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Win Keep shoes!!

Win Keep shoes!!

Posted 23 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 60 Comments

Tags: competition, giveaway, Keep, shoes

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need a pair of really, unbelievably good shoes. For you - that time is now. We're giving away the best shoes I think I've seen this year. Take a look for yourself then find out how you can win a pair.

Hit the pictures to see the new 2012 collections you can choose from if (when!) you win.

Introducing Keep - the very generous people behind these cool animal-friendly shoes. Launched in 2006 and based in LA, according to them, "Keep is a shoe company, an amalgam of interests, a way of being, a force, a language, a family and many other things." And most importantly, everything they make is completely cruelty-free (and looks unreal).

I could go on for ages about Keep, but I'll limit myself to just these 3 points:
1. They've done a shoe collab with Bon Iver to support an animal sanctuary. That's awesome on many different levels.
2. Their Facebook page is actually interesting, so make sure you go check it out.
3. They're giving away two pairs of sneakers to Unleashed members - one for guys, one for girls. (Adam and Eve would have totally loved this comp.)

To win...

...all you have to do is tell me what you'll be doing in 2013 to keep helping animals. It might be to attend a rally against live exports; to lend that animal rights book you have to one of your friends; or to make that next step in ditching dairy or eggs from your meals. There's a 1000 ways you can help animals in 2013 - you just have to choose one!

Fine print: your entry must be 30 words or less; there'll be one guy and one girl winner; you can only enter once; in case you win and were thinking of getting me a Xmas pressie, I like the Shaheens.

This promotion ends December 23rd which isn't far away - so get your entries in NOW! Good luck!

Oh, and here's something to watch while you're thinking.

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Sammi Sammi 23 November 2012
I'm going to ask my family to join meat free Monday's, to show them that there are yummy meatless options out there.

The smallest steps can really make a difference   happy
via Unleashed

GeorgiaMids GeorgiaMids 23 November 2012
I will help my friends and family make informed and ethical decisions when purchasing animal products, and support and help those wishing to change to a vegetarian or vegan diet.
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 23 November 2012
Keep being vegan and keep promoting animal rights, writing articles, vegan recipe's and letting others know about animal events etc. over at Vegan Tasmania.
via Unleashed

bstmmvr bstmmvr 24 November 2012
My family and myself adopt our pets from rescue facilities, our adoption facilities. I play Freekible on line that donates to animal adoption centers. And have friended and share notices on my face book of lost and found pets in my area through a website/tv sponsored site Leigh's lost and found.
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 24 November 2012
I am going to get my new high school to get involved with events and educate my new friends on the topic of animal welfare!
via Unleashed

tljiles tljiles 24 November 2012
I'm pledging to go vegan.
via Unleashed

roobz roobz 24 November 2012
I will continue to share with my primary school students why I'm vegan, encourage them to question the status quo and to be conscious of all their life choices.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 26 November 2012
I will continue educating my young children more on animal rights and encouraging them to make wise decisions for themselves so they can educate others.
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 26 November 2012
I am going to adopt another dog from an animal shelter, and I will also begim volunteering for the RSPCA.
via Unleashed

Cayenne Cayenne 27 November 2012
I will use Animals Australia's action packs to spread the word and educate people about animal rights, and I will try to get more signatures on the factory farming petition. wave
via Unleashed

mawkul mawkul 29 November 2012
Continue to stand up for animals and spread information to all who will listen and encourage a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Thanks!
via Unleashed

AmyLogue AmyLogue 29 November 2012
Have quit meat! Have quit dairy! Will quit my 2nd job and dedicate my spare time to Animals Australia and of course...ANIMALS!! Bring it on!!
via Unleashed

CaraChristine CaraChristine 3 December 2012
I will go make the commitment to go from vegetarian to vegan after falling of the bandwagon. And I will attend as many rallies as possible in support of a cruelty and violence free life.
via Unleashed

JenManson JenManson 7 December 2012
I will keep going and inviting friends and family to animal rights demos, continue being vegan, educating people and helping animals in need.
via Unleashed

SuzanneJoy SuzanneJoy 7 December 2012
Keep on watching the animals in my community. Signing petitions. Adopting animals. Safe haven for animals. More connection with RSPCA and other animal welfare agencies - active instead of passive.
via Unleashed

Zsofia Zsofia 7 December 2012
In Hungary we had our first success just a few years ago by putting it into law that animal abuse is a crime and you go to jail for it. There is a huge crowd trying to help, protect, take care and educate everyone around them. I am going to keep up with the good work and the first thing next year is to help one of my good friend who owns an animal sanctuary with food and blankets and toys and anything she needs. small steps do mean a lot! As the saying goes: you save one life you save a whole world.
via Unleashed

n0va59 n0va59 7 December 2012
I walk shelter dogs every week....I  usually walk between 4 or 5 dogs in a day (one-by-one) and I take them off the shelter grounds out into the world...I have a quite place I will walk them and a nice spot to sit and spend some one-on-one time with each doggie outside of the shelter. The very hardest thing is taking them back to the cage after the walk is over. I will continue to walk the shelter dogs even tho it sometimes (most all the time) makes me sad. Sometimes (a lot of times actually) there are happy endings tho...dogs get homes and people get friends for life...
via Unleashed

SaPpHiRe SaPpHiRe 8 December 2012
I just switched to a vegan diet in May of this year.  Next year I will be trying to convert my husband & children to a vegan (or mostly vegan) diet.  I would also like to do something to help the thousands of stray/homeless animals in many parts of the world like Detroit & Puerto Rico.  I am not sure yet what I can do since I live in BC, Canada.  At this point I have only donated money but I would like to be more hands on.  Perhap I will see if there is a local shelter or animal rescue that can take some of these dogs in and adopt them out...maybe I can become a foster...or perhaps I can donate my time to a local shelter.  
I will also be trying to source animal free footwear for myself & my family.broccoli
via Unleashed

Rat lover Rat lover 9 December 2012
I display my shopping trolley sign every week, and turn lots of people away from buying down, leather, and animals tested products.
I wear my bright orange AA Tshirt with pride and show folks I won't tolerate Live exports.
My car is covered with anti-cruelty campaign stickers.
And I talk a lot........tell people the facts and pass on education so that we can end/ban animal cruelty.
Oh, I'm vego too - only eat eggs from a local free range farm...or from my Mum's chooks!!
via Unleashed

Pooja Pooja 10 December 2012
I am going to start with a vegetarian diet from 2012. which doesnt sound like much compared to the other amazing things that people do, but it is a big deal to me because i finally convinced my family to join me ecstatic   broccoli
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 12 December 2012
Getting my rellies to sign letters for Miss Gillard, making volunteering with AA a regular thing, joining the Adelaide Vegans Club, becoming an animal advocate at uni!
via Unleashed

Banani Banani 12 December 2012
Going to continue my vegan diet and foster rescue dogs/puppies. I will be working towards opening a pet store that ONLY sells rescue animals and ethical products. happy
via Unleashed

Harmani Harmani 12 December 2012
I will continue being vegan and promoting my vegan lifestyle to friends, family or anyone who will listen! I am also hoping to adopt an ex racehorse.
via Unleashed

Elefriend101 Elefriend101 12 December 2012
Going to continue cooking vegan meals for my family, and ensure that I keep the cruelty free shopping list on our fridge up to date. Adopting some rescue rats. Handing out flyers
via Unleashed

Deborah3 Deborah3 13 December 2012
im not sure how i will go in the future i will be continuing to be vegetarian only because i cant call myself vegan as when i go to friends houses i do accept a coffee with cows milk in it but at home i use the soy milk i will still report animal abuse that i see happening  even though the owners then want to yell abuse at me no  wrong is wrong and there is no 2 ways about it i will sign all the petitions against animal cruelty i find be against live export and just gently share my views with others
via Unleashed

cupcake185 cupcake185 14 December 2012
I will be eradicating dairy & egg from my diet and helping animals in whatever way I can - spreading awareness, reporting animal abuse, encouraging friends/family to try meat free meals etc. happy
via Unleashed

Micksta Micksta 17 December 2012
Attend Melbourne Pig Save rallies and spread the word about Veganism. We are all part of this one planet TOGETHER!
via Unleashed

I'll keep at it
make it a habit
spread the word
so voices be heard
shout and squeak
since they cannot speak megaphone
via Unleashed

Jasamika Jasamika 17 December 2012
I have started a project to raise awareness about live export. I've designed a  bag to sell and the money that i raise  will go to Animals Australia cow
via Unleashed

Kris_t Kris_t 17 December 2012
I  work in a pet shop ( we don't sell pets ) we constantly have petitions aswell as information on animal welfare issues on our front counter. We will continue this...!!!!
via Unleashed

BunchOfFives BunchOfFives 17 December 2012
I will keep cooking amazing tasty vegan meals for all my friends,  and I will get Land For Wildlife certification on my property this year too.
via Unleashed

Bellaladida Bellaladida 17 December 2012
I'm researching cruelty free investments as well as super to find out ways to stop all my money from going towards animal cruelty in anyway. I never realised where my money was going until now. It's so important to think of the big picture.
via Unleashed

EssieLoise EssieLoise 17 December 2012
I will keep: hounding my local MP%u2019s re animal cruelty issues, spreading the word, attending rallies, sourcing cruelty free products, sharing meat free options with family and friends, loving animals.
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 17 December 2012
I am going to continue with my vegan diet, fostering abandoned dogs, supporting Animals Australia and smiling every time I see a happy animal happy
via Unleashed

logana logana 17 December 2012
I may be waiting for a lung transplant but it doesn't stop me from rescuing and fostering as many cats and kittens as I can. Too sick for dogs now. sad
via Unleashed

Jenny Jones Jenny Jones 17 December 2012
"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." ~ Buddha
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 17 December 2012
Next year I%u2019ll be surveying my entire university%u2019s food vendors about their menu and suppliers and use that information to put together a veg campus guide to distribute to students.
via Unleashed

klg klg 17 December 2012
I will continue to be a vegetarian (I buy almond milk and don't buy eggs but I'm not completely vegan.. yet).
I will continue to educate my meat eating boyfriend on the horrors of animal cruelty and will continue to cook him amazing vegetarian meals.
I will continue to donate to Animals Australia and a local farm sanctuary.
I will continue to share animal cruelty photos and videos on facebook to raise awareness.
I will continue to fight for the animals forever.
via Unleashed

chezabelle chezabelle 17 December 2012
I will be eating less meat, and always sourcing free range/organic when purchasing meat. I will share education around the ethical treatment and consumption of animals with friends and family and try to raise awareness for animals. I will also be donating as usual, to many animal charities.  love peace
via Unleashed

klg klg 17 December 2012
I will continue to be a vegetarian (I buy almond milk and don't buy eggs but I'm not completely vegan.. yet).
I will continue to educate my meat eating boyfriend on the horrors of animal cruelty and will continue to cook him amazing vegetarian meals.
I will continue to donate to Animals Australia and a local farm sanctuary.
I will continue to share animal cruelty photos and videos on facebook to raise awareness.
I will continue to fight for the animals forever.
via Unleashed

Jenny Jones Jenny Jones 17 December 2012
I'm vegan, do no harm. Education is the key to unlocking misconception that clouds the minds of those that take a life. I will give my all to share knowledge.
via Unleashed

Juby Juby 17 December 2012
I choose to be kinder by transitioning from vegetarian to vegan....I choose to be more vocal about my stance on animal cruelty.  I choose to be a part of the solution....not the problem.  I choose freedom to finally look into the eyes of all sentient beings and KNOW that I have peace in my heart. peace peace peace
via Unleashed

Megan the Vegan Megan the Vegan 17 December 2012
I am going to make a new set of revamped posters for our Ban Live Export rallies/marches which restart in Adelaide in the new year. Continue my volunteering efforts with Oscar's Law. Continue to build up my Palm oil free grocery guide on FB and smash second year Uni so I can change this world for the better love xxx
via Unleashed

Sia Sia 17 December 2012
I've already become vegan this year and have never looked back. It's so easy and I've never been so healthy in my life as I am now. I've donated money to Animals Australia too, and will continue to do so.
But more importantly, I will help those close to me see how easy it is to just not eat meat and to explore the endless meat-free options until they, too, make the switch.
via Unleashed

Sittingoverhere Sittingoverhere 17 December 2012
I will keep raising my baby daughter to love and respect animals, to care for them and to fight for them.
via Unleashed

Inactive Inactive 18 December 2012
I come from a small country town, with alot of close minded people, So leafleting more, to open some country eyes to whats going is my plan for 2013!  clap
via Unleashed

Tongiocos Tongiocos 18 December 2012
I will be starting my first year at college so I will have an opportunity to reach more people.,,

I will start a club or group to inform about animal abuse and adopting animals! Giving an abused animal a caring family with a good home is so heart-warming

30 on the dot! happy
via Unleashed

Aisha Aisha 18 December 2012
I will rally against Live Export untill there is an end to it all. I will also ditch dairy and only eat free range eggs. i love animals!
via Unleashed

seanmsw seanmsw 18 December 2012
I will be visiting various rallys and attempt to eat less animal products
via Unleashed

Mikalya Mikalya 18 December 2012
I will encourage my year 2's  to use products that are not tested on animals and on the benefits (to them, the environment and the animals) of a vegetarian diet.
via Unleashed

CherryPickins CherryPickins 18 December 2012
I will continue with my meat free diet. I will attend all ban live export rallies and I will continue to support animal rights groups as much as I can love love love
via Unleashed

sammstein sammstein 19 December 2012
i will keep doing everything in my power to protect ALL animals, and try to improve my vegan dishes until they can get passed any meat eater un-detected!! ... happy
via Unleashed

SuperNemily97 SuperNemily97 20 December 2012
I'm going to become a vegetarian and possibly start a dog wash to raise money for the lost dogs home in Melbourne  dog
via Unleashed

Smilie2601 Smilie2601 22 December 2012
Adopt a pet
RSPCA I will continue to fundraise!
RSPCA I will continue to volunteer me days!
Foster another pet!
Continue to actively advocate for animals that are in threat!
via Unleashed

Sheriff Sheriff 22 December 2012
In 2013 I will be having my first baby- who will be raised as a vegetarian and animal lover. Charity starts at home. happy
via Unleashed

Riss Riss 22 December 2012
I'm going to continue the transition from vegetarian to vegan, continue informing meat eaters about the importance of free range meat and eggs, attend as many rallies as possible, keep writing letters to those who can change the fate of unfortunate animals, donate more blankets to animal shelters, spend more time with my cats, and buy more wonderful things from organisations like Animals Australia!
via Unleashed

Sian29 Sian29 23 December 2012
My family has pledged to be Vegan and cook delicious food to show people they can do it to! We don't need to harm any other beings to live.
via Unleashed

frankquietly frankquietly 24 December 2012
Hosting a NO BEAST FEAST. To help show non-vegans that the food is still AMAZING (if not better)
via Unleashed

Fish Fish 27 December 2012
Turning 15 so I can volunteer at animal shelters! I also will try to attend many protests, and convert others into vegetarians!
via Unleashed

Anisha Anisha 26 January 2013
This year I am studying a Bachelor of Animal Sciences so that I can become a vet, and will be promoting vegetarianism the importance of preventing factory farming, cage eggs, etc to friends and family, as well as to customers at the supermarket where I work.  chick
via Unleashed


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