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This Is Not What The Doctor Ordered!
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This Is Not What The Doctor Ordered!

Posted 18 April 2011   by         Permalink | 25 Comments

Tags: animal testing, video

During World Week for Animals in Laboratories, there are loads of things you can do to help end cruel animal testing for products like cosmetics and skincare. And wouldn't it be great to put an end to burning and poisoning animals just for the sake of a new deoderant or toilet cleaner?

But sadly, cruelty to animals in labs doesn't stop there. Did you know that millions of cats, dogs, mice, rats and monkeys suffer and die for the sake of medical research too? Check this out:

Like the video says, using animals in medical research is unpredictable, unreliable and unnecessary. And this quote really resonates with me -
"Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research" - George Bernard Shaw

I love organisations like Humane Research Australia and Dr Hadwen Trust in the UK, who work tirelessly to raise awareness and show that this cruelty is unnecessary. They promote and develop alternatives and show huge achievements in medical science in the name of humane research (that is, research that doesn't involve animals at all!)

Will you join me this week in honouring all animals confined in cruel labs and raise as much awareness for them as we can? Share this vid on Facebook to let people know about humane research.

After all, we have a voice. Animals suffering in labs don't.

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Pegs Pegs 19 April 2011
Its so sad that animals are used for our own personal use.
via Unleashed

Carolinek Carolinek 19 April 2011
this is really appalling and needs to be stopped now.
via Unleashed

Lucinda Lucinda 19 April 2011
It breaks my heart thinking about all those poor animals locked away in cages and slowly tortured on a daily basis. People should be made aware of what animals go through for our vanity. Very sad indeed  sad
via Unleashed

Fish Lover Fish Lover 19 April 2011
Its hard to believe things like this can happen sad
via Unleashed

Adrienne Adrienne 19 April 2011
Why do we continue to abuse animals - just stop the testing on them.  Surely the people who do this, must know what each product can do without using animals to test on.
via Unleashed

ErinK ErinK 20 April 2011
via Unleashed

Miranda-woops Miranda-woops 20 April 2011
animals should not be treated this way. it is not somebodys 'choice' or 'belief' to not eat animals, it is wrong. We do not get to torture, mame, and kill innocent sentient beings
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 20 April 2011
I agree with Lucinda & Miranda-woops.
We need to stop animal testing, period.
There is no logic behind it; most testing is done to see if we humans have any side effects, so why test on the animals? Completely no need.
Same with meat; we don't need it so let the precious animals keep what is theirs.
via Unleashed

Annelies Craig Annelies Craig 22 April 2011
Need to keep this going as I am aware that a lot of the general public are still unaware that a lot of research is still carried out on animals.  This needs to stop...........
via Unleashed

Cheyenne1997 Cheyenne1997 22 April 2011
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 22 April 2011
Shared on Tumblr.
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Lee! Lee! 23 April 2011
via Unleashed

Lee! Lee! 23 April 2011
sad The world shouldn't be like this. Animals should be able to live their lives just as we are entitled to.
via Unleashed

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 26 April 2011
That's so sad, why is this still happening? sad
via Unleashed

The rice milk rasta The rice milk rasta 27 April 2011
Shared , this cruelty brings a feeling of true sadness.
via Unleashed

AmyAmeliaRose AmyAmeliaRose 27 April 2011
Shared, The video want to make me cry  sad
via Unleashed

Arly Arly 28 April 2011
shared. This is so wrong.
via Unleashed

leni leni 28 April 2011
het is zo erg om die beelden te zien ik moet erom huilen maar be sure god zal ze straffen daar ben ik zeker van dit moet stoppen
via Unleashed

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 28 April 2011
Reality Check
No matter what people say and do it is as GOD WILLS IT!!!
And if GOD does not like something he will make it be known!!
Remeber we are all  living on a melting pot of a planet, the core of the planet is as hot as the sun and who is protecting us, God!!!
via Unleashed

michelleo michelleo 28 April 2011
animal experiements and animal cruelty is all wrong, we need to change our habits, and our eating, and our needs/wants. because its a horrific thing to know its painfully hurting animals to die slowly for our pleasures.. they were not put on earth for us to do evil things to... we need to educate others on these experiements to animals... lets all do something everyday to tell at least one person about them... xo
via Unleashed

E. E. 29 April 2011
Pictures worth a thousand words...
via Unleashed

Crystella Crystella 29 April 2011
It really is up to us, to stop this from happening, its horrible to see the faces of the poor animals,that dont have a voice! We need to be that voice & get into action & make a change for animal rights!! Not tomorrow but TODAY!
via Unleashed

FrancisM FrancisM 3 May 2011
I really wanted to put in some very specific comments here, but it will not accept the long version so here is the short:
Animal research isn't effective for some areas (a major area included being drug testing) because it produces spurious results. However, it is effective and accurate for others.
Also, at least one of the quotes is decontextualised (it is actually from a group who state that animals can be used effectively in comparative and basic research).
Contrary to popular belief, in no small part peddled by 'anti-vivisectionists', animal research *does* provide useful information into how some bodily and behavioural systems do work, and these can (at times) generalise to humans.
Let me be clear, this video made me very upset because it is visually horrifying, but unfortunately visually horrifying doesn't provide any real support for a position.
via Unleashed

christi christi 4 May 2011
this is so sad it is cruel and it sounds worser that they don't have a voice

angry sad
via Unleashed

elvirakatelin elvirakatelin 13 December 2015
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