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Live exports: 1 year later

Live exports: 1 year later

Posted 30 May 2012   by Jesse         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: live exports, cattle, cows, one year on, achievements

It was one year ago today that Four Corners aired footage from Animals Australia's first investigation in Indonesia, and shocked the Australian public with the brutal and undeniable cruelty of the live export industry. It's amazing to think just how far we've come in 12 months. Check out what's been achieved...

  • Tens of thousands of people across Australia taking to the streets. (Maybe you were one of them?)
  • Hundreds of thousands putting the heat on pollies to stop the trade through emails, letters and phone calls.
  • A whopping 60,000 media stories about live exports (here and overseas!) in 2011.
  • Not to mention four historic proposals in Parliament to end live exports.

People power has brought us this far and has made live export an issue no politician can ignore! Together, we've shone a spotlight on this cruel trade! Not only have our efforts forced animal welfare improvements across numerous countries, sheep exports have also dropped to a ten year low, meaning that hundreds of thousands of sheep have been spared from a gruelling journey and brutal slaughter. (Want to see the full checklist of what's been achieved? Click here.)

After the investigation aired, we heard from so many people who made the choice to take animals off their plates. It seems I wasn't the only one getting all choked up watching the heartbreaking story of Tommy the steer, shivering with fear as he awaited his death.

While some victories have been won, the larger campaign to end all live exports from Australia continues. And this is where you can do your part for the animals!

  • Share the campaign with your friends! It's so simple but so important. Facebook, Twitter, wherever - get the message out there that live exports need to be stopped.
  • If you're voting age: Tell the PM what you think! She's there to serve Australians, right? So tell her exactly what you want to see done.
  • Get published! The letters page in the paper is one of the most read sections. Your letter will speak for the millions of young Australians who want an end to live exports.
  • Gather signatures! Easier than you'd think. Print off a petition to end live exports. Take it to class or to a lecture; the canteen or the cafe and get other people involved.

Thanks to the amazing support of people like you, this campaign has already had a huge impact! With your continued help, the entire ugly trade can be banned for good. What's the next step you're going to take?

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 29 May 2012
I've gotten permission to talk to my entire school at assembly and show them the most recent footage about live exports. Will be sure to keep you guys posted wink
via Unleashed

Risto Risto 30 May 2012
Twelve months after ABC TV Four Corners "Bloody Business" and yet, live export is still going strong! Can anybody tell me please what word human means? Does it mean Blood thirsty monster? Are our politicians and sheep and cattle producers BIG UGLY MONSTERS???
via Unleashed

Christina3 Christina3 30 May 2012
I find it strange that Rudd said it was "inhumane." You'd think that all slaughter of innocent creatures would be considered inhumane.
via Unleashed

Jennifer9 Jennifer9 30 May 2012
Finding it hard to come to grips with the how cruel humans can be and the more i research the worse it gets.
via Unleashed

Lynne Roberts Lynne Roberts 31 May 2012
Have recently made the decision to again become a Vegan. One of the main reasons is that I can be a party by my own hands to the continued cruelty shown to animals.
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 8 June 2012
I have lost faith in our politicians to act on our behalf, it seems they don't have a conscience ( except for the Greens party) who I will now be voting for.
I am also disgusted that the cattle farmers are now suing the government for loss of income when they should be in fact suing the "MLA" for the mess they have caused.
Most if not all were aware of the abhorrent cruelty that has been happening to these poor animals for many, many years and everybody in the industry was turning a blind eye and now they are screaming for compensation!!
via Unleashed


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