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"Human Eyeballs on Toast"

"Human Eyeballs on Toast"

Posted 14 April 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: factory farming, video, music, bands, veg

I always get a kick out of discovering new songs about animal rights and so just wanted to share a beautiful song I discovered today with you: "Human Eyeballs on Toast", by Peter Broderick. I thought the lyrics were very thoughtful:

American singer/songwriter/composer, Peter Broderick says he has been "back and forth vegetarian" his whole life, and picked up Eating Animals by Jonathon Safran Foer to try and work out once and for all where he stood. He says the book gave him "some really clear answers" and inspired/outraged by what he'd read he wrote this song from the point of view of animals in factory farms.

This is from Broderick: "I find the animal agriculture industry (especially in the USA) to be deeply, deeply disturbing and incredibly sad, and this song is a product of that sadness."

If you want to know more about how animals in Australian factory farms are treated, you could start by clicking here.

Let me know what you think of the song.

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Pegs Pegs 14 April 2011
AWESOME! We need more songs like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 15 April 2011
I like it happy
via Unleashed

Nobody Nobody 16 April 2011
Wow! Very good.
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 23 April 2011
That guy looks waaay too much like Darren Cordeux. Stop tricking me, dammit! tongue
via Unleashed

Val Val 26 April 2011
That made me cry.......really beautiful song
via Unleashed


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