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WIN dairy-free Easter goodies!

WIN dairy-free Easter goodies!

Posted 20 March 2012   by Jesse         Permalink | 121 Comments

Tags: Easter, chocolate, giveaway, dairy, bobby calves, milk, video

!easter-2.jpgEaster is just around the corner. If you're as loco for cocoa as me, you're probably already drooling over the idea of a long weekend devouring chocolate. But we couldn't wait that long... We're getting into the spirit of Easter early and are giving away a delicious cruelty-free Easter pack to one Unleashed member now. Read on to find out how this lucky person could be you ;)

While Easter can be a sweet deal for us, it's often a sour deal for animals. But it doesn't have to be. By going dairy-free you can be sure to have an awesome Easter while also being sweet to animals.

Here's why...

Because dairy-free chocolate is amazing!
Don't take my word for it. If you're a chocoholic, you owe it to yourself to try Bonvita Rice Milk Chocolate (they even do white chocolate!). And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads of other delicious dairy-free chocolates out there.

Then there's this...

Most Aussies don't realise that over 700,000 dairy calves (called 'bobby calves') are killed as 'waste products' in the dairy industry every year. But going dairy-free means chocolate doesn't have to be a death sentence for dairy calves.

You might even be surprised how easy ditching dairy can be. Not only is there a great range of dairy-free chocolates in most supermarkets, we've got the (dairy-free)-cream of the crop in the Unleashed shop, to make it super-easy for you to get the perfect prezzies to put on your own wishlist this Easter!. Check out these goodies:


How amazing are they! And what's even more amazing is you could score one of these for free. Just tell us who you'd most like to share dairy-free chocolate with and why. Leave a comment below, and the best answer will score an 'Easter Chicken Gift Pack', including 2 delicious bonvita rice milk egg packs and an adorable chick adoption.


2nd April 2012 And the winner is ....*em* who plans on using this choccie to start a new dairy-free chocolate addiction in her workplace!

Huge thanks to everyone who entered the comp - what a generous bunch you all are!

Don't be too disappointed if you missed out - remember you can grab dairy-free chocolate in most supermarkets in the health food aisle... See it must be good for us!

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angelaartsstudent angelaartsstudent 21 March 2012
My nearly 3-yo daughter who is vegan and is finally old enough to get excited about chocolates at easter time! Her dad gave her a taste of his cow milk the other day (he is not vegan) and she said it tasted yucky and she wanted her (soy) milk back!
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Kirby Kirby 21 March 2012
I would share with all the students in my environmental ethics class who argue that a vegetarian/vegan way of life is too hard and unnecessary. With goodies like this who wouldn't ?
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al3x al3x 21 March 2012
My step-dad it'll be the first easter without my mum to share with us.
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*em* *em* 21 March 2012
I would share it with myself and my nursing colleagues. We live off chocolate when doing shift work and if we all started eating dairy free chocolate, we could save a lot of dairy calves and still enjoy our sweet addictions!  happy
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kit_kaht kit_kaht 21 March 2012
With my PhD supervisor, who is vegan without being a pain in the ass about it and it's exactly that unobtrusive, but solid conviction that inspires people and creates change in this world.
via Unleashed

xAshlee xAshlee 21 March 2012
Yum! ....I have been dairy-free (vegan) since last June! =) I would share the gift packs with my two sisters who 'took a leaf out of my book' and are both now vegetarian. They have just started buying Soy milk as opposed to dairy but I am encouraging them to go 100% dairy-free.
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*Steph* *Steph* 21 March 2012
Everyone I know. When I went vegan I had to tell people I had a dairy intolerance. In truth people I know have an intolerance to change or difference. I can only change the world by changing myself.
via Unleashed

Brooke4 Brooke4 21 March 2012
I would share it with my Mum because both our birthdays are around easter (the 5th and the 7th) and as part of her gift I would love to spoil her with delicious, cruelty-free easter eggs that we can both pig out on. And with both of us being vegan- good quality dairy-free chocolate is always a win!
via Unleashed

2pinkpossums 2pinkpossums 21 March 2012
It's so hard to narrow it down to just one person but firstly it would be my husband, he is not only my full-time carer but he goes to a lot of trouble to prepare vegan meals for me and my eldest daughter and I would love for him and my youngest daughter to realise chocolate and all dairy productss really can be taken out of our diet and replaced with yumminess.  Second I would love all the politicians to have dairy free chocolate and a huge fuss made of it to bring attention back to the booby calf campaign AA ran last year.   I am part owner of a few bobby calves, it is easy for a whole group of people to put in a little money each and save the life of a calf or a retired dairy cow headed for slaughter. It's a great feeling
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Loren84 Loren84 21 March 2012
I would share my dairy free chocolate with the less fortunate children in my community that don't get chocolate at Easter.  Not only would I make a difference in a child's life, by creating a happy moment, I would also have an opportunity to educate and impress upon the youth of our community and those onlookers (media included) the importance of finding alternative ways to live that aren't so costly to our earth and those that call it home.
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KarinaC KarinaC 21 March 2012
my boss who always gives me shit about vegan so i can say "in your face, being vegan doesn't mean you can eat nice things" tongue
via Unleashed

BecSchultz BecSchultz 21 March 2012
I would love to share dairy free chocolate with OPRAH. As one of the most influential people in the world, with her own television network, magazine and millions of followers, I am sure she could spread the vegan word and convert more people than anyone else. Ever.
via Unleashed

Charlotte4 Charlotte4 21 March 2012
My boyfriend so I can show him that vegans enjoy taste just as much as the next person and to help me continue my journey of showing him the light of vegetariansm and veganism!
via Unleashed

Sharon R Sharon R 21 March 2012
I would like to share some vegan chocky with my mum. I lost her to cancer 2 1/2 years ago. I only went vegan 6 months ago. I am sure she would be very proud of me - I got my love for animals from her. She was always trying to save little baby birds that had fallen from trees. We always had shelter pets or strays growing up.
I miss her sad
via Unleashed

Georgia4 Georgia4 21 March 2012
I would share this with my friend Natasha. Both she and I stopped drinking dairy products upon reading the article on Bobby calves last year and have never looked back! There are so many delicious alternatives that don't involve slaughter.
via Unleashed

Minion Minion 21 March 2012
Hmm, tough choice. My best friend helped my switch from veg to vegan over a year ago, but she already knows how good they are. My friends & family who are always supportive, but they eat whatever I give them happily anyway. My work colleagues already eat my choccy biscuits over theirs first.
I know one person who needs them -  
I would share with my (non veg/vegan) ex-husband so he can taste why I'll never change for him or anyone else!
via Unleashed

Ancksu Ancksu 21 March 2012
Ooooh, I am going on a camp with the Muscular Dystrophy organisation over Easter. So I would take my chocolates with me and share them with the kids. =D
via Unleashed

Pintu Pintu 21 March 2012
I would share it with my non-Vegan friends as they would learn that there are so many cruelty-free chocolates. (I have been doing this for quite sometime now!
via Unleashed

kateyb kateyb 21 March 2012
I'd love to win this and share my dairy-free easter eggs with my partner. After being vego for almost 10 years, we came to the realisation a few weeks ago that it was totally unacceptable to have taken us so long to go vegan... Anyway, we were browsing round shops a couple of days ago, checking out easter goodies to buy for our 2 little girls.. I pointed out to him the horrible fact that we can't eat the girls leftover eggs this year, as they wouldn't be vegan... We then had a conversation regarding whether there was such a thing as a vegan easter egg? So, if I won, I'd surprise my partner on easter with the 'vegan easter egg' and share with him.
via Unleashed

Haaayyyllleeeyyy Haaayyyllleeeyyy 21 March 2012
I have honestly never had dairy free eggs. My reason for not going vegan is because I wouldn't be able to live without Chocolate. I'd love to try some dairy free choc though?
P.S. I'd share it with my boyfriend. Because I want him to vegetarian and all the great foods I give him just brings him one step closer! happy
via Unleashed

GennaG GennaG 21 March 2012
My boyfriend has been confined to bed for over two months with a back injury and I would love to win him a vegan friendly surprise!!
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 21 March 2012
My whole family, because they always go out of their way to make sure I get something at Easter time too happy
via Unleashed

ezql ezql 21 March 2012
I'd like to share the chocolate with my older brother who I can't thank more for helping me open my eyes to the realities of animal cruelty and the prospects of animal welfare. We are both pending-vegan and can't be happier. I'd share the chocolate with the world if I could, as well.
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Humpty Doo chick Humpty Doo chick 21 March 2012
Definitely friends and family - the more people who taste these products and appreciate how yummy they are, the more likely more people will turn their backs on the cruel and inhumane methods of food production AND beauty product testing. It is totally unnecessary.  What is wrong with us???
via Unleashed

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx 21 March 2012
My friends! Because they are always open to trying new (vegan) things and more often then not love them more then I do. happy
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nickiw nickiw 21 March 2012
I would share it with my gorgeous 3.5 year old daughter, who is a lovely old soul that loves ALL creatures great and small...even her pet millipedes.
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bardie bardie 21 March 2012
Fantasy world: I'd share with George Clooney so I can melt in his mouth
Reality: I'd have it all to myself because I'm a chocoholic
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naenae92 naenae92 21 March 2012
If i won of these delicious cruelty free choccys, i'd love to share it with my friends who love animals to death and are also vegan and want a fair trade. I am about of a fair trade group and our plan is to trade everything giving life to those who harvest our cocoa and also bring hope to animals that are too sweet to be put down and be killed for food.  peace beaverhug
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Kym2 Kym2 21 March 2012
Everyone, then no one would be buying eggs with cows milk in them.
via Unleashed

JKM JKM 21 March 2012
My youngest sisters, to show them nothing needs to be harmed for us to eat delicious chocolate!

& My husband, but let's be honest here, that would involve me eating all the chocolate. wink
via Unleashed

Lindy Lindy 21 March 2012
My Mum, because even though my family are traditional Italian meat-eaters she ALWAYS cooks me a separate vegan meal every night.. And helps me make vegan brownies happy
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 21 March 2012
I'd share my chocolate with my mother , because she works sooo hard to take care of me and my five siblings , and she seriously needs a break and a chance to relax .
via Unleashed

Chrissy Chrissy 21 March 2012
I'd like to share the dairy free chocolate with my family. We always have an awesome time at Easter and a big Easter egg hunt for my neices wink
via Unleashed

Kate and Ash Kate and Ash 21 March 2012
If i won i would gift it to my lovely 3 year old daughter. This is her first easter where she will receive cholcolates and i so want to make it a cruelty free easter for her happy She has a strong love of animals like i do and was telling me last night how she wants her own pet pig named 'sweetie'. Even at the age of just 2 she got upset when she found out that penguins eat fish happy
via Unleashed

Pooja Pooja 21 March 2012
with my family to show them that animal cruelty free chocolate is just as good as normal chocolate and that eating things that dont harm animals is an amazing feeling
via Unleashed

KellyH82 KellyH82 21 March 2012
My mum because had a run of bad health and is on a really restricted diet but this she could eat! So would be soooo happy!
via Unleashed

melon007 melon007 21 March 2012
I'd most like to share a dairy free chocolate with Jason Russell, director of Kony 2012 video and hope it inspires him to create another viral campaign and create global awareness on animal cruelty.  idea

Or I'd share a dairy free chocolate with Joseph Kony, take a photo of him eating it, send it to the tabloids so that they write about the irony, perhaps headlining "JOSEPH KONY VEGAN?" which will prompt people to google veganisim and become aware of the facts!
via Unleashed

chrissie@yogainrecovery [email protected] 21 March 2012
I'd share it with everyone I could!  To convince them that it's possible to not eat dairy and not be deprived.  And mostly I'd share it with me because I have yet to try any chocolate since becoming vegan through Animals Australia.  
Thanks for all you do x javascript:smile('dance');void(0);
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BridgetJane BridgetJane 21 March 2012
I would share with my mum whose always looked at anything vegan like there was a bad smell under her nose. While I don't mean to decieve her, I wouldn't tell her the chocolate was vegan until after she'd tried it and (undoubtably) liked it, as she's done with a few other vegan recipes. I'm slowly going to convince her its not wrong when you don't use animal products happy
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Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 21 March 2012
I've been vegan for 2 years but my family still seem to think I'm missing out at Easter time!! I'd like to prove to them all that there is delicious dairy-free chocolate out there!
via Unleashed

Sharna Sharna 21 March 2012
My sister, to say thank you for introducing me to the cruelty-free way of life - go vegans go!
via Unleashed

Huntz01 Huntz01 21 March 2012
I would like to share dairy free chocolote with every australian child so that from an early age they understand that dairy products are not required to make chocolate taste great!
via Unleashed

Jade Simpson Jade Simpson 21 March 2012
I would love to tell all my workmates about why they should also go dairy free, let's start this ball rolling. The age of truth is going to open everyones eyes.
via Unleashed

Shahna Lammajamma Shahna Lammajamma 21 March 2012
With my international flat mates who have never had an easter before and have never had easter eggs. I'd love for their first easter in Australia to be a cruelty free one =D
via Unleashed

Paigey Paigey 21 March 2012
Well I'm the only vegetarian in my extended family and whenever I eat dairy free chocolate they complain that it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as dairy chocolate. Therefore, I would probably just share it with my friends and colleagues and see if I could change their minds. happy
via Unleashed

Horizons-Photography Horizons-Photography 21 March 2012
My family (no.1) because my mum spends a lot of her money on vegan products for me and cooks a lot of vegan meals,
Woody Harrelson (no.2), because he was successful in making the set of Zombieland environmentally conscious, as well as making the director sustain a dairy free diet for a week (who succeeded in this and maintained a vegetarian diet for 11 months!)
via Unleashed

maisiemay maisiemay 21 March 2012
Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott (covering my bases depending on who wins the next fact I might invite Malcolm Turnbull too cos he's in with a shot) so I can highlight to them in person the truth about factory farming and the bobby calf issues in our dairy industy. I'd also take the opportunity to discuss live animal export too as we enjoy our dairy free chocolate treat.
via Unleashed

SuperCat SuperCat 22 March 2012
I'd like to share it with my Mum. We both love chocolate and wish to make it a sweet easter for everyone involved. We care for our fourlegged friends as much as we care for eachother.
via Unleashed

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Ailsa OllieFate Ailsa OllieFate 22 March 2012
I would love to share it with my non-vegan friends, without telling them until after they've eaten some that it's vegan, just to see their faces and show them how good vegan chocolate is.  happy  innocent  laugh
via Unleashed

sam5121 sam5121 22 March 2012
my wife she loves chocolate
via Unleashed

SangoHiraikotsu SangoHiraikotsu 22 March 2012
My fiance, what could  be sweeter than spending a romantic easter with the one you love? That's who I'll be spoiling rotten this time.cloud9
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Rebecca18 Rebecca18 22 March 2012
My mum to show how wrong she is about a vegan diet! and how amazing dairy-free chocolates taste. She is one of many in my family that doesn't think a vegan diet is good for me, i'll show them.
via Unleashed

Katielovesvegies Katielovesvegies 22 March 2012
I would share these chocolates with my little sister
1. because I love her and love making her happy
2. because she is a non-vegetarian/vegan and is difficult to convince of the quality of vegan foods
3. because if I didn't I'm sure I'd get in trouble
I love vegan/vegetarian options for holidays, and my eggplant parmagiana (vegetarian) is a family favourite maybe these choccies could become one too.
via Unleashed

Kas Kas 22 March 2012
My daughter is my heroine. She has changed my life by encouraging me to become Vegan, and continues to inspire me by following her dream. This, for the moment means she is living in London. Although we maintain a deep and loving connection, I long for the touch, sound and smell of her. To be able to share these chocolates with her would be an uplifting treat. Even more so, because I will have to lock them away until we are together again at the end of the year!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Samanthadavey Samanthadavey 22 March 2012
My brother because he's been a vegetarian for 7 year and a vegan for 3 of those years. He helped me a lot web I decided to go from being a meat eater to a strick vegan and he made it so easy! Also if I had some left over I'd share it with Emily Deschanel because she is an inspiration. She has been a vegan for 17 years and shows its possible to be a vegan and enviromentist and be an actress. She also uses her fame to spread awareness about animal abuse and veganism.
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apinky apinky 22 March 2012
My partner is a chocoholic and I would love to snuggle in bed and share these dairy-free treats with him.  After he admits they are wonderful, I'll then tell him that they are dairy-free.  I may convert him one day.
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riotfox riotfox 22 March 2012
I would share it with my former manager from work who just "didn't get" why I don't eat dairy.  Maybe I could show her that it really isn't that hard and get some education in there too about the calves that are slaughtered!
via Unleashed

ShannonW ShannonW 22 March 2012
I'd love to share with Ellen DeGeneres, as she and I are both new(ish) to veganism, and we would have so much to talk about! In between enormous mouthfuls of chocolatey goodness happy
via Unleashed

Siamese Girl Siamese Girl 22 March 2012
Koko my beautiful rescued Siamese on my lap, husband/best mate by my side sharing mouthfuls of our delectable dairy-free chocolate prize - bliss!
via Unleashed

deborah lynette deborah lynette 22 March 2012
every day my beautiful friends the parrots and cockatoos
come to visit me, they land on my door, and wait for there breakfast, lol  so very beautiful they are, I would very much like to share with them, but since they are not able to eat chocolate, I would have to eat them all my self!! lol
thank you animals australia for all the wonderful work that you do to help all the little animals great and small, they are my life!! clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
via Unleashed

Nay Nay 22 March 2012
Everyone! So they can see that it tastes just as good as regular chocolate and also to make them aware of what it takes to have all this chocolate int he first place. Most people wouldn't even think about it!!!
via Unleashed

Gaye Gaye 22 March 2012
I have never tried vegan easter eggs so it is something I will do this year...thanks for letting me know they exist and to challenge my actions.
via Unleashed

pixie pixie 22 March 2012
I would share with a homeless man called Dave. I see him when im in the city. Ive had some long talks with him, he's an amazing animal lover and spends half his money on food for his dog who shares his home on the streets. I gave him some vegan chocolate once and he said it's the best thing he ever tasted!
via Unleashed

Ballerina Ballerina 22 March 2012
Are you joking?  I wouldn't share them.  I don't share chocolate! cow
via Unleashed

I would share some dairy-free chocolate with the Easter Bunny, so that after falling in love with it himself he would hide and share around the world dairy-free instead happy
via Unleashed

Pablique Pablique 22 March 2012
My bestest friend Carlee who is the one person I can rave to about animal welfare issues who I know feels just as strongly. Oh and she LOVES chocolate too!
via Unleashed

Spyro Spyro 22 March 2012
I would share them with my non vegan friends to show them that it is a possible to live in a world where cruelty to animals does not exist.
via Unleashed

icrossmyheart icrossmyheart 22 March 2012
My mum, because she does try to eat better but she finds it difficult to cut down on the things she really loves - this would definitely help her!!
via Unleashed

SootyandPiper SootyandPiper 22 March 2012
I would like to share this with Pam Anderson, because I know she cares so much about animals and lets face it who wouldn't want to eat chocolate with Pammy.
via Unleashed

shezza79 shezza79 22 March 2012
If it tastes as good as described,
Id keep it all just for ME,
A self-confessed chocoholic,
New to this chocolate dairy-free!
via Unleashed

Nicole___88 Nicole___88 22 March 2012
My son . He is only 4 but absolutely adores animals !
I think these chocolates would be alot more special to him then any other ordinary chocolate!
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 22 March 2012
By the time easter hits my daughter will be 6mths old... old enough for a suck on a chocolate I think wink
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 22 March 2012
I'd share it with my mum and dad, who like to surprise me with vegan chocolates - often brands that I didn't even know were vegan! - because good chocolate is even better when shared.
via Unleashed

Bananaphobia Bananaphobia 22 March 2012
If I were to receive the cow-friendly chocolates, I would definitely give some to my boss who loves chocolates, but is in the first few stages of becoming a vegan. I hope that this will become a tradition every year, and that this one occasion will change her forever!
via Unleashed

heartmonger999 heartmonger999 22 March 2012
I'd give it to my baby sister, who isn't really a baby, but she would still love it!
via Unleashed

joamca joamca 22 March 2012
Cliff Richard, I have been a fan of his since 1958, and would just once love to sit and share something especially something this good with him, a life long dream come true.
via Unleashed

D D 22 March 2012
Just carelessly pleasure!  cloud9
via Unleashed

Jenni B Jenni B 22 March 2012
My two kids of course happy We are a vegan household and around here you might as well be from Mars. Sometimes my son feels left out bc to get similar items we'd have to drive 2 hrs away. So I think that would be the perfect cruelty free Easter pick up he needs. %u2665
via Unleashed

Blair Blair 22 March 2012
I would share it with my five brothers who are not vegan. To show them that just because im vegan doesnt mean I am sacrificing good tasting food.
They all try to convince me to eat meat and refuse to believe that vegan food is delicious. Despite at Christmas time they all scoffed my tofu stirfry.
By tempting them with delicious dairy free chocolate I hope that they may rethink going vegan for a week for my birthday.
via Unleashed

renea renea 22 March 2012
My family and friends. I would like to share them with my friends and family, in fact with anyone willing to try, so I can open their eyes and perhaps educate them in the process of what happens to bobby calves.. People awareness is so important, and the more people who know, the more likely this is going to be successful. And when they taste the chocolate and like it, they will see no problem is putting an end to supporting such cruelty. bye
via Unleashed

Brooker Brooker 22 March 2012
I'd like to share it with my nan, shes just moved in to my familys house after living over 700km away my whole life, and now im heading back to WA from VIC to suprise her for easter =) she is one of a kind and would be my favourite and first choice to share the dairy free chocolate with!
via Unleashed

Lyndall Lyndall 22 March 2012
I would love to share it with my celiac friend who is also dairy intolerant and is doing it tough at the moment financially. She never treats herself to anything and I think she needs some chocolate at the moment to cheer her up! peace
via Unleashed

Charlotte7 Charlotte7 22 March 2012
I would share it with my mum because my two older brothers are always first for chocolate.And I want it to be my mums turn this year.I am a vegetarian and my mum supports me alot she goes out of her way to get something meat free for me.ALSO my mum is my hero and i couldnt share them with any one else but her love
via Unleashed

emmag emmag 22 March 2012
A person at uni knew I was vegan and asked me if there was vegan chocolate as she has vegan friends and would like to get them chocolate for Easter.  She was surprised when I told her there was and where she could get some.

I would love to share this with her so she can see vegans don't 'miss out' on anything, and surprise her friends.  I would also like her to know how cool it was that she thought about this and asked.
via Unleashed

lozwazhere lozwazhere 22 March 2012
Everyone who doubts that vegan food is just as yummy (and better) than 'normal people' food. I love seeing the surprise on people's faces when they unexpectedly enjoy something vegan that I have made or recommended to them =)
via Unleashed

lila1 lila1 22 March 2012
I'd most like to share dairy free choc-y with my sister cause we both love chocolate, we both love animals and we enjoy talking about what Animals Australia is up to!
via Unleashed

JeanetteAdams JeanetteAdams 22 March 2012
Sadly I have had a few bad experiences with easter eggs. I am willing to try dairy free easter eggs as maybe it's the milk that made them go off before easter finally arrives.
via Unleashed

Rebecca05 Rebecca05 22 March 2012
My mummy. She's the only one in the house who doesn't turn her nose up at my cooking/baking.
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 22 March 2012
My non-vegan friends and family, only I wouldn't tell them it's dairy free till afterwards, when they tell me how delicious it all is. Why tell them dairy free is good when I can show them? tongue
via Unleashed

TarawrasaurusRex TarawrasaurusRex 23 March 2012
I'd share it with my awesome boyfriend of two years ecstatic
He has done so much for me, from giving me a place to live when I had no where to go to simply going out of his way to support some of my crazy hippie habits.
I just think that it would make him that little bit happier and that's all I really want to see chick
via Unleashed

Amberloo Amberloo 23 March 2012
With my mother who is a chocoholic ;D and has given up her work, to educate me.happy)))))))))
via Unleashed

babspop babspop 23 March 2012
I would love to get my boyfriend on the wagon of being dairy free.
Nothing would make me more proud or existentially happy.
A much more healthier option for those who like to indulge,
Yes my boy is one of them as you can tell from his belly bulge.
via Unleashed

spottythezebra spottythezebra 23 March 2012
I would share it with my fiance. I will hopefully marry him one day (it just needs to become legal). He loves chocolate and i love him.
via Unleashed

leena leena 23 March 2012
I would share it with Bill Clinton as i heard he is vegan now. We would eat chocolate while solving the world's problems!
via Unleashed

Lisadv Lisadv 23 March 2012
Finally, after 20 years my family is becoming more accepting of my veganis. As I am hosting easter and accomodating for all their tastes & preferences, it will be great to be able to share with them some of the dairy-free eggs with them on the day - especially as I can include them in the egg hunt!
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lil_linds lil_linds 23 March 2012
My niece turns 6 is October and is starting to really understand why i choose to be vegan (despite the discouragement of her mother - my step sister). Is really love to be able to show her how much fun Easter can be as a vegan .. especially when you get to rescue a chicken while enjoying the best cruelty free chocolate! innocent
via Unleashed

Valerie3 Valerie3 23 March 2012
My Constant Craving chocolates i received from Animals Australia were deilicious and i know these eggs would be yummy too. Val.
via Unleashed

jgbarrett jgbarrett 23 March 2012
I would share with my husband, who isn't vegan to show him how delightful chocolate is without the addition and cruelty of dairy ingredients.
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Louisa1 Louisa1 24 March 2012
1. I would like to give the chocolates to the Easter Egg drive at school. They go to children with Cystic Fibrosis who are in hospital for easter - I want to brighten up their day with treats that are cruelty free!!
2. I would like to share the chocolates with my best friend Preethi whose birthday is on Easter Sunday (we are both vege and care so much about animals)  rabbit
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Ria N Ria N 24 March 2012
I'd love to share my chocolate with my family - especially my parents, because they're the ones who first made the change to become vegan. If it wasn't for them, I'd still be a meat eater!
via Unleashed

Jackie McGrath Jackie McGrath 24 March 2012
I'd like to share mine with a dairy farmers family,who knows they might even reconsider their path.
via Unleashed

ClaudiaHempenstall ClaudiaHempenstall 24 March 2012
I would share my chocolate with my dad to prove to him that vegan food is yummy too!!
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Jazlovestoskate Jazlovestoskate 25 March 2012
I'd love to share this Cruelty Free Easter pack with my little sister, she's contemplating becoming a vegan and already has a lifelong love of animals but i believe this chocolate would be just the thing convince her!
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Justyna83 Justyna83 25 March 2012
I would love to share this prize with my partner Tracy. She has supoorted me with many difficulties in my life and loves chocolate. This would be a sweet way to say thank you and  I love you. We are both wishing a better world for our furry friends.  :love
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Tash Tash 25 March 2012
My beautiful boyfriend! He means the world to me and is perfect... Well, NEARLY. He's currently participating in 'meat free march' and we are having a ball cooking cruelty free meals and treats together - and as a health nut he's loving the added health benefits! However, as he's a chocolate lover I'm finding it a little hard to persuade him to try dairy free alternatives. This prize would definitely convert him - they look so delicious and once he got his hands on them he couldn't resist!
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Pudding Pudding 25 March 2012
If I won, I'd share with my boyfriend to show him that as a vegan it doesn't mean I am missing out on good food or that vegan food is 'weird'. By trying delicious vegan foods one by one he's slowing understanding that veganism isn't 'weird' or just for hippies.
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Musicveg Musicveg 25 March 2012
My 11 year old Vegan son who doesn't even think he is missing out on Easter,he loves Vegan chocolate and I'd like to reward him for his years of being caring and understanding of our choices in our lives and never asking for more. I might even give my meat-eating friends a taste if there is any left!
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Millie3 Millie3 25 March 2012
I would share it with the children I work with and prove dairy free is yummy and good too!
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l0v3 l0v3 26 March 2012
SHARE!!!! Have you ever eaten one of these chocolates before - you can't share you need to enjoy the whole chocolate. But I am introducing my 2 year old lactose allergy son to the wonderful world of Easter chocolate this year...but I'll be buying him his own.
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Lauren_Hall Lauren_Hall 26 March 2012
Lindt dark chocolate and Oreo clap
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kozmo kozmo 27 March 2012
id share it with my children and nieces and nephews, and chocolate will surely make me flavour of the month . its not the easy maintaining favourite aunty status happy and Im not above bribery of the chocolately goodness kind.
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rinaheartsx3 rinaheartsx3 27 March 2012
I would share, or simply give this gift to my beautiful little sister who has been suffering from allergies for more than 5 years now. We have been trying our best to follow with her diet so that she doesnt feel left out in having dairy and lactose products (I personally have stopped eating ice cream every summer just to please her and express that its okay to be different and that we can all stay healthy with dairy alternatives) It would be amazing to let her try some easter chocolates these holidays, I really love my sister and would love to see her smile happy happy
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Katy-mah-Matey Katy-mah-Matey 28 March 2012
Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments! It is great to see so many people keen to go dairy-free this easter happy
I would also share some dairy-free chocolate love with my family and friends who I am hosting for on Good Friday this year and try to get them into some vegan alternatives. No-one else in my close family and friends circle is vegan but a few have go vegetarian after years of my telling them the stories of animal cruelty and cooking delicious vego meals for them. Hopefully I can get some more of them to change their minds with a cruelty-free easter and make them see how tasty dairy-free really is! So let's all kick ass for the animals this easter!  wave  chick beaverhug monkey rabbit pig
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Tulasi Tulasi 28 March 2012
with my family because i love them so much love
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OinkMoo OinkMoo 28 March 2012
I would share it with my 3 bobby calves rescued from the dairy industry tongue Here is a video of there rescue and them now -

But I would share the eggs with my friends and family to show them that vegan eggs are no diffrent to milk eggs happy
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mntryjoseph mntryjoseph 31 March 2012
With 3 people I know...Me, Myself and I! LOL
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pandoraxsage pandoraxsage 1 April 2012
I would share the chocolate with my vegetarian fiancé to encourage him to be vegan. He's a chocoholic and I try to give him vegan chocolates as often as I can.
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pandoraxsage pandoraxsage 1 April 2012
I would share them with my vegetarian fiance to encourage him to be vegan. He is a chocoholic and I try to get him vegan chocolates whenever I can.
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chocome chocome 2 April 2012
I would like to share the easter eggs with my beautiful daughter-in-law to be who is dairy intolerant.. she loves chocolate so much but I have'nt come across any until I saw your page.. thank-you so much for making chocolate dairy free!!
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Flyingfish1970 Flyingfish1970 4 March 2013
I would give this to my lovely god son who is allergic to dairy and at almost three is totally amazing when it comes to not being able to eat things. We always try to make a dairy free version for him. Planning a big Easter egg hunt and I want him to be able to take part in the fun fully. I can picture his gorgeous giggles as he finds eggs he can eat
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