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Rodeo cruelty continues...

Rodeo cruelty continues...

Posted 29 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: rodeo, cruelty, investigation, Queensland, Warwick Rodeo

Another Australian rodeo ... another horrible example of animal cruelty. This time the footage is from the Warwick Rodeo in southern Queensland this weekend just been. WARNING: If you love animals you'll find the vid hard to watch.

What you can see is a bull named Buckle Up falling and breaking either his leg or hip. He attempts to stand and walk, dragging his leg and collapsing on it a number of times.

The next 30 minutes(!!) were spent trying to get Buckle Up out of the rodeo ring. Rodeo clowns taunted him; a ute was used; and other bulls were let loose in the ring to shepherd him out - all of this despite his clear distress and awful injury causing him to collapse repeatedly.

After half an hour of prolonged pain, Buckle Up was finally herded onto a truck. In their clumsy and careless efforts to move him, the organisers of the rodeo may have broken more than one section of the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act. Really though, would rodeos be the first thing to spring into your mind when thinking about "animal care and protection"?

Queensland isn't the only state where rodeos still take place. In fact, every state and territory still allows them (except the ACT...which stands for Anti-Cruelty Territory, right?). If you believe that Australia in 2012 is no place for this kind of cruel treatment of animals, all in the name of entertainment, then join with 1000s of others to make the pledge in saying "NO" to rodeos.

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sowhat4840 sowhat4840 31 October 2012
That's terrible
via Unleashed

Disgusted Disgusted 31 October 2012
I can't believe people in this "civilised age" consider rodeos accepable as entertainment. Use the spurs, electric prods and tight genital straps on the "brave cowboys" and see how much fun it is then. Ban them now - shame on all politicians that allow them.
via Unleashed

DxxDog DxxDog 31 October 2012
MORONS!!!! Where's your compassion and humanity???? I'm so incensed at your idiocy and brutality!

It's blindingly obvious this poor animal is suffering great pain and distress, yet all you do is add to it and make his suffering worse.

Why didn't you sedate him? There should be people on hand at these events for such situations. The moment an animal is injured there should be facilities available to deal with the situation in a fast and humane manner.

What happened after he was loaded onto the truck? Did he have to endure a journey on a bumpy road in a rattly truck for god knows how long, probably only to be shot at the destination anyway?  

This is why Rodeos must be banned. We cannot trust people to act humanely towards its animals cry

Humans are #vile
via Unleashed

Hit Back across the country Hit Back across the country 31 October 2012
I looked at the sponsors on the  railings I'm writing to  Toyota to tell them why someone at the other end of the
country won't be buying any more of their cars. And the local BigW the same---I'll shop somewhere else.Rotary and Lions have also  sponsored Rodeos--I thought those organizations would be far above this low-life bastardry--but no. Goodbye Lions and Rotary Those companys won't give a hoot about one voice in the wind but I'll feel better doing something. Shame there's only one of me.
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 31 October 2012
Its mind-boggling how these so called humans behave to these poor innocent animals!!

The perpetrators that organise these disgusting  shows, the riders that think they are so dammed brave ( thinking they are heroes ) and the public that support them by attending,  are all mindless moronic idiots.

If they had brains they would be dangerous!!

As for our Gutless politicians, what can I say that hasn't been said before!!!

via Unleashed

Big Mac Big Mac 2 November 2012
Im not sure how else they could have got him out and onto a truck...he could walk even if just.  He is a big strong beast and a vet would need to have him confined safely to treat him surely....What would AA have done better/differently?
via Unleashed

Lee unleashed Lee unleashed 10 November 2012
Keep up the good work.
via Unleashed

Bess Bess 11 November 2012
I am so appalled at the way we are cruel to Animals and exploit them, its about time that those that did this were put through the same pain and suffering as the Animals.
via Unleashed

Robyn3 Robyn3 12 November 2012
Why is it that man must dominate and unleash all his wrath on a gentle beast that has meant him no harm
Since we still live in the dark ages we pay for this sort of entertainment, without a thought of the pain the animal must endure. cry
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 22 August 2014
Hi Jesse. Thanks for your concern about race horses. We also campaign on this issue. You can take action for horses here -
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