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Live export cow cruelty exposed again!

Live export cow cruelty exposed again!

Posted 29 February 2012   by Jesse         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: live export, video, investigation, ABC, cows, Animals Australia

So did you see the live export story on ABC last night? If not, let me fill you in...

They aired shocking footage from a new Animals Australia investigation in Indonesia. (btw, you can check out the story here) I don't know how many times pollies need to see animals being packed on ships, sent to countries with no laws to protect them, and brutally killed before they'll get it. It's pretty obvious to the rest of us: live exports = animal cruelty

Last year, the government introduced a new system and promised we wouldn't see these horrible images on TV again. Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig has been saying today that "What this actually demonstrates is that the system does work." But I'd like to get a second opinion: Does this look like a system that's working to you?

P.S. If you want to pester your pollie about banning this bloody business, drop in here.

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Carmen for the animals Carmen for the animals 29 February 2012
It's a shame the lesson wasn't learned the first time and it shows the lack of foresight that our politicians have. This is crucial for Australia's future and it's a downward plunge for our Country, that it will be the benchmark, by which we are remembered and compared. Thanks for posting this Jessie and keeping us all up to date.
via Unleashed

Carmen for the animals Carmen for the animals 29 February 2012
P.S I shall be forwarding letters of support to my local politican.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 1 March 2012
I am Pestering my pollie happy hopefully he is on the same side ecstatic
via Unleashed

Tofu Ninja Tofu Ninja 1 March 2012
Australian politicians are easily amongst some of the worst in the world.
Why can't we just get ONE person in power with some form of a brain?
via Unleashed

Jade Simpson Jade Simpson 2 March 2012
The thing is they don't care, it is all about money to them.

Another thing anyone that works in an abatoir obviously almost likes to kill things so torturing probably too.
via Unleashed

Jesse4434 Jesse4434 24 March 2012
It's so sad that they do that... it made me cry sad
via Unleashed

Pepe Pepe 4 October 2012
It should not be allowed or tolerated in this modern time, especially by educated people
via Unleashed


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