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Get your thinking cap on to win exclusive hats!

Get your thinking cap on to win exclusive hats!

Posted 16 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 48 Comments

Tags: competition, giveaway, fashion, win, hats

Spring has definitely sprung, and summer is just around the corner. Mr. Sun is spending more time in the sky, so what better opportunity to give away some cool new malc&andi hats! Read on to find out how you can win in our latest competition!

There's a lot to like about summer. Inflatable pool parties, taking the dog to the beach, even backyard cricket against your bro or sis (I always used to thrash my brother. Hah - take that, James!!) The thing you'll like best about this coming summer though will be one of these exclusive malc&andi snapbacks. Mmm, snapbacks - so hot right now!

These Wild Caps feature fun and quirky animal designs and are for those who are prepared to make a statement. Check out the pics then take a look at the full range.

I've seen some cool hats in my time, but these would have to be right up there. Plus, did you know that malc&andi donate money from every sale they make to animal charities?? That's gotta be worth a "like" on their Facebook page, hint hint ;)

If you wanna get one of these hats in time for summer, here's how you can win. Just tell us:

What's one tip you can give to help animals beat the heat this summer??

(e.g. "My tip to help animals beat the heat this summer would be to never, ever leave dogs in the car!!" If you need any more help, you can steal find ideas here.)

Easy as that! Post your tip in the comments below, and keep it less than 30 words. You can only enter once, and can only give one tip! The two best entries will each score the hat of their choice. Winners will be chosen on the 16/11/12, so get your thinking caps on!

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Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 17 October 2012
Taking my dog to the beach and letting her chase the seagulls and play with her in the waves!!
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 17 October 2012
Putting ice cubes in your dog's or cat's water bowl that really helps my dog beat the heat.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 17 October 2012
I make up some meat stock and freeze it. Then they have meat flavoured icy poles! They loooove it! ecstatic
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 18 October 2012
I like to lay a nice wet towel down for him. He hates swimming but a good wet towel, why not?
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 18 October 2012
A shell pull full of nice top soil or sand... Ahh relaxing and cooling to dig in there says pup.
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 18 October 2012
pool** not pull
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 18 October 2012
Two words. Cool Coats. They are amazing, there's different ones from your cat to your horse, one to suit almost any four legged critter! They work especially well inside with the air con, double the chill, double the happiness! They create artificial perspiration that actively pulls excess heat from your pet, lowering the animal's temperature and reducing the heavy panting that would otherwise unduly distress him or her. happy) They can seem expensive at first, but are worth the investment. You can also get cool mats which is like a cool bed of happiness! happy
via Unleashed

sMiSh sMiSh 18 October 2012
My tip is to make sure animals that are confined to cages like guinea pigs and rabbits are placed in fully shaded breezy areas when outdoors with plenty of fresh water rabbit
via Unleashed

AshieM AshieM 18 October 2012
Disolve vegemite in some hot water and then freeze it. My dogs love to lick their vegemite iceblocks in summer! Keeps them cool and a tasty treat!
via Unleashed

Motherwell Motherwell 18 October 2012
Blend up some carrots in a food processor add a little water, fill up some soup container and throw in the freezer to make huge carrot ice blocks.
via Unleashed

Brooke7 Brooke7 19 October 2012
Go on a boat to the river or ocean and go swimming with my doggy happy we also cuddle eachother next to the air condition while we eat carrots and water with ice cubes  ecstatic ehehe
via Unleashed

Truc Truc 19 October 2012
Taking all my dogs inside the house for a nap, while the airconditioner is on..just for a while tongue
via Unleashed

MoniqueGibbons MoniqueGibbons 20 October 2012
Dig a wide hole in a shady area of your backyard, just large and deep enough (not too deep) for your dog to rest and resort to when it gets hot. The soil will remain nice and cool for the dog all day long.  happy
via Unleashed

Cayenne Cayenne 21 October 2012
Take my dogs to the beach so they can play in the waves.
via Unleashed

Chicken Legs Chicken Legs 22 October 2012
(if i had pets) i would keep a big water bowl with a huge chunk of ice in it, letting them drink icey water whenever they were thirstyy while having a 'mist fan' operating near their beds to keep them nice and cosey :s
via Unleashed

Rattie Rattie 22 October 2012
Letting my ratties fish for peas! Peas, water and water up to their knees is all my little girls need!
via Unleashed

Claire_92 Claire_92 23 October 2012
Stay indoors with plenty of water!
via Unleashed

Ali Ali 25 October 2012
Build good relationships with neighbours, especially ones that are home while you are out to work - they can check on your fur-friends during the hottest part of the day.  Even if its just putting the hose over the fence to cool a shaded area of pavers or concrete.  Dogs may play in the water stream, while guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens will enjoy the relief of water around the enclosures.
via Unleashed

GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 28 October 2012
Always have sufficient water for all your pets and for any extras that may come along.
via Unleashed

*Steph* *Steph* 28 October 2012
I hang towels around my chook pens and soak them in water every few hours. Evaporative cooling for my feathered friends happy
via Unleashed

NickM NickM 5 November 2012
What's one tip you can give to help animals beat the heat this summer??

If you live in the 'burbs with a well planted yard, encourage birds to cool off by providing them with ample bird baths that are preferably located in shady areas. Maybe you could clip a dish on the side and pop in a few frozen fruit cubes, if you know you have nectar eaters frequent your bird bath!

What a way to care for wildlife without them having to be entirely dependent on you!
via Unleashed

Indy Denyer Indy Denyer 8 November 2012
I take my pony and dogs out to the local dam/creek or whatever its called. Also i fill up shell pools with water and ice cubes so my dogs in the yard can have a swim  dog  chick
via Unleashed

babspop babspop 10 November 2012
Freeze water in an old ice-cream container,
So they have water for now and later.
Lasts all day so you don't have to stress,
Here's my tip, it's a good one at best.
via Unleashed

Saragorn Saragorn 10 November 2012
It's winter in Norway where I live now, but in the summer I like to put on the sprinklers for my dogs when I have to stay home and work, and when I have some days off I usually bring them down to my cottage by the water so they can play and swim in it all they want!love
via Unleashed

EABB EABB 10 November 2012
I plan (along with the legendaaary beeeaguuul) to desex at least one pet with our FB page - Eggs and Balls Begone.
Please head over, like it and see if we can FINALLY get a taker!
via Unleashed

Elizabeth @Freedom2Do Elizabeth @Freedom2Do 10 November 2012
Make sure water bowls always have water in them, and put a bird bath or dog bowl in your yard happy
via Unleashed

Shanty Shanty 10 November 2012
Carry postcards reminding people not to leave dogs in cars on hot days, and place the cards on windscreens
via Unleashed

Kush Kush 10 November 2012
I wet sarongs and put them on my dog Koji and cat vish then they plonk themselves in front of the fan and for my Childrens Python, Monty (yes reptiles can get overheated too!) I keep topping up his water with cool water and he sits in it - no ice or cold water, as it can shock them and stress them out.
via Unleashed

Spider Spider 10 November 2012
Let my kittens lie on the cold tiles and wet their little paws with cold water.
via Unleashed

Shanty Shanty 10 November 2012
One way I will help animals this summer is to carry cards to put on windscreens reminding people not to leave dogs in cars
via Unleashed

horsepowerrrr horsepowerrrr 10 November 2012
Never forget that if you are feeling the heat, your dog is feeling it five times more! Don't let the heat make you lazy in caring for them.
via Unleashed

Alice10 Alice10 10 November 2012
Make sure your dog has somewhere nice and cool to hang out, somewhere with a nice breeze, and keep their water in a cool spot too. My dog chooses being inside the house of course... he's such cheeky little monkey  monkey but we love him so much.
via Unleashed

Hugh Hugh 10 November 2012
Consider the heat when deciding whether to take the dog for a walk or not; she is black, has no shoes, and feels it more than I do.
via Unleashed

Spider Spider 10 November 2012
Let my cats lie on the cold tiles and wet their little paws with cold water.
via Unleashed

Paddu Paddu 10 November 2012
I want to always keep some water in small containers on the balcony and window shelves at my home for the thirsty birds..
via Unleashed

Kellie3 Kellie3 11 November 2012
the blue shell kids pools are great for dogs to cool down in, they love it!
via Unleashed

tombraider000 tombraider000 11 November 2012
They get same treatment as us two leggeds. Inside in air conditioning away from flies, whether Im home or not. My furbabies dont get treated differently from my furless ones.
via Unleashed

Thomas Quilty Thomas Quilty 11 November 2012
A stylish hair clip will keep them cool this summer... and help owners with detecting paralysis ticks! It's a win win situation!!!
via Unleashed

stillxchunsa stillxchunsa 11 November 2012
I like to get an old shallow plate, fill it with a bit of water and melt a few icecubes in it. my guinea pigs love it!
via Unleashed

Hayley7 Hayley7 11 November 2012
What you can do if you have pets such as guinea pig, rabbits and any other small rodents is fill up a soft drink bottle with water and freeze it. The next day bring it out and put it in their hutch. They love it.  clap
via Unleashed

PrettiGirl0 PrettiGirl0 11 November 2012
I always make sure that my dog's water bowl is easily accessible and it is filled with fresh, clean water happy I also give her thawed bones to munch on as well.
via Unleashed

piccolanippy piccolanippy 11 November 2012
By letting your animals come inside to share the cool air conditioner with you.
via Unleashed

KellyG KellyG 12 November 2012
I used to hve chickens and I'd sprinkle spinach leave in a baby paddling pool and they would go crazy for it. Keeps them, and everyone in the near vacinity, cool and damp! wink
via Unleashed

Franceyne Franceyne 12 November 2012
Wrap frozen peas or frozen water in a plastic bottle and place it in your pet's bedding, great for little pets, like rats & guinea pigs and for big pets, like dogs and cats.

via Unleashed

twinkles2804 twinkles2804 13 November 2012
get a little paddling pool for them, they will love to sit in it, on a hot day! Also put zinc on there nos so they dont get burnt!
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 16 November 2012
Get them involved swimming in the swimming pool while the kids are in there so it is active yet refreshing for all!!  cool
via Unleashed

KristieGodden KristieGodden 16 November 2012
Make your beloved pooches a frozen water treat using treats, kibble, meat pieces or dollops of vegemite or peanut butter suspended in frozen water. It'll be sure to keep them occupied & happy whilst being refreshed & cooled this summer!!
via Unleashed

Jody-Ann Jody-Ann 16 November 2012
I freeze ice cream containers of water and put them in water buckets and bowls all over the garden.  We have chooks too and leave ice water for them as well.  My budgie likes to be sprayed with water and have a bit of a bath too, then runs around his (large) cage licking the water droplets off everything.
via Unleashed


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