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Great dads of the animal world!

Great dads of the animal world!

Posted 28 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Fathers' Day, marmoset, penguin, frog, seahorse, amazing, dad, competition, giveaway

It's Father's Day this weekend, so what better time to rank some of the animal kingdom's best dads. These doting dads prove it's not just human fathers who deserve a pair of socks and a card on Father's Day.

In fourth place for the best dad award is the barking frog. This froggy father will sit beside his offspring while they are still in their egg sacs, keeping them moist until birth. These guys would be higher on the list ... if they weren't wetting the eggs with their own urine. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?? Bonus picture included of an oreophryne frog dad who hugs all his little ones at night to keep them moist and protect them from insects. What a guy!

Third place goes to the marmoset (a little monkey from South America). These dutiful dads take over the baby-sitting soon after birth, grooming and licking their infants. Later the dads will feed their young 'uns as well as piggyback them all over the place. This probably continues until the young marmosets get their driver's license and a car (I didn't pay much attention in science class).

Second place is claimed by the very deserving male emperor penguin. The Antarctic is so cold that if penguin eggs were to just touch the ground the embryo inside would most likely never be born. So what does dad do? He holds the eggs on the top of his feet covered by his belly ... for two months ... without eating! If you look up "dedication" in the dictionary, there'll probably be a picture of an emperor penguin looking straight back at you.

But at the top of this list of animal dads, winning the title of "Father of the Year 2012" is the seahorse. Seahorses are always going to be pretty hard to beat, seeing as how they are the ones who actually give birth! Yep, I've checked my research and it's true. On average, a seahorse will give birth to 100-200 "fries". That's a dad who takes his job pretty seriously.

So there you go. There are some pretty exceptional dads in the human world too, but it's worth remembering this Father's Day that animals also care for their young and want them to grow up and be healthy.

What is it about your dad that makes him so great? Tell us in 30 words or less and you could win an Unleashed stubby holder to give to him as a pressie. Entries close Friday 31st August.

WINNER ANNOUNCED: An Unleashed drinks cooler is on its way to Samanthadavey (and her dad) for making everyone at UL feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

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Anthony Anthony 28 August 2012
I don't think I can claim prizes in my own contest but I'm still gonna have a go.
"My dad's great because when we have barbeques he always makes sure there's heaps of veggie food for everyone. And he's an excellent bbq cook, too".
via Unleashed

Samanthadavey Samanthadavey 28 August 2012
My dad is an amazing cook. He went vegetarian when I did and always makes the best veggie/vegan food. He's super supportive of anything I choose to do.
via Unleashed

Dr.Craig Miller Dr.Craig Miller 29 August 2012
ifeel like dad
via Unleashed

Jody-Ann Jody-Ann 29 August 2012
My husband father of two boys, four chooks, a cat and a dog went vego with me without the blinking an eye when i sprung my decision on him last year and now we are a vego family!
via Unleashed

Ann Parker Ann Parker 29 August 2012
My dad has fought depression most of his adult life. He's coped by focusing on others, not himself. He works tirelessly to ensure others, especially his grandkids, are happy.
via Unleashed

mattO mattO 30 August 2012
Although my dad is not in this world anymore, he was a man who always put us kids first and im sure still watches over me now...Luva ya!! xx wink
via Unleashed


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