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For Duck's Sake -- Just Ban Shooting!
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For Duck's Sake -- Just Ban Shooting!

Posted 22 March 2011   by         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: ducks, hunting, duck shooting, action, rant, news

By now you've probably heard the news: On the opening day of Victoria's despicable duck shooting season rescue team member, Julia Symons was shot in the face by a duck shooter. Instead of being able to take care of injured birds callously shot down and left for dead by hunters, Julia had her own injuries to see to.

Poor Julia was rushed to hospital to have 10 pellets removed from her face and hand. She was lucky not to be blinded, or worse! Thankfully Julia will recover; sadly most ducks aren't so fortunate. One in every four birds shot by hunters escape wounded, left to suffer and die slowly from their untended injuries. There's no ambulance for them.

Big Guns... Little Ducks. Ban Duck Hunting!

When a hunter pulls the trigger on a shot gun, pellets are literally sprayed out. There is no guarantee what even the most skilled marksman will hit: a native duck, a protected waterbird, endangered species like flying foxes (or even a rescuer!) can become victims of these ducking brutes.

On another note, the boy who reportedly shot Julia was just 14 years old. At 14 you're not even allowed to drive a car, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or vote - so why on earth should you be allowed to fire a deadly weapon? Actually, why should anyone be allowed to shoot animals for fun? Most of Australia has already banned duck hunting because it's cruelty to animals after all.

Hardly makes sense does it? Why are the Premiers of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia getting away with blood on their hands? For Julia and the ducks, take a moment to ask the governments of these three states to ban duck shooting now!

Shout outs to all the rescue teams out on the water, including CADS, UPROAR, and the Duck Army. Good luck and stay safe guys, and we wish Julia a speedy recovery!

How would you feel if you were injured while protecting animals from cruelty?

PS Want that awesome banner? Here's the code!

Big Guns... Little Ducks. Ban Duck Hunting!

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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 23 March 2011
Ducks are beautiful. beaverhug
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 23 March 2011
2 do you use the code? I can never get them to work. ashamed Thanks! peace
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 24 March 2011
Tofu, if you have a website or a blog, you can copy the code (which is HTML code) into the page code of your website / blog / Myspace etc. That will display the banner on your site.

Sometimes you can also add HTML code to e-mail signatures if you want to have it at the bottom of your e-mail.

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the animaniac the animaniac 27 March 2011
why in the world would any one want to shoot a cute fluffy duck
via Unleashed

Shaere Shaere 27 March 2011
On Saturday duck murderers shot an entire family of ducks. The mother duck was leading 7 baby ducklings 1-2 days old with the father duck bringing up the rear. They were in open water. They were trying to swim for safety in an area where there was none. A motor boat with two duck murderers aboard drove up behind them and strafed the entire line of ducks with gunfire at point blank range. They hit the two parents and all the babies between them. Neither parent tried to take flight. Both stayed with their babies till the end. It was truly horrific. They were swimming. Not flying. They didn't have a chance. It was a calculated act of cruelty. It was barbaric. It was callous. Two DSE officers witnessed the entire thing and all they said was "they are just ducks." They didn't care that babies were slaughtered. I spoke to another duck murderer later who said it was a disgusting thing to do and that he wouldn't have done it because he was a humane hunter. That's an oxymoron.
But it's nice to know at least one of the murderers had a line he wouldn't cross. But who is to say he didn't kill a mother duck. Because all over the wetlands were hundreds of baby ducks swimming in confusion and fear and desperation because their parents were dead or missing. Hundreds, probably thousands of babies destined to die from hypothermia and starvation.
via Unleashed

Sebastian Sebastian 28 March 2011
Can I just the say with the comment

'When a hunter pulls the trigger on a shot gun, pellets are literally sprayed out. There is no guarantee what even the most skilled marksman will hit'

This is not 100% true, they don't 'spray out every where' with a 20 gauge at 100 yards you get a spread of about a dinner plate, that is not big.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 29 March 2011
@Sebastian: The spacial distribution of pellets fired from a shotgun is called 'shotgun spray', and wikipedia offers the alternate name 'scattergun' for shotgun. It seems appropriate to say the pellets are 'sprayed out'.

By the very nature of shotguns, even if a duck is unfortunate enough to get shot, this does not mean some of the pellets will not continue past that unlucky bird and endanger other wildlife as well sad
via Unleashed

sa sa 30 March 2011
I am horrified to read how people can sink so low and not care about our beautiful birds (or any other live being)!  
Do we not think about our future?! ashamed
via Unleashed

Jubes Jubes 31 March 2011
This is so horrible sad
Its amazing how there is a group of people that will go out there to save any ducks they can and try to protect them (even with there lives) while other people will go out without a care and kill and watch animals suffer. I have pulled groups of injured ducks off roads before that have just been hit and left to die in the middle of the road - I can never get the horrible image out of my head and the fact that people will go out there and cause that kind of suffering on purpose, seriously what goes through their heads. If you must shoot why not shoot targets or bottles or something that doesn't have a life and can't suffer.
via Unleashed

robotgirl. robotgirl. 31 March 2011
@shaere: it IS an oxymoron, and for all we know he's shot a duck and drake and left their ducklings to starve, but at least he acknowledges that firing directly at mere ducklings is disgusting.

It's still a great anecdote to prove that shooting at one duck impacts more than just that duck. I've heard some horrible stories about going over the bag limit, but that's the most awful thing I've ever heard cry
via Unleashed

Dannii Dannii 1 April 2011
how could anyone murder a duck, that outrages me to the core. When we lived in Brisbane (Redcliffe) I used to feed the ducks and named a couple of them too. I talked to them and they quacked back.  When one got ran over by a car I rushed it to the vet. If only the ducks knew how to use a gun they could go human hunting and see how they like it angry
via Unleashed

Lillian1 Lillian1 4 April 2011
Fuzzy Widdle Dukkies dove
via Unleashed

Sebastian Sebastian 18 April 2011
@Jesse, next time I get the chance I will test this out with my grandfather 20 gauge, I'll provide pictures. I got this information from a fairly reliable source.
via Unleashed

Sebastian Sebastian 19 April 2011
Maybe the protester should have DUCKED
via Unleashed

Red Red 19 April 2011
I don't see ducks as being any different from the thousands of different animals that are havested for food. To me that is why god put them here so we could sustain ourselves, same as with plants and water the whole lot they are here for a purpose.
via Unleashed

raff raff 18 May 2011
What a brave mob, and Julia I hope your recovering: 20 or so years ago I attended a anti duck protest in Victoria and we got shot at also. We were under seige by 9 shooters  for 4 hours in a leaking canoe in the middle of the lake, so I can tell you this the emotional healing takes awhile, but It should give you a steely resolve to end this murder at all costs keep up the good work you are tru heros, and take your time to heal....
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 18 May 2011
Yes, I agree, ban shooting!
via Unleashed


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