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Is this Unleashed's most stylish giveaway?

Is this Unleashed's most stylish giveaway?

Posted 4 July 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 69 Comments

Tags: giveaway, fashion, win

Some things are never going to be fashionable. Fur springs to mind, as do meat-bikinis. However, if you want something that is super-stylish and guaranteed to be a killer present either for yourself (or someone you know, fellas *hint-hint* ), then you can't go past this amazing giveaway!

This may well be the most stylish contest ever run on Unleashed. NSW fashion label malc&andi already prove their generosity by donating 5% of their sales to animal protection organisations (including Animals Australia). Now they're giving you the chance to win one of their very cool, very stylish Lamb Bags. And before you ask - all malc&andi products are completely animal-friendly! Take a look at their website for the full range - there's bags, watches, belts, sunnies...

I'm not gonna pretend as though I'm a handbag connoisseur (I carry my stuff in a bindle), so I'll let the photos do the describing.

Getting your hands on the handbag is simple! Just tell us how you're lending a hand to animals. You could be out leafleting; spreading the word online, taking the pledge to not use products tested on animals ... there's a thousand ways you can be helping animals! If you want some ideas then you'll find 'em here! You can also read about Unleashed members getting really active for animals here.

So to recap:
1. malc&andi sell stylish (and animal-friendly) bags and accessories.
2. You can win one of their handbags.
3. Just tell us how you're helping animals!

Easy-peasy. Entries into the comments below. Comp closes August 17th! Good luck!

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Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 4 July 2012
I refuse to eat animals or products that come from killing animals. I live in a family of more then 20 solid meat eaters and endure constant taunts and comments about my vegetarianism. Regardless of their taunting and comments I have stuck to my guns and am nearing the anniversary of my 3rd year of no break vegetarianism!!
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Vegan Moon Life Vegan Moon Life 4 July 2012
I've been vegan for 6 months now, pledge every crulity free pledge I can find. I sign every potition sent my way. I keep leaflets in my bag on animal testing and hand them out to people when animal testing/make up issues come up. My partner turned vegan with me. My Facebook account is a network of sharing information. I join animal rights pages to help spread the word. I go into every store the sells fit to check if it's real or fake.  I watch every clip other people choose not to watch, I'm reading every book (currently Gary L Francione books) on animal rights. I keep myself informed and up to date on animal issues and currently have a ban live export potition going in my neighborhood.
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coezooke coezooke 4 July 2012
I have refused to eat animals, wear their products and buy products tested on them for almost 4 years. I have taken every pledge posted on unleashed and promote a vegan life style where ever possible. I am a big supporter of projects like 'bake down the walls' where vegan baked goods are sold to raise profit for various animal organisations such as Edgars Mission. Since becoming vegan I have inspired and encouraged other members of my family and friendship group to also become more educated in their consumption of animals and their products. Earlier this year I chose to do my oral presentation on Banning Live Export, I also handed out leaflets and got my entire class to sign the petition (some of them even chose to adopt a vegetarian diet.) Some people I know however don't seem to agree with a vegetarian diet and have tried to pressure me in the past and I am proud to say that I stuck to what I believed was right. Making the change was the best possible thing I have ever done. Go vegan.  love
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Lars Lars 4 July 2012
I have been vegan for two years but will be for the rest of my life! I volunteer at two wildlife sanctuaries, have influenced my of my friends to consider making for more ethical choices when it comes to food, clothing and products through my passion and love for animals. I used to be a graphic designer and the profits of all my animal rights related artworks sold go back into animal charities. This August my sister and I are running the City2Surf for WSPA, one of my favourite charities. We recently adopted our gorgeous dog Tilly from the pound. Two days ago at work I found 5 birds in the trashcan left there to die, I took them home and released them once they were strong enough

I Think one of the most powerful tools for changing people%u2019s perception of Veganism has been food! Through delicious food I have been able to reassure friends & family that there is no losing out on, what is such a sensory experience, food. That and my growing energy, love and compassion all speak for the cause. I am a better person for this change. I also feel pretty silly boasting like this, But those bags are gorgeous and I%u2019m pretty sure I%u2019ll get one some way or another! %u2665
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diane77 diane77 4 July 2012
I don't eat animals or wear animals full stop
I encourage others to follow my lead and often convince friends to order meat free when in a restaurant.
I am a dog & cat foster carer for an animal charity which means I respect animals and give them a second chance at life after they have been dumped by their owners
I am an Unleashed fan and LOVE your work happy
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Sian29 Sian29 4 July 2012
It took meeting some gentle souls and rescue animals to finally face and hear the horrifying reality on how our food arrives on our plates. Not only the cruelty to the animals, the impact on our environment and our own bodies.

I am ashamed to have had my head in the sand for so long and with the sheer lack of understanding about the 'food' I was offering my children.

My ignorance is gone, I can now look myself, others and animals in the eyes and know deep in my heart I am now at peace. I am eating delicious food every night and no one needs to die for my family to survive.

We all belong here and all deserve the right to live in peace with no fear. I am doing my part to spread the word.  Thank you for what you all do too. I have been on your site for a long time but finally signed up so I look forward to participating in more of your events.
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Staceee Staceee 4 July 2012
I began a vegetarian lifestyle when at age 14, I had two rabbits in my care and after going to China and seeing rabbit fur being sold, and rabbits being eaten, decided that I couldn't go on any longer treating animals as both friends and food. At school I also became a supporter of a group ATAAC (Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty) and bought a hoodie and wristbands as well as volunteering to help out their causes.

Since then, I have advocated with everyone I care about the benefits of cutting out meat from our diets, taught my loved ones to stay away from fur, leather and animal tested products, and every day I continue to find new vegetarian recipes that I can share with my stubborn meat-lover friends and family.

These days, I am a member of the Uni of Melbourne Animal Protection Society and we are pushing for cage free eggs on campus (it's a start!). I hope that in the future I can do a lot more for the good of animals as humans ourselves are animals and sometimes we forget that!

Good luck everybody happy x
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ivanaterrible ivanaterrible 4 July 2012
I've been vegan for 4 years - no animal products, no leather, and all cruelty free products. I have at times supported PETA, Animals Australia, Farm Sanctuary (US), and WSPCA. After losing the love of my life, Lucy, my bulldog, in February, I adopted two beautiful bulldogs from Save our Strays rescue (go there to get your rescue pet; they have some gorgeous bulldogs needing homes happy). My doggies sit on the lounge whilst I sit here on the floor typing this entry to your competition.
I also have a lovely 18 year old dog called Rosie, who was, all those years ago when I got her, a stray.
I aim to live a life that doesn't contribute to the suffering of any other creature - something that is absolutely simple with animals, and less difficult with people, though, lord I do try.
After I became vegan, so did my sister, mum, dad and finally my brother. We do our bit.
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OinkMoo OinkMoo 4 July 2012
well you should already Know i do to help animals ^___^

-Not eat them
-Educate the Public
-Rescue Livestock
-Do undercover Investigations

If i dont win could you tell me where i can buy one from?
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SJ SJ 4 July 2012
I teach an ethics class at university telling students how to live life to the full without hurting or damaging animals and the environment. I teach the ethics behind making such decisions but I also give them tips on putting these ethical standpoints into decisive action to really make a difference to the lives of animals. I try to show them that it is really very easy to make smarter consumer decisions, to eat less (or preferably no) meat and how even a poor student with limited funds can help the animals.
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Ashleigh13 Ashleigh13 4 July 2012
I am currently living in Sharjah in the UAE. I arrived here nearly two years ago to find the mis-treatment of animals an obvious and overpowering issue, yet one that is so easily overlooked in this part of the world.

Since being here I have worked with a local shelter to immunise and de-sex stray and unwanted cats and dogs. I have rescued a donkey who I found wandering the desert roadside. I have nursed three sheep back to health after they were dumped on a friend. I have opened my doors to an African tortise, a rabbit, two hamsters, three cats (who will be returning home to Australia with me) and one dog.

My door remains open to any strays who I come across on my weekly feeding rounds at the local souk. I counted in the past two years, twenty plus kittens and cats who have called my apartment home until I could find a loving home for them.

Living here has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life in regards to animals, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
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Niks Niks 4 July 2012
Animals are the best people. I haven't eaten meat in over 10 years, since I was a teenager. I think education is key and I love referencing you guys when I tell others why I don't eat meat. The best part is they usually agree with me. By being myself and explaining my position, others have seen how not eating dairy or meat can improve their lives, and thus many have followed me in this. When people ask if I could or would ever eat meat again, my answer is easy, I ask 'Would you ever kill an animal?', 'No' is usually their reply, and thus my answer.
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Carolinek Carolinek 4 July 2012
I try to lead by example. i eat vegan whenever possible (i don't cause scenes or creative negativity - i find this just shuts people down!) If people see something positive in what you do, they are more inclined to follow. This can be anything from looking healthy to helping the planet.
i share online information about animal liberation causes, i donate regularly to charities such as RSPCA, Edgard's Mission and Animals Australia.
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Sarah Sarah 4 July 2012
My 2 year anniversary of being vegan is coming up, and prior to that I was vegetarian for over 8 years. I never feel like I am doing enough though. I'm trying to make the full pledge to be 100% cruelty free via a 'make-over' - I'm trying to replace all my toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair brushes, hair dye (all personal care items) with cruelty-free alternatives - currently I am still using up my old not-so-animal-friendly items so it's taking a while making the full transition.
While that is going on, I am also trying to sell my tees and stickers to raise money for organisations helping animals. At the moment I have a few designs for IFAW - this is the most popular design - but I am looking to expand and create ones for Animals Australia and maybe Greenpeace.
I am always trying to educate people about animal cruelty issues that they may not be aware of. Recently my dad decided to never have foie gras after I told him what happens in that particular food industry. I also got my dad and my boyfriend to go a month without chicken and eggs, yay!
So I'm excited to keep going, pledging to be veg, and helping out animals in need happy
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KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 4 July 2012
I've taken all the pledges on Unleashed, comment and post here regularly. My website is now a year old and it helps me provide info on veganism to others throughout Australia, particularly Tasmania. I keep it updated with an animal-derived ingredients list, list of all the vegan friendly restaurants in Tassie and blog recipe's, articles etc.
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laraking laraking 5 July 2012
any animal that comes my way i give a gentle smile, a snack, a drink, a pat, kind words- and am vegan-
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rebeccajane rebeccajane 5 July 2012
There are so many amazing human beings that have commented here that deserve so much gratitude for all their hard work, passion and devotion. High five to all you guys!

I do my part by living by the values of Ahimsa or non-violence.  I am a vegan. I believe in compassion. Once a week, I take vegan treats to my non vegan co-workers or friends, now I run a vegan bake sale to raise money to donate to Animals Australia.  I find that by doing this not only am I showing people who usually would never try vegan food that indeed vegan cupcakes are awesome but they are also donating money to this cause, which to me shows that on some level I am starting to awaken their consciousness and the humanity of people who would rather not inconvenience themselves with the truth about animal cruelty if given that option. It is a tough crowd though but I persevere.
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H_Elizabeth H_Elizabeth 5 July 2012
I have signed the pledge, I regularly sign petitions, spread the word on facebook and have been enjoying a vegetarian diet for almost two years. My family enjoy a pesco-vegetarian diet and my fiances family only buy free range eggs and chicken.

I never push others to do what I do, but when asked I speak my mind about animal welfare.
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Accalia Accalia 5 July 2012
I am a vegetarian, totally pro-animal rights, against any and all animal testing and cruelty. I have supported animal organizations in my native US and around the world. My work for most of my life has been in the veterinary field, helping heal sick and injured pets. Life without animals is not life; I wish there was more I could do to improve conditions worldwide for animals with no voice, who have no one to care about them and cherish them, who know only pain, suffering and needless cruelty. People as a whole need to do so much more!!
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coastalkaryn coastalkaryn 5 July 2012
I gently pick up worms on the footpath and put them on the grass, I have signed the pledge, I adopt animals - not purchase them from breeders or pet shops, I tread lightly on this earth and have just enlisted as a volunteer for the Peninsula Animal Shelter. We all deserve to live long and blessed lives, regardless of species.
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Samanthadavey Samanthadavey 6 July 2012
I'm 100% vegetarian and I eat mostly vegan. I don't wear fur, leather or wool. I don't use any product that have been tested on animals. I only converted my parents and they are now vegetarians, transitioning to veganism. I cook vegan meals for my meat eater friends and family, they tell me they couldn't even tell it was vegan happy hopefully one day I want to work at animals Australia or open a farm sanctuary.
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Dbass Dbass 6 July 2012
I started a group "Sunshine Coast Vegans" and there are now 120 members! I have hosted free screenings of "Forks Over Knives" and "Vegucated" attended by 50 people and several vegan lunch meet ups. I welcome vegans and people who are not yet vegan, but would like to try it into the group and post helpful info on the Facebook page.
Come and join us on Facebook, just look for "Sunshine Coast Vegan" clap
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Theodora Theodora 6 July 2012
I've refused to eat meat since I was born , I download petitions for all my friends and family to sign, I  hold fundraising events to raise money for animal charities, I forbid my meat eating brothers to eat veal , I even  forbid my family to buy eggs that I don't approve of! Plus I don't let my family buy cheeses that contain animal rennet.
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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 6 July 2012
Honestly - after reading through earlier entries - I have come at a near loss for words as to what I can put down in one comment what I try and do 4 da animals! (couldn't resist the pun there hehe wink ) However I will try - not neccessarily to win - but just to get it out there like all of the above lovely people have. happy I gradualy went from omni to pescetarian to eventually vegetarian over a period of two to three years. It was a long battle - making that transition and convincing those around me that this decision was the best for not only the animals but for the environment and my health as well - although they are still skeptical - they realise arguing or trying to convince me otherwise is not going anywhere, especially when I agreed to cook all my own meals. That was certainly a challenge - one I am proud to have accomplished - started with endless pasta and tomato sauce or tomato sauce sandwiches.. and eventually graduated to things I never thought I would ever eat.. vego shepherds pie, dhal.. of all things.. I never even had heard of lentils before I went vego! And all this.. in itself I am pretty proud of.

Writing that blog post about dairy farms.. for you guys sharing my experience with all of you was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Having that opportunity to share personal experiences.. the opportunity to teach others.. and earn their respect as a result was pretty cool. Inspired a number of school assignments used to further research, educate and write about animal rights. I'm in the midst of finishing my research project. About to head into an assignment that will consist of me talking to my entire school about live export, with footage etc that will hopefully sway any benchliners to the opinion that live export is no longer needed. I must say this will be harder than it sounds - as I am in a rural school surrounded by farmers. Which certainly encourages an ethical approach to this subject.

That brings on my approach to doing what I can for animals. An ethical approach. Except - with everyone. Not everyone can look someone in the eye and force themselves to see from the perspective of that someone.. like I believe I can. It takes a certain amount of detachment.. to be able to have a conversation and listen to that persons opinion without disregarding it if it opposes your own. And this can be really rewarding when it comes to animal activism. I have spoken to farmers in this manner.. I have even been successful in achieving a one hour interview with the principal advisor of animal welfare. He spoke to me in detail about the standards of the environments of various pig and chicken farms. And even though I didn't agree with his opinion.. being respectful
I was rewarded in primary firsthand information that I could use in articles that will soon to be written articles that explain how free range isn't neccessarily the best option. With credible firsthand information. I can't explain how valuable that kind of resource can be.. in anything you do. Especially when discussing with another your opinion on a topic.

I could go on.. but I don't think I need to. I don't need a handbag as a reward for what I do for animals.. the satisfaction when things like Tassie agreeing to eliminate sow stalls by the middle of next year is enough. But a handbag would be nice too! tongue Anyway.. what I mean is.. I stated writing this wanting a handbag.. and have finished wanting it to go to someone who needs that reassurance. That what they are doing is the right thing. Which is why I won't continue. If I need that reassurance I'll just ask. tongue Good luck to everyone.. and I hope you all know that every single one of you is deserving of a reward.. yeah.
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MelaVerde MelaVerde 8 July 2012
I have been a vegetarian for 8 years since a vegetarian friend sent me a video of the Australian to Middle East live export market where sheep and other livestock are offloaded...when I saw how they were treated I said I would never eat meat again - and I haven't.  I don't wear leather and try to show my friends and family it IS possible to be stylish and eat amazing food without eating or using animals!
I volunteered at WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand) in Thailand with Asiatic Black Bears and Malayan Sun Bears, with the aim of giving back the natural 'animal instincts' to these beautiful animals in order to release them back into the wild (they were mostly pets that people got sick of, or on their way to being sold to restaurants for exotic meat).
I have monthly donations with both WSPA and Animals Australia because I figure that covers a wider is international and one is worldwide so they are going to the most needy cases in both places.
I always feel like I am not doing enough, but if more people in the world were like the people commenting above, the animals would be in a much less dire situation love
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Rabidewok Rabidewok 15 July 2012
I dressed up as an animal and danced in Rundle Mall with friends handing out leaflets about co-existing peacefully with all animals!
via Unleashed

SammyGee95 SammyGee95 18 July 2012
I am a proud Aussie vegan. I cook almost all of my meals from scratch!

For the past few months I have been designing fliers and walking around my city putting them into every mail box I pass. They contain a bit of information about vegetarianism and veganism, but instead of being a sheet of boring facts, I have tried to make sure that the facts are relevant to the people in my city.
I am doing this at my own expense (ink isn't cheap I tell you!) and I am putting my personal email address and number on each flier (along with the web address for AA unleashed of course!) and giving people the chance to contact me if they want to know more. It is a really hard job because I am also working 7 days a week, but it is really important to me and I have had some emails from people telling me that they were shocked and interested by the information I provided. It is really good to know that I am opening the eyes of some people out there who have obviously not been exposed to the truth before.

I also made up some A4 posters on coloured paper, each with a fact on it about animal cruelty IN AUSTRALIA. I have handed these out in the mall and on street corners, despite being a really shy person, and I love the conversations I have gotten into with people about animals and their views.

I believe that if I can spread my knowledge to 100 people and just 1 of those people makes the choice to stop supporting animal cruelty through their diet, then I have done my job and it is totally worth it.

Keep spreading the word guys happy
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Veronicka Veronicka 25 July 2012
I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am a Vegan Straightedge. Kind of unkown in this country is that tagline. I love All Animals and i can't understand the distinction people make between eating chicken, beef, pork, lamp and other Animal products, but, continue to say "oh, i'd never eat my cat or dog, i love Animals". I attend Uni five days a week and am constantly surrounded by meat eaters. Let me say this, i would like to win this contest, but, this is more important, i feel, i would rather be an outcast and sober, cruelty free and aware, than be in a kliq, high, drunk, addicted to smokes and Animal products, and unaware. Thank you. Stewart. XVX!
via Unleashed

Brooke7 Brooke7 27 July 2012
To help the animals I wear "Vegan Sneakers" to school and am actively trying to change our school leather shoes to them. I also have been vegetarian since I was 8 and am now 16. I have convinced most of my family and friends to join me in being vegetarian. My family has brought the "Earthlings" DVD and are showing many people the video to show the truth. I also hand out pamphlets to the public to raise awareness about the cruelty to animals. I only buy and wear make up which is not tested on animals. I've lived on a farm where we saved cows from markets and let them roam on our paddock instead of being killed for meat. I am an extreme animal lover and really love the looks of the bag because then I can show people that it is possible to have the same accessories without hurting the animals. Brooke happy
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april-san april-san 9 August 2012
This semester I've used my experience volunteering with other animal rights groups to start a vegetarian society at my university. We've had a great start - we've only been active on campus for two weeks and already we have over fifty people on our mailing list, today we held a very successful bake sale, and we're now planning a vegan sausage sizzle!
Students and staff are constantly telling us how happy they are to have a vegetarian society on campus providing vegan options. We intend to work with food vendors to introduce campaigns like the Cage-Free Campus Initiative, switch to more ethical suppliers and make more veg options available.
via Unleashed

Pooja Pooja 9 August 2012
i am a vegitarian. i dont use products that are tested on animals and i hate fur products.
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Miff Miff 9 August 2012
I'm a vegetarian of 22 years. I decided at 13 that I just couldn't justify the murder of animals for my own gain so I stopped and never looked back. I boycott products tested on animal, sign every pledge, donate monthly to WSPA and sponsor a Soi-dog - I love animals . . . especially lambs!
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Iounia Iounia 9 August 2012
I definitely don't use any products made from animals.However,Ican't give up meat and dairy but try hard to consume less amount and less often so I can partly help sparing as many lives as possible.
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Sable Sally Sable Sally 9 August 2012
I'm vegan (nearing my first anniversary!).
I constantly ply my friends, family and colleagues with tasty vegan food in an effort to silently convert them.
I spent my first overseas holiday, last year, volunteering with a donkey sanctuary.
I encourage responsible pet ownership by promoting behaviour training with every pet owner I meet.
I donate to Animals Australia, Edgar's Mission and RSPCA.
I love my dog.
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David David 9 August 2012
I help animals by being vegan, signing petitions, writing letters and donating to different animal rights organisations
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babspop babspop 9 August 2012
I'm a massive pet lover so I always rescue my cherubs from the RSPCA. I donate money to them on a monthly basis as I believe greatly in their charity. I'm at Uni at the moment studying Law and my goal once qualified is to enhance the knowledge of animal cruelty laws and bring those coward criminals to justice. Oz just doesn't recognise at present time the need for greater 'punishment' to those offenders who have committed animal cruelty. Not just persons but companies also, as they are the true murderers!
via Unleashed

4greys 4greys 9 August 2012
I sign petitions online write the news on what is going on within the racing fraternity. Alert as many as i can to the plight of racing greyhounds worldwide including Australia. Put up flyers talk to people rescue a greyhound now and again go to events where I can show my own ex-racing greyhounds of.There is always something to do. Myfacebook profile is all about greyhound rescue remembering specific dates and greyhounds protesting showing videos having discussions and so on. The greyhounds have no voice so I speak up for them against the mistreatment and isolation they endure. I could go on and on but will leave the rest to your imagination. I am but one person but finding likeminded people and making a diffrence is something we can all do. All it takes is compassion for the animals in question and then go from there. Facebook is a good place to start.
via Unleashed

BeKind2Animals BeKind2Animals 9 August 2012
- am a committed vegetarian
- regularly attend & participate in animal rights
- regularly raise awareness of factory farming and animal
- make daily clicks on websites, answer quizzes etc. leading
 to bowls of food donated to shelters for needy animals.
- regularly promote Pedigree Australia Adoption Drive
 activities and profiles of shelter animals on social media.
- hand out leaflets for various animal rights based causes
 (including Oscars Law).
- have 4 rescued dogs (1 incurring large vet bills but I pay
 them gladly because he's worth every penny I have &
 more), 2 rescued cats & 2 rescued rabbits.
- am making dog jackets for local animal shelters.
- regularly donate food to shelters
- am a financial supporter of several animal causes.
- sign all animal rights petitions & write letters to MPs
 regarding animal issues (incl. live exports, fur, bsl &
 discounted desexing initiatives)
- regularly find & care for stray animals while their home is
 being found.
- raise awareness of futures facing animals advertised
 free in papers/online.
- don't buy products tested on animals or containing animal
- boycott companies using palm oil.
- complained to council when a recipe in their community
 calendar called for 800mL palm oil concentrate.
- buy organic produce where possible (insects are animals
Keep up the great work guys! xx
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bellatheowl bellatheowl 9 August 2012
I help animals by eating free range chicken, when I do. I also have three chickens so I know my eggs are coming for well loved and cared for animals. I treat my two cats nicely, and both are from the RSPCA. I have fostered cats and puppies in the past, to show them love, and to bring them up in a good home before they get to find their human home. I have also signed up to the pledge to not use animal tested products, and promote my beliefs within my family, despite the fact that they think I'm silly.
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JessMess JessMess 9 August 2012
I have been a vegetarian for 5  years, and have always boycotted companies that test on animals.
In this day and age social media is such a powerful influence, so I share every article on my page, and spread the message. I also share links for petitions that I sign almost on a daily basis. I know for a fact that the links I share have been spread by at least 3 degrees of separation.
My pup was a street dog, and she wears her 'I Want Oscar's Law' scarf.
I also educate and influence friends and families on the benefits on cruelty free living.  peace
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Mwophie Mwophie 9 August 2012
Hey guys! I don't eat animals and I would never use products tested on animals - and/ or products like Dove that we know destroy forests for palm oil and subsequently kill of animals like the beautiful orang-utan. I've also been spreading the word around college where I live, having conversations with people about being vegetarian and what it means to me, and also trying to improve the communal food for us vegemons!

and Ava (above) you are too cute!)
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Avalil Avalil 9 August 2012
i am only seven but i never have eaten animals and i love them. I can help them because my daddy helps me make lemonade and we have a lemonade stand outside our house and i get the money and give it to edgars mission. i have a sheep there called mighty mouse and my money helps them look after her and i love her. I have stickers that my mummy bought from you and they are on my lunch box and when my friends at school ask me about them i tell them they have to be kind to animals and not hurt them. Love from Ava (with typing help from her mummy happy )
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Avalil Avalil 9 August 2012
I am only seven but i never eat animals and they are my friends. I have lemonade stands that my daddy helps me make and we sell it and give the money to edgars misson. I have a sheep there called mighty mouse and i love her. I have stickers that my mummy bought from you and they are on my lunch box and when my friends ask me about them i tell them that you should be kind to animals. Love from Ava (with Mummy's help typing!)
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Winchelsea Winchelsea 9 August 2012
I recently did the Native Animal Rescue and First Aid course.  I live in an area where 'roos and wombats are frequently hit and killed or injured by cars and now I have the knowledge and the nerve to pull over, check the sex of the animal, check its pouch, remove the joey, and if alive, how to wrap it, who to call and where to take it for treatment.
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dangerella dangerella 9 August 2012
I have been a vegetarian and animal activist for the past 23 years, a vegan for the past 9! I am a veterinary student who 5 years ago started up a successful sick and injured stray animal rescue through our University teaching hospital. I have volunteered my time in Florida and  Indonesia at exotic and wild animal rescue and rehab as well as dog health programs aimed at reducing the population of stray animals and increasing their health. I have fostered for a few Animal rescue organizations in Australia and back home in Canada before starting up our own. I also am passionate about ending the live export of animals and do leafletting as well as recently getting involved in VALE (vets against live export). I love animals, I am passionate about their welfare and intend to spend the rest of my life helping to find justice and equality for them!   love
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Alice0207 Alice0207 10 August 2012
I am a proud vegetarian, i only use products and cosmetics that are not tested on animals and i have put my name down on many of the petitions listed on this website and on PETA. Our family also rescued two guinea pigs that had been living at the bottom of a bird aviary (with the birds in it!) with their previous owner. I am also extremely against pet shops and i did my year 12 persuasive oral presentation about puppy farms and pet shops to try and get the message out there.
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Anisha Anisha 10 August 2012
I am a vegetarian, and I was able to convince my sister to become vego too.
I keep my friends and family updated on current animal welfare issues, and urge them to try going vegetarian, and to cut back on the amount of animal products they purchase.
I sign every petition that PETA or Animals Australia emails me, as well as making lots of pledges and other ways I can help animals, and I donate to the RSPCA and WWF.
I am very conscious about the products I buy and whether they were tested on animals.
I don't wear fur, and I recently did a school project about fur in the fashion industry to show my school what really happens.
I am currently at school studying a variety of sciences so that next year I can go to university to study vet science, as I really want to be a vet to help animals in the future.
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mowenna mowenna 10 August 2012
I've been spreading the word on facebook and in my school, and now 4-5 are thinking about becoming vegans or vegetarians i know its not much but i think it might help to raise awarness of animal issues and i really do hope that more people become more aware of what happens to animals  beaverhug
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thewordygecko thewordygecko 10 August 2012
I've been vegetarian for twenty-three years, wear no fur or leather, use cruelty-free toiletries and cleaning products, belong to Animals Australia, support various animal organisations and individuals doing good things for animal welfare, donate to animal causes, sign petitions, write letters to authorities, and am planning to write a novella about what would happen if every single animal suddenly disappeared from the planet!
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Lindy Lindy 10 August 2012
I don't eat meat or wear animal products.
I study fashion, so I never use leather, wool or silk in my designs as I know the cruelty involved in these industries. I've researched all the brands that don't test on animals, so I can make wise decisions while shopping.
I made Ban Live export T-shirts last year and donated the sales to Animals Australia. And helped out with sign up sheets and sign every petition I can that will benefit animals.
I bake vegan brownies and bring them to TAFE, everyone loves them and can't tell the difference.
Last of all I walk dogs 2 days a week at RSPCA, which is my favourite thing in the world, so much fun!
Also, I try my best to educate others on animals issues without being too pushy!
dog love
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Madeline1 Madeline1 10 August 2012
I am vegetarian, and constantly influence others to buy cage free eggs, free-ranged meat (for my family who are all meat eaters) and have made my community aware of animal rights and how they can help. I am still informing people of the horrible torture animals go through due to live animal export, and gave a speech to my school about live animal export and how they can help. I have volunteered at animal shelters and am constantly rescuing insects from inside the house and outside from people stepping on them, as each living thing has value to this world and can contribute so much.
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Kara2 Kara2 10 August 2012
I love animals and don't wear them as handbags!  cow
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Treena Livesley Treena Livesley 10 August 2012
So cool! I want one! Cruelty Free! Gorgeous! This is what beauty, fashion and kudos is all about!!
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Marley-Bubbles Marley-Bubbles 10 August 2012
Im Leanne, Ive been rescuing and rehomng animals my whole life and have recently just began my lifes dream of becoming a dog foster for donegal pet rescue and i love it!! happy
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piccolanippy piccolanippy 10 August 2012
I rescued my 14 year old dog from the pound when he was 9 although I like to say he rescued me as I love him so much! My sister was about to buy a puppy from a pet shop but I made her rescue one from the pound instead.
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Accalia Accalia 10 August 2012
I try to share as many videos and pictures as possible of animal abuse, the Paul McCartney meat video, etc . to get people to really SEE what goes in the world. How badly animals are tortured and mistreated for no reason, and for some reason humans only believe what they see.
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I am a strong fighter against animal cruelty, I try educate anyone who asks me about buying a pet or puppy farms, I always say to adopt an animal save its life and it will save yours. I work at RSPCA as an animal attendant and I try my hardest to speak for these animals, share their stories and help save their lives. And dorm what i have learned from working at RSPCA I would love it the government could stop blaming animals for things they have done but blame the humans that caused the animal to do it it he first place. Animals are not at fault and I rally for the government to hear these animals.  love pillowfight
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apinky apinky 11 August 2012
There are so many ways to lend a hand to animals that it can seem overwhelming.  So it's important that everyone does their bit.  I stopped eating meat some time ago, so that is a step in the right direction.  I always encourage potential new pet owners to adopt rather than shop.  I'm constantly signing online partitions!  In my 20's I was all about feet on the street and in my 30's I'm about writing to pollies and influential people.  My local member of parliament is constantly receiving letters from me.  I'm also a member of Fauna Rescue, nursing sick animals back to health and then releasing them back into the wild where they belong.  Buy no leather!  I can't look at a leather handbag without thinking about a cow!  I don't eat eggs but bully everyone around me into buying free range  happy
Of course I do my best to avoid products tested on animals - what a horrible and inhumane practice that I can't believe still goes on.  As a member of the local herpetology society I'm constantly going for walks to count the numbers of tiny lizards that developers don't seem to care about and then be as vocal as possible to protect the littlies.

I share all the campaigns close to my heart with friends and family.  Urging them to sign petitions, send letters and get behind all the good causes out there.  Animals don't have a voice and they need others to speak on their behalf and that is exactly what I try to do.
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AlexH AlexH 11 August 2012
My partner runs a pizza bar and most of the reading matter in the shop is animal welfare and environmental based.In our very political,activist corner we have posters on the wall condemning such activities as rodeos and jumps racing.Although we cannot sell only vegetarian food,we do as much as we can to promote kindness and compassion to animals.I am 62 now,and have been an activist for 44 years.I have written countless letters to papers and magazines,sent endless emails,and lined up friends to come with me to protests!Two years ago,we rehomed a 14year old kelpie who was facing death because of a divorce.He is still with us and an absolute darling!If we all do our bit,the accumulative results will be amazing!
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Catwoman Catwoman 11 August 2012
VEGAN......all the way
Involved in many animal rights groups....protests of some kind almost every weekend
Pass out pamphlets and talk to those who are not aware of the animal industries of the globe.
Animal rights has become a part of my everyday life.
I approach animal cruelty with an attitude of compassion as hate only breeds hate.
I feel I have been enlightened since turning my life animal; friendly and I feel better about myself for it.
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anyak anyak 13 August 2012
i am vegeterian and i dont use stuff tested on animals and i dont wear fur leather or sheep skin and i have a blog i write on it to help them and i sign petitions and i have also emailed presidents prime ministers and councils to try help animals i also talk to other people to try and get them to help as well
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Cayenne Cayenne 13 August 2012
To help animals,
I don't eat meat,
I sign as many unleashed, Animals Australia, WWF, RSPCA and Sea Shepherd pledges and petitions as I possibly can,
I try to encourage the rest of my meat-eating family to have more vegetarian meals,
I grow native gardens to try and attract native wildlife,
I buy all presents for my family from websites where the money goes towards the animals (such as this one and WWF), I volunteer to our native animal shelter on weekends,
I get all my pets from pounds and shelters,
I don't buy fur or leather,
I only eat free range eggs (and I only eat eggs as little as possible),
I don't wear fur, leather or silk,
I don't buy any products that have been tested on animals or that contain palm oil,
I send petitions and pledges to my friends and family,
I run a lemonade stall with a friend at the local markets to raise money for local animal causes,
and I foster abandoned cats and kittens for the Cat Haven.
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lila1 lila1 13 August 2012
I help animals by having conversations with everyone I can about the human/animal relationship. I like to challenge people to consider that a sign of our humanity can be how the strong love the vulnerable. Animals are vulnerable and for this reason we have a duty to love them. Those who ignore love for animals are missing out on an important part of humanity.  I like people to engage with me on this issue. I enjoy challenging the way people think about animals.

Of course on a practical level I support organizations like Animals Australia by attending rallies and giving donations!
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Melissmi Melissmi 13 August 2012
I try to be as conscious of animal rights issues as possible by keeping up to date with legislation and campaigns to prevent animal cruelty. I discourage my friends and family from encouraging government and companies to act against the interest of animal welfare by choosing wisely at the supermarket. I also only use products that are natural and not tested on animals.

These are small gestures towards helping to protect the welfare of our animals but I hope that by being aware and spreading the word where I can that I am making a difference. A small one perhaps, but a difference all the same and that is the first step towards larger goals.
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Sin Sin 15 August 2012
I'm helping the animals by nagging my mum, dad, brother, friends and basically everyone I come in contact with about how important & vital to our planet animals truly are. Unlike us humans, animals don't have a voice.  Hence, it is our job to give them one. Many people simply don't want to hear the truth, they don't want to believe that baby calves are being taken away from their mothers every day just so that we can drink milk, or that pigs are being mauled to death for what the modern-day man terms fun. It is up to people like us, people who care about animals and their well-being to get the message out there, to be heard, to stand up & fight for our furry, scalely, strippy, spotty, four legged, two legged & majestical friends. And that is what I'm doing for them, being their voice happy
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Natalie28 Natalie28 16 August 2012
I am a visual art student and the theme of my work is the fragile life of animals. Through my art I am trying to educate people that may be unaware of the many problems animals face due to human behaviour.
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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 9 April 2013
make vegan journals
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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 22 June 2013
I am 12 and I recently became a vegetarian. I drive my friends nuts as I am always talking about which brand tests on animals or which products contain palm oil. I sign loads of petitions and I have an account on Instagram purely to educate people about animal rights - 4_animals. I love animals and I am always talking about them.
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Tammie2 Tammie2 1 July 2013
I have been posting a lot of animal cruelty articles on my Facebook page and I have also emailed a heap of companies in relation to animal testing. I have spoken to my children about how as a family we can help the animals who need us as an advocate. I have signed petitions against live animal export and voiced my concerns to family, friends, work colleagues and politicians.
I have also been buying items from the unleashed shop to help the animals.
We have taken on rescue bunnies and given them a loving home.
I feel that I have been put on this earth to help make a difference when it comes to the welfare of animals. They need us to stand up for them. It distresses me when I see or hear of these terrible things happening to them.
I thank everyone who contributes in any way to help our animals xx
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