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Overwhelming response to live export campaign!

Overwhelming response to live export campaign!

Posted 31 May 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: live export, vid, campaign, Animals Australia

Wow! What a BIG day...

After 4 Corners' story on live export last night, we've been absolutely flat out! All our websites are at absolute capacity (you've probably noticed)! That's a whole lot of Aussies who want live export stopped for good!

You'll have to bare with us if the Unleashed site doesn't get updated quite so regularly in the next few days... but you can follow every step of the campaign on Animals Australia's Facebook page and join the #banliveexport discussion on Twitter.

And if you haven't already, please make your voice heard: call on Julia Gillard to ban this dreadful trade before any more animals have to endure this horrible fate:

« Massive News! Live Export Suspended!     Save this date: Live export exposed! »

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Nobody Nobody 31 May 2011
Well done Animals Australia! clap You are truly heroic.
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 1 June 2011
So great to be part of something that's making a big statement.
Well done to all involved in making the change!
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 2 June 2011
I'm so glad to see this love I literally sent the letter about four times and added a paragraph comparing it to the stolen generation
via Unleashed

wideEyedPupil wideEyedPupil 2 June 2011
Everybody seems to think these awful practices don't happen in Australia?!

It's just that no owner of an abattoir or factory farm would let a video camera near it while this kind of thing is happening. Watch Gary Yourovsky's lecture video and see much worse behavior on US dairy farms and abattoirs. I'm convinced Australia in not immune from sadistic individuals.
via Unleashed

PaulaCarr PaulaCarr 6 June 2011
Hi, great job so far, is there a rally to ban live exports on 18th June in Melbourne?
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 6 June 2011
Hey Paula, yep there will be a National Day of Action on the 18th of June and we'll let everyone know all the deets as soon as they are confirmed happy
via Unleashed

raff raff 8 June 2011
I so proud of all the ppl who spoke out, ive been actively campaigning for 20 years to ban live exports, what a great outcome, thanks to 4 corners and of course lyn and all the mob from animals australia, viva the revolution!!!  keep up the pressure folks
via Unleashed

Katie Katie 8 June 2011
Awesome news about the suspension, now to get it banned!  Felt good to update my Facebook status with some good news after bombarding everyone's newsfeeds for the last couple of weeks!
via Unleashed

Lizzy17 Lizzy17 11 June 2011
Is there going to be a rally in Hobart?
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 12 June 2011
Hi Lizzy, Animals Australia are not organising any rallies but see this link to see what's happening in Tassie!/event.php?eid=134411393303379
via Unleashed


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