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Don't Miss The Cove on Sunday Night!
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Don't Miss The Cove on Sunday Night!

Posted 26 August 2011   by         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: dolphins, The Cove, video

Every year in a sleepy little Japanese village called Taiji, a horrific event takes place. And it took one small group of activists with undercover cameras to expose this bloody secret to the world:

This Sunday at 8.30pm on ABC1, you can see the Academy Award-winning film for yourself. The Cove threw the international spotlight onto Taiji and is so explosive that officials in Japan tried to stop it from ever being shown there.

Well now it has been, and as more people become aware and speak out for these dolphins, the harder it becomes for the brutal killing to continue. So make sure you tune in and tell all your friends to watch too!

Head here for more info on the film and ways that you can help save dolphins in Taiji.

Have you already seen the film? What did you think?

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Ashlyn Ashlyn 26 August 2011
Already own this on DVD, awesome awesome film..showed in to my very un-environmental family and some of them cried and finally understood why i cared so much..
via Unleashed

Sarah29061 Sarah29061 27 August 2011
IS it a full length movie???? just wondering ecstatic
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 27 August 2011
Is it sad? Did anyone cry while watching this?
via Unleashed

Tarzi Tarzi 29 August 2011
I love dolphins, and I hate to see people hurt them sad
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 29 August 2011
Oh I missed it on ABC so now I am on a mission to find it.
via Unleashed

Catzilla Kittypaw Catzilla Kittypaw 29 August 2011
Fantastic doc. And yeh, I cried cry
via Unleashed

Rebecca05 Rebecca05 30 August 2011
What frustrated me the most was that I watched it with my Father and he sat there the whole time going "Yeah, that's right, I already knew that" and that's about as 'active' as he gets...
via Unleashed

Catzilla Kittypaw Catzilla Kittypaw 30 August 2011
How do I cross it off my list?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 31 August 2011
@Catzilla, It should be off your list now.
via Unleashed

kikumeri kikumeri 1 September 2011
it was fantastic! brought alot of tears, i hoped it opened up alot of people eyes!
via Unleashed

Infinite-Sadness Infinite-Sadness 17 September 2011
Im trying to get a public screening of this in my town
via Unleashed

COLE COLE 19 September 2011
A great doco. that brought many tears.
via Unleashed


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