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Thousands rally against live exports!

Thousands rally against live exports!

Posted 8 October 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: live export, cows, sheep, rally, action

Check these pics and clip out! People power in action...

On the weekend, countless numbers of people, young and old, took to the streets to call for an end to live exports. Simultaneous rallies were planned for capital cities across the country, speakers were confirmed, banners were made, and friends were invited. On the big day, a tidal wave of compassionate Aussies swept into the streets calling for an end to live exports.

See more rally photos from around the country!

You might already know that live export shipments from Australia have ended in a series of tragedies for animals over the last few weeks. Mother cows and calves have died from heat exhaustion and neglect in Qatar, and thousands of sheep have been stabbed, clubbed and buried alive in Pakistan.

The worst part is that these last few weeks haven't been some bizarre out-of-the-ordinary experience in the live export industry. Since the trade began, there has been no way that anyone can protect Australian animals once they leave our shores. This has seen them become victims of horrific treatment at their final destination.

Investigation after investigation by Animals Australia has shown the terrible fate that awaits Australian sheep and cows who have been exported. And with each investigation, opposition to the cruel trade grows among the Australian public. More and more people are calling for a ban on live exports, including members of the current government!

From east to west a collective voice was heard very clearly - Australians want an end to live exports. It really was an awesome day with a great atmosphere. How could it not have been though, when you get thousands of animal lovers together in one place :D

If you went along to a rally - thank you! Now we need you to keep the rally going. If you're 18 or over, let your local politician know that you're over live exports. If you not quite 18 yet, then you can still get a message to the PM telling her what you think about this cruel trade. Together, we have to speak up for the animals - because they can't do it themselves.

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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 13 October 2012
I was really proud to have been a part of this. I took my 2 young daughters to the rally in Brisbane and it was great. Animals Australia did a great job. Keep up the good work. With persistence we will win this battle.
via Unleashed

GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 28 October 2012
Wish I could have been there. Would have been great to meet like minded people
via Unleashed

Lala Lala 28 October 2012
Animals Deserve Better than this. Its really the humans that deserve to be put into cages, if any. Humans are responsible for the destruction of the Earth. Right now, while I write on the computer, I am contributing to global warming. You don't see animals destroying the Earth, do you?
via Unleashed

Passionate! Passionate! 11 November 2012
Keep up the fantastic work that you do! I will always vow to "Never Be Silent"...
via Unleashed

Passionate! Passionate! 11 November 2012
Lyn White you are such an inspiration. I admire your courage, your wisdom & your hope for a brighter future for all animals.
But most of all your fight to STOP Live Animal Export and Factory Farming...We will keep up the fight and I will be following right behind you. Animals Australia you should be ever so proud of how far you have come, keep up the fantastic work that you do...I will always vow to "Never Be Silent"... What a great Melbourne Rally it was, I was proud to be there...   x clap
via Unleashed

Marilyn2 Marilyn2 11 November 2012
I'm  so happy to hear the outcome of this event . There have been many times that I have felt alone in regards to protecting animals. Wish I could have been there !!  Thanks to all those
wonderful people that care !!   wave
via Unleashed


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