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Friday (warm and) fuzzies

Friday (warm and) fuzzies

Posted 5 November 2010   by Karen         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: cute, video, cats, rats

In so many ways, the animals have it worked out. Whilst we humans appear to have mastered technology, no matter how hard we try, we'll simply never be able to run faster, travel further, or hide better than nature's own team of superpowered critters. But all's not lost. I like to think there are some things that we can still learn from our furry friends.

Like ... how to get along... :-)

Happy Friday!!

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...2 ...2 5 November 2010
Naw. happy This made my Friday.
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 6 November 2010
That made me smilehappy
via Unleashed

Mel. Mel. 6 November 2010
awww. thats adorable happy
via Unleashed

Em the planeteer Em the planeteer 7 November 2010
Great post karen!
That is soooooo cute happy
via Unleashed

Nightjar Nightjar 10 November 2010
So so so cute! I love rats with their tiny little hands too. Adorable!
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 16 November 2010
aaaaaaaaaaaaw!! so cute, but it might be this disease that attracts rats to cats, its called toxoplasma.
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 20 November 2010
You can't resist saying "AWWWWWWWWWW!" beaverhug
Well, I couldn't...ashamed
via Unleashed

o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o 22 November 2010
via Unleashed

SS-Cyanide SS-Cyanide 26 November 2010
This is THE most sweetest thing i could possibly see. My cat is facinated by my rodents and my dog loves playing with them =]

so cute
via Unleashed

Judy D Judy D 26 November 2010
made my day - even had my husband giggling !
via Unleashed

trood trood 26 November 2010
loved this!
via Unleashed

Strawberry Splash1 Strawberry Splash1 30 November 2010
I can't resit
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 13 December 2010
awww i dont think my sis cat would let my rats do that :/ she would probs eat them
but very very cute
via Unleashed


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