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Party with a celeb and win a Herbivore shirt!

Party with a celeb and win a Herbivore shirt!

Posted 26 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 54 Comments

Tags: competition, giveaway, fashion, t-shirt, Herbivore Clothing

Unleashed Dictionary, p. 218 ...

herbivore [pronounced hur-buh-vohr]: An animal that feeds chiefly on plants. Examples include elephants, gorillas, horses and me.

Herbivore Clothing Company: a store that sells awesome cruelty-free stuff with a pro-animal message. Examples include t-shirts, jumpers, wallets, and books.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because The Herbivore Clothing Company has teamed up with Unleashed for an excellent giveaway. You've got the chance to snag one of their many very cool t-shirts. Designed for herbivores and other animal lovers, their tees not only look good - they also carry a message that's worth showing off.

I'm not saying that repping one of these tops will make you famous. But it will put you in the same category as Missy Higgins and Jona Weinhofen - people who are ready to speak up for animals. Other compassionate celebs include P!nk, Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman. C'mon Hollywood - just put 'em all in a movie together, already!

Winning the shirt of your choice from Herbivore Clothing is easy as 1-2-3, too. In 30 words or less, tell us which compassionate celebrity you'd wanna hang out with for a day and why. The best, most creative, most interesting response will win! So get your thinking caps on, and drop your idea into the comments. Good luck! (Comp closes 28th September)

After you get your entry in, why not head over to and start deciding which shirt you want when (if!) you win? WARNING: be prepared to lose an hour of your day checking out all the other cool gear they have.

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OinkMoo OinkMoo 27 August 2012
30 Seconds to Mars - They are my all time favorite Band and all 3 members ( Jared, Shannon and Tomo ) are all vegan!! clap

Already purchased some hoodies from the Herbivore clothing company tongue
via Unleashed

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 27 August 2012
Albert Einstein because he was a man who showed intellect beyond what was normal and expected at the time. Einstein was a man who was constantly put him down by ignorant people, but he stood for his beliefs and helped to shape the world we live in today.
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 27 August 2012
Remember - entries need to be 30 words or less to win!!
via Unleashed

smashthecages smashthecages 27 August 2012
Joaquin Phoenix because I admire him so much for inspiring people with his work on Earthlings.
via Unleashed

Bright eyes33 Bright eyes33 28 August 2012
Woody Harrelson is the coolest celeb around today!. He has very similar views as me on animals and the environment and has been defending them for a long time.
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 28 August 2012
I didn't know 30 secs to mars were vegan!!!!!!! I love them!
via Unleashed

AC AC 29 August 2012
River Phoenix, for he considered himself an equal to animals, helped them live properly and came in their help. A great man who taught how life is better when shared.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 29 August 2012
I would want to meet and hug/thank Darren Cordeux. It was his poster with a link to unleashed that effectively turned me vego and made me want to go vegan.
via Unleashed

Chicken Legs Chicken Legs 29 August 2012
I have no aspirations to meet a celebrity what so ever ecstatic it is just a shame they have such a huge voice over the majority of the population sad
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 30 August 2012
Damon Fizzy (a youtuber) because while he may not be a huge celebrity, he has helped so many people to be happy, and sets a great example by being vegan.
via Unleashed

sammstein sammstein 30 August 2012
adalita from magic dirt.
and she is an animal activist,i mean,what more could u want from a rock chick!
via Unleashed

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 30 August 2012
Revised 30 word or less answer...

"Albert Einstein because he was constantly put him down by ignorant people, but he stood for his beliefs and helped to shape the world we live."
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 31 August 2012
Actor/Dancer Josef Brown, because not only is he super talented and amazingly compassionate and dedicated- he is hot!  beaverhug love
via Unleashed

wendypham wendypham 2 September 2012
rise aginst, because they are amazing musicians, they are all vegan/vegetarian and one of my fravourite bands. happy
via Unleashed

Juta Juta 11 September 2012
Alicia Silverstone, because she's showing the world that you can raise a happy, healthy vegan child.  And the world needs vegan kids!  monkey
via Unleashed

Bianka Bianka 11 September 2012
Emily Deschanel because she stayed vegan during pregancy,is awesome person and actress and even her character on Bones is vegetarian! peace
via Unleashed

Miff Miff 11 September 2012
Alright mate - I'd love to spend the day with Russell Brand! Funny, intelligent and over Katy Perry like the rest of us. He does us vegos proud!
via Unleashed

Pasika Pasika 11 September 2012
P!NK - she's not afraid to speak out against animal cruelty, not to mention being super hot and a great singer/songwriter
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 11 September 2012
lookatme Entries need to be 30 words or less if you're hoping to win, everyone!
via Unleashed

Scott RB Scott RB 11 September 2012
I'd like to hang with Thomas Barnett from Strike Anywhere. He fronts one of my favorite punk bands with whom I share many beliefs including animal equality and veganism!
via Unleashed

Lars Lars 11 September 2012
I would probably hand out with Moby. He's been vegan for as long as I  can remember and is activly nvolved in the animal rights movement. i'd want to hang out with him because I enjoy his style of music but mor ethan that, his fame has been sustained and long lasting, not a fad, and so he has been an amazing role model for veganism. Im positive that many of his fans have been opened up to the idea of what being vegan is,  particularly in the early 90s when it wasn't very well known
via Unleashed

Ashley3 Ashley3 11 September 2012
Well great that ellen and tobey are vegos but what about promoting that on the tv show,i doubt it as money is more important than staying true to a cause,so many tv personalities really do f--- all to help these animals,dont fool yourself that they are any more special as the truth is they are not
via Unleashed

Leighlan Leighlan 11 September 2012
Bridgette Bardot: the old girl is always in strife with the law, and she might be able to get me a ride on the sea shepherd vessel, MV Bridgette Bardot.
via Unleashed

riotfox riotfox 11 September 2012
Adam Young (Owl City), because he is a vegetarian, an amazing musician and composer, and a Christian.  He proves that Christians should love animals too!
via Unleashed

Zofia Zofia 11 September 2012
Thom Yorke(Radiohead).
Stands up for antiwar, environmental issues, questions our dying system, he's vegan!   Understands what we need to do, to make this world a better place for all beings
via Unleashed

GrapeHead GrapeHead 11 September 2012
Alicia Silverstone. She has dedicated a lot of time and energy to spreading the truth about how animals are treated by humans. LOVE her vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet.
via Unleashed

Bree1 Bree1 11 September 2012
Definatley Pamela Anderson , she has done so many great things for Peta and animal rights , i think it would be really interesting to see what she does in a day and find out the different sides of her life.
via Unleashed

VegoCraig VegoCraig 11 September 2012
Missy Higgins.  A great supporter of animal and human rights, not to mention a bloody good songwriter and performer.
If you haven't heard "World Gone Mad", do yourself a favour.
via Unleashed

Zofia Zofia 11 September 2012
Thom Yorke(Radiohead).
Stands up for antiwar, environmental issues, questions our dying system, he%u2019s vegan.
Understands what we need to do, to make this world a better place for all beings
via Unleashed

Sarah Sarah 11 September 2012
Thom Yorke of Radiohead. He got me through the horrors of high school with his awesome music. Not only a vegan, he has been active with other environmental issues too.
via Unleashed

Frank88 Frank88 11 September 2012
Easily Pam Anderson, she is a babe and has been doing it for years. I went to Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Sydney and there was an old signed photo of her on the wall and a reccomendation for the vegetarian pie.   innocent
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 11 September 2012
Woody Harrelson, he is a machine! Just goes to show that vegan diets are very healthy, good for the environment and animals and still very manly. I think more men should look up to Woody and I would love to try some of those vegan twinkies. Woody also has a better chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse, nothing worse than eating contaminated meat.  ecstatic
via Unleashed

Motherwell Motherwell 12 September 2012
I don't know if you'd call him a celebrity but Philip Wollen because I think there is a lot to be learned from him.
via Unleashed

Thomas Quilty Thomas Quilty 12 September 2012
Charles Darwin, because the evolution of man will never be complete without natural selection and vegetarianism happy
via Unleashed

Amy vegan Amy vegan 12 September 2012
Chris Hannah from Propagandhi, they are great role models for men because they don't get caught up in masculinity bullshit in society, they are themselves and proud of being compassionate
via Unleashed

M0rgan M0rgan 12 September 2012
I'd pick Bob Marley. Although he is dead, he continues to influence people all around the world through his music. He was a vegetarian with a dream.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 12 September 2012
@Ashley3, I don't know that I've ever sat through Ellen's show.. but I have seen plenty of snippets where she is promoting a vegan lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised actually to see that she has a section to her website about going vegan:
via Unleashed

Cameron* Cameron* 12 September 2012
Olivia Wilde! Her talent and beauty are a combination that would inspire anyone. I am a true and humble admirer of everything she stands for. love
via Unleashed

mntryjoseph mntryjoseph 12 September 2012
Sir Paul McCartney, what more can I say...he has opened a lot of eyes concerning animal abuse! I love Paul!
via Unleashed

Cayenne Cayenne 12 September 2012
Missy Higgins because she not only is a vegetarian, but she worked with Animals Australia to make a radio ad about free range eggs, which I think is amazing.
via Unleashed

piccolanippy piccolanippy 12 September 2012
Jenna Lee Dewan-Tatum because shes always supporting good causes for animals and she even rescued all her animals from animal shelters.
via Unleashed

Bianka Bianka 13 September 2012
Also Pauley Perrette- her pets are from shelters and is very compasionate & positive, Michael Clarke Duncan- he was a big man with a big heart and talent.
via Unleashed

JenManson JenManson 13 September 2012
I'd love to meet Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers because he is absolutely amazing. He is talented and his music is great plus he's vegan!
via Unleashed

KellyG KellyG 14 September 2012
Have to say Joaquin Phoenix too. Excellent work on Earthlings, great actor, seems like he has a few really good stories to tell and... well, he's obviously quite spunky.
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 14 September 2012
My favourite band is the Beatles. Hanging out with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would be amazing. Especially Paul, if Linda was still here, those two could do wonders.  peace
via Unleashed

JacKei JacKei 15 September 2012
Ellen Degeneres. She%u2019s Vegan, adores animals and always talks about animal issues on her show, telling people to buy animals from pounds not pet stores, encouraging people to be vegan.
via Unleashed

Babe Babe 16 September 2012
I imagine myself sitting with James Cromwell in farmer Hogget's house from movie Babe. Pigs oinking and dogs barking while he tells the story of his amazing career and life!
via Unleashed

Brooke7 Brooke7 17 September 2012
PINK!  beaverhug She is so famous and doesn't worry about people judging her for sticking up for animals. I think that because she is such a big name many people will be more willing to follow her lead. She is so honest with such a great heart and show that you can look spectacular without having to harm animals! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
via Unleashed

Samanthadavey Samanthadavey 17 September 2012
There are so many inspiring famous veg*ns I would love to hang out with but the at the top of the list would have to be P!nk because she stands up for what she believes in but also does it with respect, she is a great voice for animal rights  peace (Missy Higgins & Emily Deschanel would be second on the list!)
via Unleashed

AlxVegan AlxVegan 23 September 2012
Ellen DeGeneres. She's hilarious & has the power to reach so many people.  I would love to share my ideas with her about getting a positive vegan message out there!!
via Unleashed

shanmackie shanmackie 24 September 2012
I would LOVE to hang out with Alicia Silverstone.  She's so inspirational and already seems super awesome & kind.  I'd eat a pint of the turtle tracks ice cream with her (after making a yummy meal together, of course.)
via Unleashed

Sara4 Sara4 25 September 2012
Sydney-based, vegan supermodel Renee Somerfield. If more models said %u2018Hell no%u201D to fur and leather the fashion industry would finally understand truly beautiful people don%u2019t wear/want clothes made from animals!
via Unleashed

Sara4 Sara4 25 September 2012
A day with William Blake would be awesome: an 18th century vegetarian nudist poet who campaign for the rights of animals and orphaned children. Surely a day to remember!
via Unleashed

jess252 jess252 26 September 2012
tommy lee for sure
not only does he love animals more than pammy im sure, but we could party hard together animal friendly style and he's hot!!
via Unleashed


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