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Breast Milk Ice Cream, Anyone?
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Breast Milk Ice Cream, Anyone?

Posted 10 March 2011   by         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: Ice cream, dairy, lady gaga, cows, milk, breast milk

There's a daring ice cream maker in London whose latest offering is made from human breast milk. Yep, you can now buy Baby Gaga icecream for 15 pound a scoop...

Eternal attention seeker, Lady Gaga (yes, she of the disgusting meat bikini) calls it "nausea-inducing". I can't quite see how she wasn't nauseous getting ready to attend the Grammys in a dress made of muscles from dead animals, but there you go!

I wonder if Lady Blah Blah has ever thought about how nausea-inducing drinking cows' milk really is. I know she's done some pretty crazy things but surely it's not natural to suckle from the udder of a cow who has recently given birth and is producing milk for her baby.

I'm sure dairy cows would agree -- because cows don't automatically produce milk. In fact in order to milk cows for the massive dairy market, the industry sends bewildered newborn baby calves to their deaths by the hundreds of thousands. Watch their story.

So call me crazy, but ice cream using breast milk from perfectly willing mothers who get to keep and nurture their children, who don't get killed, sounds a whole lot better to me!

Although for now, I might just stick to the So Good Soy Ice Cream. It's soooo gooood after all :)

What kind of ice cream would you rather be eating?

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 11 March 2011
interesting concept, I wonder what they do to the breast milk before they freeze it.... im sure newborns would love something different on a hot day!
via Unleashed

..1 ..1 11 March 2011
I'm going to stick with So Good too.

I don't really see the difference between human breast milk ice cream and cow breast milk ice cream. I wouldn't want to eat either of them...
via Unleashed

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 12 March 2011
Hey why not? Creates jobs for the women who want to umm.. create the milk, and no animals involved.
via Unleashed

Kirrilly Kirrilly 12 March 2011
It will lead to exploitation. Inevitably.
via Unleashed

Val Val 12 March 2011
I think thats great happy

Ice cream that involves milk and beings that are actually WILLING to give it happy
via Unleashed

Becatron Becatron 13 March 2011
I agree with Val. I think this is an awesome idea! happy
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 14 March 2011
Yeah, it is actually a pretty good idea. As long as mum's are happy doing it, and that they can still look after their little kiddies, I think its a great idea, but I don't think I'd drink it, even though its the milk we are supposed to have!
via Unleashed

Trevor Trevor 15 March 2011
Will they artificially inseminate the mothers every year and then sell their babies to the veal farmers to ensure a steady supply of mothers milk.
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 15 March 2011
Just another comment!!!!

You can't really say its gross, cause its what we drank when we were babies!!!! Actually, if you think about it, its gross that we drink cow's milk!!! laugh
via Unleashed

ganev ganev 17 March 2011
My son is making a film about animal on farms. Check it out at and become a friend of the farm
via Unleashed

SheSang SheSang 30 March 2011
Not convinced. Milk is for baby's growth. Not for desert.
via Unleashed

robotgirl. robotgirl. 31 March 2011
I wonder if anyone has told Lady Gaga how nausea inducing SHE is...
via Unleashed

ukgaz ukgaz 1 April 2011
its only ok for Babies !!!!!! but the sugar is not !!!!!!
well at least its NOT COWS MILK!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

LadyHayley LadyHayley 11 April 2011
I love Lady Gaga that is all tongue
via Unleashed

Cat_107 Cat_107 28 April 2011
Soy ice-cream all the way!  I'm not a baby cow or a baby human.
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 21 August 2012
Neither but if one was required I would use human milk.
I stick to milk alternatives.
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 21 August 2012
lady GaGa says wearing a meat dress isn't gross but drinking human milk is? That lady is messed up.
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