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Live exports - Australia's shame.

Live exports - Australia's shame.

Posted 21 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: live export, cows, sheep

You may have heard a lot in the news recently about the live export of Australian sheep and cattle to overseas countries. The amount of animals involved and the amount of suffering they have to go through makes live exports one of the most serious cases of animal abuse in Australia. If you love animals, it's definitely an issue you'll want to know all about.

Live exports is in crisis at the moment, with tragedy after tragedy unfolding. It might be a bit confusing keeping a track of what is happening where, but hopefully this map will help make it clear for you. (Sorry North and South America - there just wasn't enough room for you! NZ, you missed out, too.)


BAHRAIN: 21,000 sheep were stranded aboard a ship in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, in soaring temperatures for 2 weeks(!!) after Bahrain refused to accept them. Every extra day stuck on a ship results in more animal suffering and more deaths.

The sheep on this ship were eventually offloaded in PAKISTAN. There they are being held in overcrowded mud-filled pens and their ability to lie down or reach food and water is severely restricted. Authorities there are supporting a plan for a mass kill and for their bodies to be thrown into large pits.


KUWAIT: A similar situation to Bahrain unfolded in Kuwait, with Australian sheep left in limbo out at sea for a week, suffering through high temperatures and confined spaces. Eventually these animals were unloaded. But sadly, that wouldn't have been the end to their suffering. They then would have been killed fully conscious.

dairy-suffering-in-qatar-4.jpgQATAR: Of 250 dairy cows sent to one property, over 60 of them died in one week from thirst, hunger and heat stress. One vet technician said that these gentle animals "were frying from the inside out". Of 10,000 sheep sent to the same property ... only 3000 are left. To make this tragedy even worse - the property owner is planning to import another shipment of dairy cows later this year. Lend your voice to help stop this plan immediately.

EGYPT: 2 shiploads of cattle face an uncertain future as the Egyptian govt is refusing to allow them to be slaughtered. These cows have been stuck in sweltering heat and cramped feedlots for weeks now.

INDONESIA: 11,000 cattle are stranded in Indonesian feedlots after the govt there "rejected" them. These cows cannot come back to Australia because of our quarantine laws, so they are stuck in limbo, some of them since May! This is despite the fact that 94% of them are pregnant or have given birth since arriving.

The cruelty of live exports cannot be denied. The misery for animals begins from the moment they step onto boats at the port. They have no idea what will happen to them - BUT YOU DO! You can help protect sheep and cows in Australia by demanding an end to live exports. Join Animals Australia's campaign to shut down this terrible trade. Take action now!


"Like a giant mass of wool, bloodied and filthy, they lay in trenches, slit open, stabbed or clubbed to death, while many still wriggled with some life left in them, soon to be buried alive."

This is the scene emerging from Pakistan, where stranded Australian sheep now face an unimaginably horrible death.

Footage from Pakistan shows confused and scared sheep being stabbed and clubbed and their bodies being dumped into trenches. Some of them are still visibly alive when they are pushed into the pit.

This is what the boss at an exporting company said of the scene."I have watched the video and let me tell you that ever since I have seen those gruesome visuals, I haven't eaten or slept." And that's coming from the guy who sent the sheep there in the first place!

There is a tragedy of immense size unfolding in Pakistan and it can be traced directly to the cruel industry of live exports. Help end this cruel trade forever!

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sweet-as sweet-as 21 September 2012
Feeling so frustrated.
I write to our politicians who don't give a damn.
They are only interested in point scouring.
Meanwhile these poor innocent animals are suffering horrendous torture only to be put to death in a most gruesome way by the barbaric countries we send them too.
It seems there are only a few politicians that have a conscience, they are the Greens, and Andrew Wilkie.
Yet New Zealand being such a small country manages very well without this cruel, disgusting trade.
I see a lot of high profile people get involved and yet we are still at a standstill.
When is it all going to end???
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 21 September 2012
I can't take action because I don't live in Aussie.  sad
via Unleashed

Please Be Informed Please Be Informed 6 October 2012
It saddens me that 'sweet-as' should see this in such an emotional way.

It's not about innocent animals - they are our staple diet and the world's as well.

That the media present such misinformed and emotively edited footage to incite such an emotional response - without reportage of real facts, is disturbing.

We are at the mercy of media with their own agendas built on sensationalism. They rely on emotive responses like yours to make money!

Consider the farmers' lives ruined instead. That is reality.

Please see though the emotion to find the truth.
via Unleashed

Please Be Informed Please Be Informed 6 October 2012
Although I support many initiatives, such as the banning of duck shooting, I remain gobsmacked at the emotive, illogical and uninformed tirade against the live export industry.

I've been lucky enough to see the operation side of the trade up close and personal, and despite initial scepticism, was 'stunned' to see that media reports of cattle and sheep export processes and animal welfare conditions were so INACCURATE!!

It scares me that this industry is so wrongly portrayed by well-meaning - but ill-informed people - using the media to try and disrupt an industry so vital to our international credibility and economic viability.

Interestingly, no-one seems interested in our local version of the industry that provides the nicely presented supermarket meats. That makes it curious that so much energy is spent demeaning an export industry process that is demonstrably 'animal friendly'.

Why aren't people told that animals on ships live in spacious, air conditioned comfort?
That their health and individual welfare is monitored 24 hours a day? And that they are spoiled rotten with the very best of food?

Before seeking to destroy the lives of the huge numbers of Australian families reliant on this industry - please do some critical thinking.... jumping on a flawed bandwagon ruins this group's best efforts.

This one lacks an essential element. FACT!
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 6 October 2012
Its good to hear that you're onside with other animal welfare initiatives, such as calling for a ban to duck shooting @Please Be Informed. Your support means a lot.

I'm curious as to which part of the blog here you feel is not based on fact.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 8 October 2012
I heard Lyn Whites speech at the rally through a big speaker in adelaide on saturday. Drew me to tears, regret wearing so much eyeliner that day! She is such an inspiring woman, and sometimes I wonder just how she does it. And @Please Be Informed, I used to have a similar opinion as yourself towards live export, then I had the privilidge of talking to people who worked on the ships, and in the export industry itself. After personally researching for a number of months, I can safely tell you everything AA posts about Live export is legitimate, and the live export industry really is as bad as it sounds. Feel free to message me and I can give you all my knowledge on this issue, and if you remain an open mind, you might just see it from our point of view. peace
via Unleashed

Please Be Informed Please Be Informed 15 October 2012
The above comments are what should bring tears to our eyes! I have no emotive axe to grind %u2026. but despair when people openly admit that their FACTS are derived from "conversations" and "personal research".

Personally, I base my comments on having been on such livestock carriers, watching with a critical eye all management practices. Seen the care and attention paid to individual animals. Compared the treatment the animals received to my 50 years of disparate experiences in animal agriculture .... and come away simply amazed. Very different to any local sheep and cattle treatment I've seen.

As a media teacher, for 30 years I have encouraged students to seek out bias, identify hearsay (as distinct from actual knowledge), political agendas and interpret sensationalised media reports. The above reports are bursting with all of the aforementioned %u2013 and an objective perspective is all that is needed to see it all in its lurid mis-truth!

cry     huh     strong
via Unleashed


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