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Man rescued at sea by unlikely hero.

Man rescued at sea by unlikely hero.

Posted 15 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: sharks, shark fin soup, amazing, hunting

A man lost at sea for almost FOUR MONTHS has told of his amazing rescue story. And the hero of this story is one you may not expect! (SPOILER: it's not a mermaid.)

The drama unfolded off the tiny island nation of Kiribati (it's kind of in between Australia and Hawaii). Local policeman and vowel-hoarder Toakai Teitoi headed off on what was meant to be a two hour boat trip to a neighbouring island. Long story short - he didn't quite get where he wanted, and 2 hours in a boat became 106 days! I hope he had something to read.

On Day 106 though, Toakai's luck changed. Curled up at the bottom of the boat under some shade, he heard a scratching and bumping against the hull. Peering overboard he saw a six foot shark circling the boat. When the shark had his attention it swam off.

This is what happened next, in Toakai's own words:

"He was guiding me to a fishing boat. I looked up and there was the stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me. Of course I was able to wave frantically at them and they came and picked me up. If that shark hadn't nudged me awake the crew of the boat might have thought I wasn't in trouble and might have carried on sailing past me."

According to Toakai, that shark saved his life!!

In 2012, approximately 200,000 sharks are killed by humans ... every day! That would mean that while Toakai was adrift on his boat, 21 MILLION sharks were killed. And yet this shark rescued him. That's a pretty forgiving shark!

A major contributor to the death-toll is the slaughter of sharks for their fins as part of the shark-fin soup industry. This fact about shark-finning really shook me up: all 14 shark species most common in the shark fin trade are now at risk of extinction.

If that's not bad enough, the Western Australian government is planning to shoot endangered sharks that swim too close to the shore. Under their plan, instead of being rescued by a shark, Toakai may have tried to shoot it!

I guess the simple point to make here is this: A shark saved a man's life, you can return the favour. Send a pre-written letter to the WA premier letting him know what you think of his plan. Then help other sharks by raising awareness of shark-finning amongst your buds.

Because you never know when you might need some help from a shark yourself ;)

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Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 15 October 2012
I am definitely sharing this story. I don't think many people realize that sharks are more than a nose and teeth.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 16 October 2012
The culling of sharks and the mutilating of sharks for things like shark fin soup is truly disgusting.

As an Australian I feel ashamed that our government would condone the shooting of an animal for doing what comes naturally. If people don't want to get attacked then learn about the ocean and animal pattens. Avoid risky behaviour (like swimming at dusk or dawn), if you still want to risk it then you only have yourself to blame.

We do not own this planet. We are suppose to share it with every species.

Killing an animal because it comes too close is like shooting your neighbour for coming too close to your fence.

This will not solve them problem of shark attacks. But what it will do is destroy the delicate balance in the oceans.
angry cry furious

... Rant over!
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 16 October 2012
Live Animal Export... Australia's Shame.
Killing inconvenient or profitable animals... also Australia's Shame
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 16 October 2012
Extreme animal cruelty...Australia's shame.
And I can not believe how amazing this story is. It just proves sharks aren't our enemie or a predator of ours if anything their our prey but this story proves we can live in harmony with nature. And plans to shoot sharks is completely and utterly horific!
I am so ashamed of our government!
via Unleashed

CaseyC CaseyC 25 October 2012
amazing they are beutiful creatures
via Unleashed

GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 28 October 2012
Why isn't this kind of thing on the news. I'm sick of constantly hearing bad stuff about sharks. We need more stories like this
via Unleashed

Rebeccamrh Rebeccamrh 10 November 2012
As always the creatures of land, sea and air so often have more
altruism that the biggest predtor on the planet -Man...
God help the creatures...
via Unleashed

for_the_animals for_the_animals 18 December 2012
Sharks are truely among the most amazing creatures  love
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 23 November 2014
sharks are amazing
via Unleashed


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