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VICTORY! Tassie to ditch battery cage!

VICTORY! Tassie to ditch battery cage!

Posted 17 May 2012   by Jesse         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: victory, factory farming, pigs, chickens, battery cages, take action

Wow wow wow! I've got some amazing news to share: Tasmania has just become the first state in Australia to commit to completely phasing out battery cages!

After years of campaigning by Animals Australia and Brightside Farm Sanctuary, hens in Tassie will finally be free from those dreadful cages!

And if that weren't enough reason to jump for joy, there's more...

The Tassie Minister for Agriculture has also announced that they are going to fast track the phase out of pregnant sow crates. You might remember a couple of years ago they committed to getting rid of these cruel crates by 2017... well now they are promising to have 'em gone for good by the middle of next year!

If you've ever written a letter, shared a campaign video or spoken out for battery hens and mother pigs, then give yourself a pat on the back. You've been a part of making history today!

That's one state down, and just a few more to go (don't worry, the first one's always the hardest)...

Across the rest of Australia mother pigs can still be locked in cramped crates, where they can't even turn around. And get this: an estimated one in every six battery hens lives in chronic pain with a broken bone.

When Tassie first announced their phase out of pregnant sow crates in 2010, the pig industry soon followed (with a little 'encouragement' from Animals Australia's campaigns) with promises of a voluntary national phase out of sow crates, by 2017.

Don't you think it's about time the egg industry voluntarily phased out battery cages?!

Here's the deal.. if you want to help hens and pigs around Australia, there are two important emails you can shoot off asap:

  1. Tell Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) that the writing is on the wall! Tassie is phasing out battery cages, so it's about time they do the right thing and commit to a voluntary phase out of battery cages. Email AECL here: [email protected]
  2. Tell Australia Pork Ltd (APL) to hurry up! If Tassie can get rid of pregnant sow crates by next year, why can't the rest of Australia? Email APL here: [email protected]

Once you've sent those off it's time to celebrate!

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Jane Jane 17 May 2012
Whoooooooo!!!  chick

via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 18 May 2012
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work everyone!! Australia is finally doing somthing right pig
via Unleashed

madeleines madeleines 18 May 2012
Hope for humanity after all. Even governments can be compassionate.
via Unleashed

Lu Lu 18 May 2012
How exciting - good on Tasmania for doing what every state should have done a long time ago - it gives me goosebumps knowing these beautiful animals get to be without those disgusting cages clap
via Unleashed

JKM JKM 18 May 2012
Proud of my state. happy
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 18 May 2012
Tasmania Rules!
via Unleashed

Big Chook Big Chook 18 May 2012
Good on you Tassie for keeping at it !

Now we must tell the WORLD how it can be done.

In the meantime the rest of us can afford a few extra cents for a carton of free range or large barn eggs.

Thanks to the organisers who make our contribution possible.



via Unleashed

Saski Saski 18 May 2012
Way to go Tassie that's awesome news (Im proud of our little state ) chooks are quite intelligent ours are any way how grateful the girls will be to be rid of those evil cages yay
via Unleashed

2pinkpossums 2pinkpossums 18 May 2012
such wonderful news YAY
via Unleashed

froggyone froggyone 18 May 2012
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have bought battery hens and brought them to my home and the sheer joy of watching them when they first feel the dirt under their feet and the sun on their back is an amazing sight.
via Unleashed

Allegria Allegria 19 May 2012
Congratulations Tasmanians, you are champions!  Now we need to do the same across Australia !
via Unleashed

savageveg savageveg 19 May 2012
via Unleashed

michele2 michele2 19 May 2012
great! thank u clap
via Unleashed

Vegan Friendly Sneakers Vegan Friendly Sneakers 20 May 2012
Awesome Tasmania. We knew you were part of the aussie loving family.

via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 21 May 2012
I just squealed and jumped off my chair. Awkward seeing as I'm in the middle of class. >_> That.. is... amazing!! love
via Unleashed

sarcha sarcha 21 May 2012
Well done Tassie clap clap 7 states to go!!
via Unleashed

Bailter Bailter 26 May 2012
I am looking forward to NSW following Tasmania
via Unleashed

Chad Chad 29 May 2012
Congats Tassie!! You Champs!!! Great news....its a start. Its made my week! All the other states should now follow suit. chick
via Unleashed

Iggyaggadaggagoogoo Iggyaggadaggagoogoo 16 January 2013
Yipeeeeeeeeeee! I hope QLD is next but it would be better if  the whole Australia did it. cloud9Im definetely on cloud ten.
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 4 December 2014
hope VIC is next . . .
via Unleashed


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