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Macbeth Kicks to Give Away!

Macbeth Kicks to Give Away!

Posted 26 November 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 77 Comments

Tags: giveaway, Macbeth, vegan, leather, fashion, Jona Weinhofen, bands

Want to kick off the new year in style? Well we've got just the thing! Read on and you could win a specky new treat for your feet.

We all know that Macbeth make rad shoes. For starters, they were co-founded by Tom DeLonge, of Blink 182 fame. Not to mention they've got musicians like Mike Dirnt of Green Day designing moshpit stompers for them. And last but definitely not least, most of their shoes are leather free. So you can strut in style whilst leaving the cows to be cows.

We were chuffed to learn recently that one of our fave people, Aussie guitar maestro Jona Weinhofen from Bring Me the Horizon (+ ex-Bleeding Through, + ex-I Killed the Prom Queen) has got on board with Macbeth to promote their vegan range.

So to celebrate all things stylish, cruelty-free and that rock your socks off, we've got 2 pairs of Wallister Macbeths to give away! Just check out our exclusive interview with Jona (from back in his Bleeding Through days), and then to enter leave a comment to tell us how you plan to step up and make a difference in 2011 (winners will be announced in mid January).

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Brendon Brendon 26 November 2010
This is awesome! I'd love a pair of Macbeth's. =)
The things I'm going to do kick up my contribution this coming year are...
1. Get more involved with The YVA as a committee member; and by extension help with the making of the documentary (think Earthlings but for Australia).
2. Be so proactive with Animal Liberation ACT. Doing everything I can with them.
3. More vegan outreach! More leafletting; cupcake stalls!

Yeah, that's how I'm going to contribute!


Love you Unleashed!
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Natty76 Natty76 26 November 2010
my biggest contribution in 2011 will be creating 3 vegan children. it will be a gift for them, a gift for the planet and a gift for the animals. i will always encourage them to step up and speak out,  and i look forward to many an intesting discussion with their teachers and friends. beaverhug
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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 26 November 2010
Volunteer for AA stall every weekend I can... stay vegetarian... deplete animal products out of diet. oh and for school work year 12
research project: animal abuse, how tradition is used as excuse to torture animals
art project: sculpture on a man with a pregnant belly, inside fluffy animals incased in clear balloon. outside is white, and projections of animals being slaughtered on body.
Drama: film on animal abuse
spanish: orals on animal abuse
start a stall for sea shepherd raising money etc etc as im becoming onshore member!!!! =]
ohhh and more u tube videos of course! =]
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rankyroo rankyroo 26 November 2010
getting my personal training certificate (finish in jan) so i can prove that a vegan can fight (i box) and be mega fit as i figure vanity is pretty powerful for some people. also finish my teaching degree so that i can structure my subjects (secondary level english and art) around animal rights - this year on teaching rounds i introduced sharkwater for media and persuasive pieces - the teacher has now included it in the permanent year 10 curriculum for english - it involves a class full of letters to the editor and government officials regarding shark finning and over fishing etc.
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melmeko melmeko 26 November 2010
I am new to actually standing up and doing something about Animal Cruelty.  Previously I guess I lived under a rock, or was too naive to know these sort of things are still happening in today's society.  I have taken a stance by constantly checking the PETA website and making sure all of my skin care, makeup and beauty products are sourced only from companies who have earned the cruelty free status.  I avoid any company who is not on that list, and even companies who "claim" to be cruelty free but are in fact owned by companies that do (well how??)
Anyway my resolution for 2011 is to take my personal stance one step further and make sure that everything I purchase full stop complies with my new cruelty free guidlines, if it doesn't comply then scrap it, only cruelty free for me in 2011 and I will also be an advocate and spread the word on my social network pages too.
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xVEGANx xVEGANx 26 November 2010
I plan to make a difference by using social psychological mechanisms to dispense more Animals Australia information/leaflets to the ignorant population within my area.
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BonZombie BonZombie 26 November 2010
I'll make a difference by sharing vegetarian/vegan recipes with family and friends and by raising awareness about animal cruelty with them too.  We will be adopting some more rescue pets into our home in the new year, what better way to start a fresh new year than knowing you've helped by saving an animals life?

Happy Holidays love
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Jess6 Jess6 26 November 2010
My plan is to donate money,spread the word about animal rights issues,sign as many petitions as possible,and love every animal i come into contact with!
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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 26 November 2010
Hey, just wondering: are macbeths shoes produced ethically, i.e. no slave labour, etc.?  peace
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AnimalLovegirl AnimalLovegirl 26 November 2010
I would be proud to own and wear some beautiful Macbeth footwear.

My love and compassion for our voice less friends is stronger than ever and my journey to save, protect, love, live and let live is a lifelong commitment.

I am committed to keep educating myself and sharing my knowledge with others and expressing the importance of awareness of what human beings do to our fellow Earthlings out of greed, ignorance and lack of knowledge.

I love animals and i don't want to wear them on my feet.
Please let me tread lightly on the Earth with some Macbeths.

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Kelfen Kelfen 26 November 2010
What am I going to do?
Well to kick off 2011 I am organizing a charity quiz night in Perth for Animals Australia, raising money, awareness, and promoting veganism in general. I hope to make this a bi-annual event.
I too will be going into my second year of veganism. I will continue promoting local events where possible, as well as volunteering when possible.
I will continue doing my best, as that is the best I can do. I will continue giving a voice to the voiceless.
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jack jack 26 November 2010
Awesome, i need new shoes haha.

I aim to continue helping animals in 2011 as remaining director of 3 animal rights groups for teenagers.

Helping Animals Australia and Unleashed with regular leafleting,tabling and working in the offices.

I will continue to be an onshore crew of Sea Shepherd Melbourne.

I will be vegan for my 2nd year and vegetarian for my 6th.

My activism will become stronger and I will continue to "convert" friends and the general public to be kinder to animals.

For a kinder world.
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AshleyHippie AshleyHippie 26 November 2010
Great idea for a competition!.

How I want to help make a difference int eh new year is...

1. go to more animal rights rallies.

2. start working on my own book which will of course discuss my veganism, why I made the choice, and inform as many people as I can about factory farming.

3. promote websites like unleashed on my facebook to inform those who already love animals but have been kept in the dark about the meat industry.

4. I've finally started to turn my mum vegan, she doesn't check ingredients so much yet but in the new year I hope o help her learn more about it and eventually go all the way, cosmetics, clothes, shoes and food!.

5. rescue a puppy or dog to add to the huge animal family I already have.

6. make more friends in the veg*n community to learn about where to get good food, animal protest rallies, and other thing we an do to help, and inform them of what i know as well!.

7. attend World Vegan day again, it was my first time this year and I loved it!! I can't wait 'til next years! happy

8. Whether or not it's going to make me stand out and look weird, next year I want to never again stand by and watch intolerance and ignorance, whether it comes to animals, race, sexuality, or gender. I'm as powerful as I believe I think i am and I will not stand by and watch hate ever again.

9. I want to spread love and acceptance to everyone. I want to be able to show people it's good to be yourself and not follow the crowd just because that's what society expects, be yourself and stick out if that's who you are, you are perfect just the way you are and never let anyone tell you anything but that!!!.

10. To always stick to my beliefs. If you loose them you don't have much of anything left.

I know some aren't so much about animals, but I was honest to what i want to change next year beginning now. I also really need new shoes, I've got one pair that the bottom has fallen out! lol.
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Jesse Jesse 26 November 2010
@TofuUnleashed, an important question to ask happy, one of Macbeth's distributors have details of their stringent policies on labor standards here:
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Simo Simo 26 November 2010
I plan to get my friends to read Meat if For Pussies [awesome book by the way!], watch the documentaries and really get them to try out being vegetarian.
Also I'll be trying to change my diet to vegan; something I've really wanted to do but circumstances have been preventing that a bit lately =[.

Also, I intend to make monthly contributions to you guys as often as I can to help out with the awesome work you guys do, as well as leafleting when ever I can and spreading awesome cruelty free recipes to my mates!

xx Love you guys!
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Nella Nella 26 November 2010
always good to see more people getting awareness out there!
Would love some new shoes was actually trying to investigate about vegan footwear! Things I would like to do to help the animals is, (when I have job) donate to animals australia, all my christmas presents this year are going to be donations, do some more investigating into whats going on in our farms in tassie, got more awareness out to my friends and family and distribute flyers and purchase more educational DVD's that I can pass on to other people to watch!
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DaisyLola DaisyLola 27 November 2010
Heya  happy

The ways in which I plan on making a difference in 2011 are;
- Using my position as an active member of my local youth council to open the eyes of the youth in my area as to what's actually going into what they are consuming, and the methods used to produce these products. I'm thinking of holding a forum about the issue, as I've organized two in the past which have been successful.
- Continuing not to eat animal products (simple, but it's one of us at a time, right?).
- Hosting vegetarian/vegan potlucks for my friends to come to, to show them that eating non-Animal products can be fun and delicious! And easy tongue

To everyone else who's commented - wow! Good on you for doing all these amazing things, you inspire me.
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Salome Salome 27 November 2010
I want to make a difference in my apartment block. I already have everyone recycling anything they don't want anymore. They just take it downstairs and put it on a specific table,

But I have now a barrel composter so I will issue an invitation, under each door, for everyone to bring down their compost and add it in and then give the composter a spin.

They can wait for spring, or take compost now, to be shared out a bucket full each.
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Choden Choden 27 November 2010
In the new year, I'm going to be able to give away more free gift packs for young people that include Animals Unleashed pamphlets as well as a little booklet called "Why we need to go eco and veggie", vegetarian lollies, cruelty-free soaps, and handmade rose petal dollies and go veggie badges, through our website and market stalls for our non-profit Buddhist charity (  I would give the shoes to another Buddhist nun here who gave me vegan shoes last year! dove
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Pete Pete 27 November 2010
Inspires me to be vegan! ... i am vegetarian...but i am going to give vegan a try! i dont think any animal should be killed for our needs, especially since it is unnecessary!
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Propagandhim/ Propagandhim/ 27 November 2010
I need those shoes so I can kick against the pricks throughout 2011! angry
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Anathema Anathema 27 November 2010
The biggest thing i am doing this year to help de-mystify the vegan myths, is enroll in NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE (bachelor of health science) so i can help educate the general public and also teenagers (and their parents) who are considering vegetarianism or veganism.
After i finish my bachelor, i want to write a book the is directly applicable to Australians, highlighting the finer points of plant-based diets.
education is the key to liberation!
this is my dream, and my passion for total planet liberation is stronger than ever!

Stay True
- Jesse-James Risk
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Lay Lay 27 November 2010
I'm planing to finely get my sister to become vegetarian (she's almost there! clap) and try to get mum to let me be a vegan. I'll give out some Flyers  I bought around christmas last year as well, ashamed  
Merry Xmas! happy
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pitterpatter pitterpatter 27 November 2010
Things that I plan to do next year to make more of a difference:

1.  Go to more markets to sell my vegan baked goods and spread the word that way.

2.  Get my hands on some brouchers and flyers to spread the word on important issues while at these markets.

3.  Get more involved in the local Food Not Bombs movement

4.  Get more involved at my local co-op.

5.  Attend more animal rights protests, when I know of them.

6.  Make small recipe books to give out for free, containing vegan cake and muffin recipes happy.

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Kendaa Kendaa 27 November 2010
Well, I became a vegetarian this year, and will be having a vegatarian Christmas for the first time this year.  Next year, I'm going to be working on the principle of "If one person does just one thing", and will be concentrating on spreading the word around by passing along posts from Unleashed (sucking for the shoes, but soooo want and need them as can't afford nice ones, and also will be doing that for real), using Facebook to spread the word too.  Also, trying to get people to view Earthlings - because that was what did it for me.  It was instant.  And anything else that comes up through the year that I can try and make a difference with.  I can't bear animal cruelty and we have to stop it.
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guavapie guavapie 27 November 2010
I will become a part of Adelaide's anti- jump racing rallies and attend any and all AnimalsAus stalls I can.

Instead of forcing people to turn veg (as I've found this rarely works...), I will open their eyes to the unethical,  horrors factory farmed animals must face daily, just for human consumption, and see if I can at least get them to buy free range eggs, or cut down on the amount of meat (Meat Free Monday!)  or dairy they consume. If they decide to go veg, huge bonus happy

I will finally get around to putting the 100's of AnimalsAus leaflets I bought a while back, in every supermarket meat, dairy and egg  department in my area. ecstatic
And if its possible, when I go to America and Europe next year, in there's too!

I will also try to volunteer at the AWL, and help by donating dog/cat/kitten/puppy food and old clothing/bedding.

And of course, I'll be wearing my Animals Australia t-shirts and wristbands everywhere I go. happy
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JayT JayT 27 November 2010
I am going to cook more vegan meals and invite friends over to eat them, also bake vegan treats and take them to family/friends houses when I visit.
I will continue to spread the word of veganism whenever I shop. And I will also continue to volunteer with vegan companies.
via Unleashed [email protected] 27 November 2010
I would love a pair of mcbeth shoe.
In 2011 i am going to try to make all of my friends vegetarians and we have a clean up crew at school so i am going to join that too. I also have a dog at home and i am teaching him tricks.
I would love  to have a pair of mcbeth shoes.  beaverhug paw
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veganimalien veganimalien 27 November 2010
Through the new year, as always since being turned, I hope to promote veganism and eat more locally grown food, attend demonstrations, work to strengthen and expand our supportive community, and work on replacing afflicive emotion and attitude with love, compassion, joy and peace.
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KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 27 November 2010
In 2011  I plan on doing heaps of volunteer work. For the animals and the planet of course! Plus it'd be good to have something to put on my resume. Win win right?
I am already vegan, and I absolutely will stick to that for my lifetime.
I am also planning on adopting another kitty and maybe a puppy soon too from a shelter.
Thanks so much Animals Australia. I love you guys! ecstatic
Gimme those shoes!
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CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! 27 November 2010
This summer I'm going to France. Not the usual vegan friendly paradise. Yes, it's going to be a skyscraper challenge. But with my vegetarian host sister, I'm going to show the French how easy and delicious it is to eat vegan.

Bon apptit mes amis!
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badoskar badoskar 27 November 2010
I have been vegetarian and diary free for 22 years, and strict vegan for just under a year.  I have devoted a lot of time this year doing outreach work, attending and organizing protests in support of animal welfare, volunteering with Toronto Animal Services (shelter), working at adopt-o-thons, letter writing campaigns, and any other helpful thing i can do.  This year i intend to spend less time on tour and designing shows, and more time working and advocating for animals - i will aim to set myself up for a possible return to university in 2012 for a second degree - this time in law to  fight for justice for animals from an additional vantage point
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Sab Sab 27 November 2010
Travel around the World and let people see how cruel humanity could be and how  we humans can make a change about each other to make a better world for Animals and Nature.
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sarahjc sarahjc 28 November 2010
1.) I have already decided to change my diet to vegan and this time i'll stick to it.

2.) i want volunteer at my rspca down the road from me for a long time and 2011 is the best time to start!
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d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 28 November 2010
In 2011 I am travelling to Japan, Vietnam and Bali to go to some orphanages and help out there (I will be going to a Disabled Care orphanage too) and I will teach them how to cook easy cheap meals, all vegan.

I'm going to also p-p-protest! Every month I'll save a date for three different types of protesting (Gay Rights, Animal Rights, Human Rights)

I'm going to try my best also to turn people vegetarian, my family and I are moving house and I've made a deal that I cook and I don't have to pay board.
So they're getting Vegan dinners every night ecstatic

Good luck to all the other contestants. love
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abby. abby. 28 November 2010
In 2011, starting with these shoes if i'm lucky enough to win them, i plan to make a difference by cutting animal products from my wardrobe, and encouraging my friends and family to do the same.
I have also registered to volunteer at the RSPCA and plan to follow it through with donating my time over the summer holidays, especially when post-Christmas is their busiest time.
Furthermore, with christmas and summer comes the party season, which in Tasmania (Australia's road-kill capital) means more people on the roads at night, and more deaths for our wildlife, whose pouches i will be pulling over to check and bodies i will be moving off the road.
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leeslady leeslady 28 November 2010
I am definatly buying a hybrid in 2011!
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Ethical Vegan Ethical Vegan 28 November 2010
I have been a Vegetarian for 20yrs and a Vegan for 2yrs,My girlfriend is a Vegan and so is my 76yr old Mum.

We are in the process of going 80% raw cutting out processed,nutritionally deficient food,people comment on how good we look,and we say GO VEGAN...
I sign petitions daily and have the AA Live animal export petition circulating at the moment have about 50 signatures so far.Want to beat the 200 we got last year...
Educate people daily on the importance of Veganism for the Animals,The Planet and our Health.

By giving only ethical,vegan gifts and cards for xmas.
I would LOVE a pair of Macbeths love
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Musicveg Musicveg 28 November 2010
I just joined Unleashed! I live in a mainly non-vego community so feel i am a lone warrior wolf,always ahead of the pack.I have the only Vegan kid in my town (as far as i know) who saves every living creature even worms from the footpath. We keep an eye on the wildlife around us,and we live enviromentally friendly. This i will keep up as i have done for over 20 years despite being 'weird' to some I am excited it is now more common. Talking to meat eaters i find a lot of them are 'animal lovers' they don't know how to change,we must help,and don't shy away from helping them see the light, be patient and kind,not aggressive or pushy then they may listen or at least consider. All this i have always done and will continue with a little help from my new friends i hope to make at 'Unleashed" I will be more active in campaigns as now is the time,not tomorrow, as more animals will die at the hands of cruelty today.Unleash the leashed,help stop breeding animals for humans!
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Gaye Gaye 28 November 2010
I plan to tell all my friends I am taking the steps to create a better world for all animals by promoting the Earthlings movie online as it really opened my eyes up to the disgusting treatment of animals and my naivity to the industry.
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carnagefairy carnagefairy 29 November 2010
I've committed to a 100% Vegan lifestyle as of January 1, 2011. From now until then I am letting all my family know of the change in my diet (from ovo-lacto vegetarian), I am giving all my non-vegan clothes, shoes & accessories to charity and using up all my non-Vegan pantry items.

I've also put my name down to volunteer for Animal Rights and Vegan organisations for 2011.

At the end of the year I'm going to get Vegan tattooed on my wrist as a present to myself for finally making the change that I've always wanted to make.
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Caroline2 Caroline2 29 November 2010
I regularly donate food and bedding to an animal shelter, and believe in eating free range eggs and poultry.

My household is eating less red meat, and more legumes and vegetables.

There is more cooking in my household (saving in packaging), and we are more aware of our responsibility regarding wastage, recycling, having a vegetable garden, where our consumables are manufactured (and under what conditions).
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erin devine erin devine 30 November 2010
I try all i can to stand up for animal cruelty, and I plan to try even harder then that next year.
I am the only vegetarian person in my family which means that they have been eating alot less meat to.
I have convinced at least 3 people to go vego and plan to get even more people to next year.
My family hates me for the amount of stray animals I have brought home with me and I have tried to get a position to volunteer at my local RSPCA but I am unfortunately not old enough.
I plan to extend my vegetable garden so that I can eat organically more then I already do. I also have a worm farm and chickens.
I have been doing heaps of searching for a close animal shelter to volunteer at and hopefully I will have found one by next year.
Being vegetarian is quite hard in my family because I am the only one out of cousins, auntys, uncles and also my group of friends I am the only one. But hopefully not for long!
I am constantly telling everyone about animal rights and vegetarianism and am always posting stories on my facebook about how animals are treated and places or food chains such as macdonalds, which I am hoping people are taking the time to read.
I would love these shoes because at the moment my school shoes are leather and I can't stand putting them on everyday.
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AlanaRama AlanaRama 30 November 2010
I would make a difference by spreading the word of these cruelty-free shoes and convince others to support them!
I am known around school as the 'animal rights girl' because I always voice my opinion about saving animals and protecting them from the torture they can face; I have even continually addressed the principal about vegetarian and vegan options for our school canteen and if I wear these shoes, I can continue this in style!
Though many attempt to shut my beliefs down, I continue to make as many as possible aware and have allowed so many people to keep their mind open to animal-friendly goods.
I have convinced 10 of my friends to buy free-range eggs that are from trusted, animal-friendly companies, and have even gotten 4 of my friends to actually turn vegetarian, with one even Vegan!
I even volunteer at local shelters because I dont need to be paid to contribute to the animal-community. This involves rescuing animals, nursing them back to health, and helping groom and feed them. It includes all kinds of animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, pigs and even a snake! I would make all aware of these shelters by handing out information sheets, calling for more to volunteer and support them, as I wear these incredble shoes for all to see!
When we have school bake sales, I always make vegan products to sell and I constantly encourage my schools students to participate in raising funds to support charities that help abused animals and recover them back to health.
To actually be noticed for my efforts on this level would make my dreams come true; though I have been successful in a number of school projects, to win these would encourage me to continue my efforts even when people put me down. I know many dont understand how I feel about animals, but being vegan for the animals is a strong belief of mine that I will never turn away from.
When I even participate in animal protests outside of school, I would love to add these amazing animal-friendly shoes to make me stand out! I dont have much money as I try to donate every cent to animal shelters and have wanted a pair for so long; I just havent been able to afford some. I have never won a contest before, and if I could win this simply because of the effort I put into saving and protecting animals; I would be happier then I have ever been in my life.
I would love to wear these shoes as Macbeth support animal-rights by creating vegan shoes and I would love to support this brand as much as possible; even if that means wearing these shoes EVERY day, I would. I would wear them with pride as I attempt to make a difference by making all aware to the best of my ability. Animals are beautiful creatures that should always be treated fairly. I live by that and attempt to make a difference everywhere I go, and I would love to wear these shoes while doing so!
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xXCherryXx xXCherryXx 1 December 2010
i love the fact that the macbeth shoes are leather free happy
in 2011 i'd like to:
* help promote awareness about animal testing, and the companies which do it.

*educate people in the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian, and not force my beliefs onto them, but hope that after they see what is going on, they will also see things from my view point.

*do leafleting with unleashed.

*help stop shops from selling animal furs and skins, it's so disgusting.

*make a stand in school as well, against dissection in my science subjects next year.

*continue volunteering at animal shelters, and continue helping them.

*promote unleashed and websites similar too it.

*show people the deliciousness off vegan/vegetarian cooking wink

*register to volunteer with rspca

*attend more animal rights protests

*speak up at a school assembly. i want to show school kids what really goes on with the food they eat and the products they buy.

*continue not eating meat and not wearing animal skins or buying animal tested products
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Jessica10 Jessica10 2 December 2010
I am busy helping my mother raise money so next year she and I can go over to africa and relocate wild cheetahs from an area where both humans and animal alike are conflicting with each other. I plan to go along to help the capture team.
Check out all the awesome work conservation soloutions done this year at . Including relocating over a hundred wild elephants.
It would be awesome to rock up to africa next year wearing some awesome shoes! I also plan to go vegetarian next year broccoli
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marxducksoup marxducksoup 2 December 2010
"Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man.  There is no difference there between a cat or a man.  The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage."  ~Sri Aurobindo wave
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Zephyr Elf Zephyr Elf 4 December 2010
I've been vegan for a little while now, and have been really supported by my family. This year is going to be a vegan christmas, with my mum planning to incorporate a whole bunch more vegan foods into their menu from now on ecstatic

I'm going to find a shelter to do steady volunteer work, I'm really excite ^______^
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jessicatface jessicatface 4 December 2010
I am signed up to volunteer for the RSPCA next year!  Also, I have a new foster puppy coming to live with me just after Christmas.  I am back vegan and plan to stay that way!
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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 7 December 2010
I am going to get off my backside and do something for the animals!  No, not just something, lots of things. Anything I can do to make a difference. Everyday. I am going to wear my veganism with pride, by wearing badges everyday, and bringing AMAZING vegan food to school, and cooking AMAZING vegan treats for my friends and family. I won't shy away any more when people ask me questions, or get all defensive and angry. I will be cool, calm and collected, but at the same time give them the verbal version of kicking their butt. I need to do as much as I possibly can for the animals, because I feel so guilty and helpless when I don't, and I know they're out there suffering, dying, waiting for a saviour. Even the little things count, like making a vegan dinner for the family once a week. When I start getting more praise for my meals than the disgusting meaty ones that are usually on offer, then I know I have done a good job.
I will use all my talents to show the world what I want: cooking, poem/song writing, letter/email writing...and I will improve on my public speaking so I can inform people and tell the world what is right. I will be brave, motivated and compassionate, and you have permission to kick me with those gorgeous Macbeth shoes if I don't. But I will, so you don't have to go getting your hopes up.
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Quirky Chix Quirky Chix 8 December 2010
wow there are some amazing people here doing their bit to help.
In 2011 I will continue to spread the word, particularly on facebook.
I will elliminate dairy from my diet, leaving only eggs from my happy hens.
I will make mindful purchases when it comes to shoes and cosmetics.
I will rehome more caged hens.
I will continue to inform myself and others despite how depressed it makes me feel.
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livefree95 livefree95 9 December 2010
In 2011 I plan to become a vegetarian and begin a healthier and more animal friendly life style, I want to get more in touch with the environment and look carefully into which clothes and products I buy due to animal testing and cruelty.

stay green.  broccoli
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peligro peligro 9 December 2010
I have only been a vegan for 5 months now. Loving the lifestyle change. Also kicked smoking and alcohol consumption. Things I want to work on for 2010:
* have the first sample range of my sweat shop free organic aussie made t-shirts, so will be marketing them.
* looking to design and make some credit card sized nutritional charts for a vegan diet (unless someone beats me to it)
* keep subtly hassling everyone (including my 4 housemates) about the cruelty, health issues, etc of a meat based diet.
Also, you should give these shoes to someone who truly needs or deserves them. (xmas spirit and all)
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Rainer Rainer 10 December 2010
I am not much of a "foodie" & have only recently started eating out with friends. I have found that generally pub grub is not very vego friendly (or at best is very bland).
The girls at work wanted to go to lunch today & I was STARVING. We ended up going to a pub that had one vegetarian main - pasta with cream (WTF?). I fell into a great conversation with the Manager/Owner & not only had him declaring he would be widening his vegetarian choices on the menu - I also got a free side dish out of it!! ecstatic
I will make it my mission this year to educate more hospitality establishments that TASTY vegetarian meals are easy & inexpensive menu options that can actually increase their patronage whilst decreasing their produce cost.  A win win situation for everyone really.
...Oh & it's my turn to host the family Christmas dinner next year so all my research will be rewarded by serving the most awesomus vegetarian Christmas dinner to the countries biggest Meat & 3 Veg family a vegetarian could ever try to convert!!
Go Team Me!!
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kim. kim. 10 December 2010
Next year I am planning to improve my activism. I have has so many ideas lately and I am determined to put them into practice. (:

1. Make the final step from vegetarian to vegan ecstatic

2. Donate monthly to Animals Australia Unleashed.

3. Start my own animal rights group with some friends.

4. Attend more protests.

5. Open a stall at my local market with heaps of vegan goodies.

6. Get active at school. By getting the school to go dissection free and get more vegan and vegetarian options in my canteen, sell vegan cupcakes as a fundraiser etc.

7. Extend my knowledge by reading more animal rights books.

8. Volunteer at a local animal shelter regularly.

9. Give out more leaflets.

10. And of course, I will tell EVERYONE about these amazing vegan shoes ^__^

Ps. I absolutely LOVE these Macbeth shoes ecstatic
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RaV3N RaV3N 10 December 2010
* Open a vegan cake stall at my local markets (twice a month)
* Run a vegan cake stall at Kanyana's open day (May)
* Prove to people that being vegan doesn't mean weak and pasty, but trendy and healthy
* And any other reason I need to get my hands on a pair of these shoes!!
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rohan rohan 10 December 2010
I bought the "spread the word" pack of 10 copies of "earthings" DVD and will distribute them along with Christmas presents. Although I have been a full vegetarian for 20 years, I'm now doing away with dairy and leather etc  and going vegan. I need to learn more about vegan clothing choices and would love the Macbeth shoes. Cheers Rohan
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desmond. desmond. 12 December 2010
Hey all.
First of all Macbeth, your shoes are super sexy. And Jona, I praise your epic riff writing skills.
I'm an omnivore currently, but after seeing your video, I am disgusted to see how poorly these animals are treated. I have great and utter respect for the 'beasts' and think its wrong to take away their pride and comfort all in-favour to serve we humans a mediocre meal.
This video has inspired me to give up on my pork and chicken feedings for a start. Never liked them much anyway.
Also, I will help to discourage facilities that try to appropriate animal cruelty. And sabotage my workplaces animal frying facilities (chicken oven).
Chicken and pork will no longer be an item in my fridge or an ingredient in my meals.
Of course there will be other things such as raising concern for these issues, but I won't bore you with the details. haha.
One Love all.
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scrivo scrivo 17 December 2010
1. Start the band up with the fellas and hopefully get some gigs.
2. Meet some sick peeps.
3. Finish HSC
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uiyt94 uiyt94 22 December 2010
Firstly I'm going to teach everyone how to get a legit 50 cent burger at Hungry Jacks,
Order a junior whopper bun (or the smaller of the two sizes available), with the free angry onions, lettuce, mayo, and whatever else.
Have fun saving money when you want food!

Also plan to spend a loooooottt more time on my band, writing music and ect. (:

Never had a pair of Macbeths before!
/fingers crossed
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pyt pyt 22 December 2010
This coming year I am trying to educate more people with Vegan cooking. I am making a conscious effort when going out to eat to advise restaurants that they have a lack of vegan meals to chose from and  should add more to their menus. People who are not vegan will also eat vegan meals so this gives them unconscious choices which will to help save an animals life.
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liseygurl liseygurl 26 December 2010
Step up with Macbeth!
Make a difference in 2011 by being a Vegan Chef!
Teach the ways of eating clean!
Educate my friends to enjoy many ways using the "green bean"!
One step at a time, take it day by day!
Cannot rush the people but I gotta have my SAY! happy
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Leish001 Leish001 26 December 2010
By continuing to educate myself so that I can lead by example to others the right thing to do in taking care of the ones who can't.
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bellatia bellatia 27 December 2010
I want to make a difference, and start to make my own footprint in these steps.
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mariep2003 mariep2003 27 December 2010
Nothing spectacular - just lead by example and hope other people follow - if you preach people switch off - educate is a better way to go
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bertcolombi bertcolombi 27 December 2010
I'm going to make a personal difference by exercising reguilarly and eating healthily - I'm going to be 'Fit and Sporty' not 'Fat and Forty'!
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craiglundon craiglundon 27 December 2010
by kicking the shit out of everyday
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milko-fats milko-fats 27 December 2010
I'd do my best to stop school bullying, we need to teach bullies that we all have faults, them with their picking on others, how would they like anyone repeating the same to them or one of their loved ones, help the ones that are being bullied & have them paired up with a buddy that will keep their mind occupied when bullies are at their worst, as ignoring is the best way to stop nastyness
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kibby kibby 28 December 2010
what everybody else said above BUT whilst wearing my new Macbeths wink
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Franky Meyer Franky Meyer 9 January 2011
haha wow a pair of macbeths
well this year i hope to step up by becoming the best guitarist that i could ever possibly be, helping me is the MIC (music idustrie college) that i got accepted into to finish of my schooling years and hopefully leave as a sucessfull acoustic or metal artist, and it would be great to be able to take a pair of Wallister Macbeths alone with me on the ride of a life time!!!!!
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ducky ducky 10 January 2011
Hey i would lovveeee some new macbeths. Most amazing shoe brand in the world. Things im gonna do to make a difference in 2011:
1. Fw all my emails i get from PETA regarding animal cruelty along with posting videos of cruelty on my fb page
2. Buy leather free school shoes (mum was a bit problematic as to how i'll be allowed them)
3. Annoy my brother and sister with facts about where their steak came from and how it got to their plate tongue
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Glenn Glenn 10 January 2011
Hello, Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of awesome Macbeth's shoes ecstatic! Animals Australia rocks!

I intend on stepping up in 2011 in many ways.

1. Continue being and looking healthy and happy. Being a positive role model as a vegan (& showing off my vegan tattoo while im doing it tongue)
2. As a newly graduated personal trainer, inform clients the benefits of a vegan diet for everyday health, weight loss and muscle gain.
3. Cook vegan treats for friends, co-workers etc so they can see how good vegan food tastes!
4. Wear my Macbeth's everywhere, promoting that good fashion doesn't have to cost a life.
5. Getting more active in online campaigns and in-person activism!
6. Help create more/better animal rights policies within my political party.
7. Running this years Bridge to Brisbane 10km race & raising money for Animals Australia!

Peace & thanks happy
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Ryan Ryan 11 January 2011
There is a great outlook for animals from my household in 2011! This year, I plan on undertaking research in the area of animal cruelty practices. I'm particularly interested in studying whether there is a link between childhood abuse and animal abuse later in life.

I'm also taking steps to introduce an Animal Law course at my current university, so more graduates have a better understanding of the often forgotten law in this area.

I believe a greater understanding by the wider community in regards to animal cruelty practices will lead to a huge increase in awareness for the whole of Australia. Chin up animals - 2011 is your year!
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Didi Andra Didi Andra 11 January 2011
whoaaa ! i'm not too shock !

1.i will wear this shoes go to college.
2.i will wear this shoes go to shopping complex
3.i will wear this shoes to playing skateborad
4.i will wear this shoes to wall climbing
5.i will wear this shoes to my neighbours house
6.i will wear this shoes to my country journey
7.i will wear this shoes when i'm sleep
8.i will wear this shoes if my friends bullying me
9.i will wear this shoes when a heavy rain
10.i will wear this shoes when i go to gigs
11.i will wear this shoes go to wedding caremony
12.i will wear this shoes when i playing basketball
13.i will wear this shoes to a college examination
14.i will wear this shoes if i've this shoes
15.i will wear this shoes if Macbeth in my room.
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Trevor Trevor 17 January 2011
I've just started publishing a blog at I have also joined the Unleashed volunteer list in SA.  Can't wait to get out and spread the word
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Eddie Eddie 8 March 2011
lol, soooo, who won the shoes????
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Jane Jane 8 March 2011
Eddie! How remiss of us! Thanks for asking happy
The lucky winners of the awesome MacBeth kicks were Ryan and Rankyroo.
Well done guys! And thanks to everyone for the masses of entries.
Watch this space, we have more fab comps coming up very soon!
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