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Never Feel Porky Again!
Posted By Jane

Never Feel Porky Again!

Posted 25 November 2010   by         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: Pigs, swimming, factory farms

I know I'm not alone when I say that in my swimmers I sometimes feel ... well, porky! But I know I'll never look this porky in the ocean! We've discovered a whole family of pretty porkers on Big Major Spot Island who can put all my fears to rest.

These cute little pigs have nothing to do all day but sun themselves on the sand and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. Nice work if you can get it! Have you ever seen more contented babes in your life?

Aside from doing wonders for my body image, these piggies lift my spirits because I know that these swimming swines will never have to endure the torture that millions of pigs on the other side of the world have to put up with in factory farms across Australia.

Piglets born in factory farms have their tails cut off through the bone without pain relief. They are then taken away from their mums and fattened up in crowded pens, only to be slaughtered -- but not before being gassed or electrically stunned first.

Are you stunned yet? I am, because it gets worse.

Mother pigs can spend their whole pregnancy in tiny metal crates, which are too small for them to even turn around in. Did you know that pigs are as smart as a three-year-old child? Imagine locking a toddler in a bathtub for 4 months! If only animals were given a choice...

It should be plainly obvious to anyone lucky enough to swim among these precious pigs in the Bahamas that pigs would rather be our friends than food. But you don't need to leave town to be an angel to pigs -- YOU can help make their dream come true by taking the pledge to be veg!

Ah, I'm dreaming of the day people and piggies all over the world can swim happily together ... and not look too porky in the process!! Now with the weather warming up, don't you feel like taking a dip now?

(Special thanks to Julie Edwards and Travis Rowan for the use of their beautiful photographs)

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Never feel porky again Never feel porky again 26 November 2010
There is something so amazing about pigs faces, especially their eyes. It haunts me to think of the torture we inflict on them and that the pigs of 'today' have no hope of salvation. Maybe their ancestors do have hope though and that is something we must all focus on!
via Unleashed

trood trood 26 November 2010
what unusual pics, they seem to be having a great time and why not! cool happy
via Unleashed

Cruelty Free Fi Cruelty Free Fi 26 November 2010
too pigs, what characters! So sad that others feel they have the right to abuse & mistreat's becoming clearer by the day that becoming vegan really IS the only cruelty free way to exist   thumb
via Unleashed

Ana Ana 27 November 2010
que lindinhosss!
vamos inventar novo estilo de nataçao?!
via Unleashed

Stuff Stuff 27 November 2010
I think those are the most content pigs i've ever seen! Pigs in factory farms aren't as lucky though so sad how mistreated they are.
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 28 November 2010
Why do people have to reck it for society with animal cruelty, those pigs in the photos look so peaceful, and magical, that life is simple ~  clap
via Unleashed

o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o 30 November 2010
too cute to say th least! this story has made my puts a smile on my face to see those cute lil piggys enjoying there lives withour fear as all deserve to.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 13 December 2010
omg thats soo beautiful!!

i want to take my piggy to the beach!
via Unleashed

DazzaB DazzaB 4 January 2011
The greatest thing about these photos is the smiles on their little faces happy love

I don't really understand how someone could stand next to a pig and kill it - if iId had to kill for my own meat when I was a kid, I would have been vegetarian a loooong time ago. But I'm learning now, and I'm almost there happy
via Unleashed


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