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Make it Possible takes flight!

Make it Possible takes flight!

Posted 23 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, factory farming, video

If you haven't seen it already ... this is the video that instantly became one of Google's top news stories yesterday, and is featured on online news websites around the country!

That's the extended web video for Animals Australia's biggest campaign ever - to end factory farming in Australia. The campaign is officially called Make it Possible, and the craziest thing about the attention it got yesterday is this: it doesn't officially launch until TONIGHT!

So, tonight at 7pm, make sure you and your family and friends are near a telly to witness Animals Australia's groundbreaking ad. Judging by the huge response it generated yesterday, these ads are going to cause a massive shift in the way Australians think about animals.

Here's just some of the reactions already seen on Facebook. (Note: names changed to ones I find funny).

You can help animals stuck in factory farms in heaps of ways. But here's just two things you can do right now.

1) Share the video: - on Facebook - on twitter. (I know, easy right?)
2) Take the Make it Possible pledge yourself.

Check in on the blogs again over the next few days and weeks, I'll have heaps more ways for you to get involved. Until then though, get the word out there about Make it Possible, and start thinking for yourself about how you can help make a kinder world possible.

Oh, and don't forget - 7pm tonight!!

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Claire_92 Claire_92 23 October 2012
All so exciting! The full length video on the website brings me to tears :')
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 25 October 2012
I may or may not be planning to get a tattoo of that flying pig at some point when I have money. wink This is beautiful! Lets all throw our weight against this campaign! love
via Unleashed

CaseyC CaseyC 25 October 2012
i pledged to eat less meat clap
via Unleashed

Vegan all the way Vegan all the way 25 October 2012
Well done Animal Australia!!  Will share link and spread this to everyone I know. Hope this will get the Animal Liberation movement going in Australia as well as globally.
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 26 October 2012
Loved it! This is one of the most inspiring and accessible campaigns I've seen from AA yet. I'm so stoked to see this.
via Unleashed

GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 28 October 2012
I loved this... made me cry... beautiful advert.
via Unleashed

sowhat4840 sowhat4840 31 October 2012
Yay I hate animal farms!!!%uD83D%uDE1D
via Unleashed


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