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Call me un-Australian, but ...
Posted By Jane

Call me un-Australian, but ...

Posted 24 January 2011   by         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: Australia, sheep, extinction, environment, MLA

Is a certain television commercial featuring a certain football-has-been telling you how un-Australian you are for not eating lamb on Australia Day driving you crazy? Me too!

A few things to remember:

1. Sheep aren't even originally from Australia.

2. Masses of native vegetation have been cleared to graze sheep, irreversibly changing the Australian landscape.

3. Countless native Australian animals are extinct or endangered because of habitat loss through land clearing (livestock production being one of the main causes of this land clearing). In fact Australasia leads the entire world in species extinction :(

4. Sheep produce methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, which is affecting the whole planet (which btw includes Australia).

5. Sheep have wonderful personalities and are just as smart and deserving as the beloved dogs and cats in the homes of countless Australians.

And finally, this:

Would anyone seriously want that adorably cute and bouncy critter to have to die for their dinner?

These undisputed facts only point to one conclusion - Sam's got it backwards: it's eating lamb that is un-Australian!

Take that Kekovich!

I wanna know how you'll be spending Australia Day? Leave a comment!

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Chip Chip 24 January 2011
Some very good points right there!! I've been told that I have to spend the day at a family friend's Dairy farm to make home made pizzas... yeah... how exciting. -_- But I'm going to try and make the most of the day to meet the cows and show them some much needed love! ecstatic
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pughugs pughugs 24 January 2011
Poor you having to go to a dairy farm. I used to live behind one. It was a horrible feeling knowing there were animals all around me being tortured every day and I couldn't do anything about it.

I'll be spending my day working at animal emergency. Saving animals, not eating them.
via Unleashed

Sandy1 Sandy1 24 January 2011
Hi I'm spending Australia Day by starting it with a 4.5km fun run closely followed by 8.5hrs at work come home to a vegan soup or salad.  Nothing dies for me anymore VEGAN RUNNER! 100% animal free for life!
via Unleashed

Glenn Glenn 25 January 2011
Poor you chip, im sure they will appreciate the genuine love!

Good work pughugs & SandyL happy

I don't like to celebrate Invasion Day but a friend & I decided to throw a vegan BBQ, we thought if everyone will be out eating dead animals & drinking beer, we may as well try & reduce the suffering happy we were surprised we have around 15people already saying yes ecstatic!!!
via Unleashed

..1 ..1 25 January 2011
I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. Probably just pigging out on lots of yummy vegan food. ecstatic

Don't eat lamb on Australia day! You know it makes sense!  broccoli
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...2 ...2 25 January 2011
Posted it to Facebook. ecstatic
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 26 January 2011
spent the day canoeing tongue . swimmim in the pool happy

i love the video soo cute! my sheep do that its sooo funny watching them
via Unleashed

rohan rohan 27 January 2011
those ads are a disgrace. so too are the sam neil ads. it really shows the massive extent to which humans either flat out cruel, or disconnect the notion of food and suffering.  everyone should be made to watch the film 'earthlings.'
via Unleashed

julian7171 julian7171 27 January 2011
Eating lamb is an atrocity. It's one of the biggest crimes that one can commit. Sheep must not be killed before they are seven years old, and they must not be subjected to atrocities like muleseding. All animals are born to live happy lives. Lambs must be protected from creatures like wolves NOT   slaughtered. Only INHUMANS  eat lamb.
via Unleashed

Reuben Reuben 28 January 2011
went to an invasion day rally at parliament house in Brisbane then to my family's with two friends and drank some very sweet cider and had dinner [Mediterranean pizza without Cheeses] at the Kookaburra Cafe which tasted freaking horrid but enjoyed being sloshed with my friends in an empty room at a Restaurant.

also enjoyed that Angus and Julia Stone got No. 1 happy
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KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 24 January 2012
Julian7171 Just so you know, thanks to an American, Palin government aerial gunning of wolves and pups on yellowstone is performed. There are barely any left at all. It's legal to shoot a wolf once spotted. Unfortunately the wolf population is dwindling to practically nothing at the moment. I wish they were protected but through various loopholes they are not.

On another note though. FU*K I HATE SAM KEKOVICH WHAT A DI*K!
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Cinders Cinders 24 January 2012
Im sorry if I sound ignorant, but how do the sheep produce methane?
I love sheep, lambs, all animals, and I  will not be eating anything that once had a face and heart and soul.
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 24 January 2012
Hey Cinders,
All ruminant animals (like cows and sheep, that have four stomachs) produce a lot of methane while they rechew their food (it's all very biochemistry-y as to which of the 4 stomachs it is produced in and how and I've forgotten a lot of it since uni - my animal nutrition lecturer would be livid!) - Anyway this has to come out and basically they burp out methane all day! (They fart it out too, but it's mainly from the burps!)
via Unleashed

Risto Risto 25 January 2012
People who care about future generations will stop eating meat but they are only 1%
We should ask our politicians to start educating our children at school how harmful meat eating is!
via Unleashed

Susan13 Susan13 26 January 2012
I don't care what day it is and what l am told. I would feel un Austalian to go against my principles and as l am vegan lamb will not be on my menu.  peace peace
via Unleashed

Corina Corina 26 January 2012
I hate this whole un-australian meat eating balony! and the same goes for the whole, it's masculine to eat meat. Seriously I am pretty sure it's takes a real man to stand up for animals rights and lives. It's clear televisions advertisements like that are funded with people who have there hands in the pockets of the meat industry! furious
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 30 January 2012
Corina, you'd probably LOVE this book then - Meat is for Pussies
via Unleashed


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