, and never have to endure such pain and suffering in factory farms!
via Unleashed

Sarah2906 Sarah2906 27 September 2010
I hope one day I can make a difference and stop them. I keep wondering how would they like it
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 27 September 2010
i have a beautiful pet pig named shilo (pronouced shy-low)

ive always wanted a pig and wen mum and dad funally said yes (after many years of begging) i was so happy happy

but the only problem was they didnt want a large pig cry  evan though we live on 300 arcas !

but after months of researh i finally found my dream piglet -shilo- a black and white spotted miniture pig < came from a breeder in maitland

and after getting on the waiting list i was so excited that my dream of having a pig is coming true! .. on march the 23 2010 me and mum drove to maitland .. finally after 5 hours in the car we were there yay!! i was soo excited and wen i saw shilo my heart stopped .. i couldnt belive he was mine ecstatic he was soo small and hairy < i didnt think piglets were so hairy lol

and ever since that day i have loved him more and more .. he is the best pet eva! .. shilo and chester ( my 9 week old lamb i rescued ) always fight over who is king of the sawdust mound lol ... there r so many good memories wif shilo  < u no how "babe" is a sheep pig lol well shilo is the cow pig .. he rounds up the cattle evan though they are HUGE compared to him they are scared of him lol

via Unleashed

Gen_MCRmy Gen_MCRmy 7 November 2010
I feel like screaming and punching that Spanish guy's face who threw the piglet on the edge of the wall at the end. But I guess I'd go to jail for that. So why the hell doesn't he go to jail for torturing a baby pig and forcing him to endure a slow, painful death for hours, kicking his little pink legs back and forth. Poor piglet. sad  furious
via Unleashed

o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o 22 November 2010
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 11 April 2011
Luckily for me, I didn't have to watch the video! I clicked on the "(Recommended viewing for those that don't eat pigs is here)" thiga ma bobby! happyv
via Unleashed

Cheezels Cheezels 18 April 2011
I adore pigs! If we didn't live in suburbia and actually had a garden I would have them by the dozen!

I actually first fell in love with them one day when I was at the market and Animals Australia had a pig they had saved on the back of a ute, raising awareness for their 'Save Babe' campaign. It was so cute! pig
via Unleashed

Porkin Porkin 28 January 2012
I couldn't watch the video, I have seen the horrors of slaughterhouses and farm pigs.
I have a pet pig named Porkins, not named after pork but named after a Star Wars character. He is our pride and joy, he is so handsome and so smart. He lays on the couch with us and watches TV, he snuggles with the dogs, he is so awesome. And yes he does wag his tail when he is happy, and it is always wagging! pig
via Unleashed


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